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This Wednesday 6/27/07 on Evan Ginzburg’s Legends Radio.

8-10EST on www.riotradionetwork.com


Tiger Khan Tribute on 1st Anniversary of his death



Guests include:

Bruce Hart

Ross Hart

Bobby Bold Eagle

Wrestlers Eric Adamz & Pelligro

Can’t catch it live? Archived 24/7 at www.riotradionetwork.com, www.evanginzburg.com, and www.wrestlingthenandnow.com message board.




This summer I will be doing a documentary on the life and death of Tiger Khan in conjunction with filmmaker Franco Frassetti who is currently working on the Bruno Sammartino documentary (details on Franco/Bruno film at: www.intheringofhonor.com) Tiger’s film will be shot this summer in the NY/NJ area.


We will also be doing a Tiger Khan Memorial card in September in NJ with details forthcoming which would be an ideal scenario for his friends to reunite and reminisce about Tiger and have it captured on film.


Right now we are looking for the following to include in the film:


·         video footage of Tiger in and out of the ring including promos

·         photos of Tiger

·         Memorabilia/programs/etc. with Tiger

·         wrestlers and friends willing to be interviewed on film in NY/NJ area

·         wrestlers and friends not able to come to NY/NJ area who would be willing to submit videotaped interviews on their relationship with Tiger for film


I thank you in advance for your involvement and support. All shooting dates and info on Memorial Card TBA shortly.


Evan Ginzburg can be reached at: [email protected]