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Vince RussoFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 27, 2013


It’s likely no one will ever call Vince Russo a sympathetic individual. But in what Russo proclaims as “without a shadow of a doubt, the last wrestling interview I’ll ever do,” he comes the closest to perhaps being seen as a tragic figure. However, watch for a while and the anger of a man with no one to protect surfaces and he bites his tongue no longer, in the release of “Timeline: The History of WCW – 2000,” on sale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.

In this edition of the series, Russo recounts the year he’s talked about many times before — 2000. This time, Russo indicates he’s not been totally honest in the past, which brought about private criticism from his grown children, and brought him personal frustration as he tried to protect certain people and avoid potential confrontation.

Not this time.

Russo paints a picture of creative war, with a target having been placed on his back the moment he entered WCW. His open criticism of JJ Dillon and Kevin Sullivan suggest their conspiring behind his back, and much less of ‘suggestion’ when discussing Eric Bischoff. Russo contends WCW VP Bill Busch placed Bischoff on the creative team as a consultant to Russo, essentially to get him to agree, given the proposed structure. But sitting in the company was the other half of Plan Bischoff, and that blond-haired legend had creative control. That kind of threw ‘consultant’ status out the window, as Russo recalls the arduous and tense negotiating with Hogan, which ultimately led to a defamation lawsuit. Brought about, Russo claims, by the failure to make a promised phone call.

Russo is clearly emotionally freed up to shoot. Names surface throughout that irk him. These are names beyond the 2000 WCW power players who, of course, get their fair share of stern talk. But rather names like Lance Storm, Bobby Heenan, and Hacksaw Duggan. Russo has clearly heard the podcast appearances of someone on whom Russo placed three belts, and heard the words of two legends that Russo feels are quite unappreciative.

Kayfabe Commentaries’ president Sean Oliver hosts the series, and said it was a top priority that Russo’s account of this high profile year in WCW have a fresh approach, but still cover all the relevant topics.

“Russo has talked about, and written about, this year and the big events within,” Oliver began. “But my goal in sitting across from him was not the overdone, regurgitated coverage of Arquette and Russo winning titles. This had to be like time travel…with Russo honestly outlining who did what, who said what, and what was happening before, during, and after. That’s what each edition of our “Timeline” series strives to be…time travel with the star, and not necessarily their opinions and coverage.”

Reflective Russo and Angry Russo take turns throughout the show, with reflective Russo giving insight on the genesis of storylines and certain talent on the roster. Angry Russo surfaces when addressing names he once tried to stay silent on, and his concussion becoming a bit of a prized target for certain people. “That helmet was a shoot, bro.” By the end of the show, it’s not hard to make the case that Vince Russo was on the edge of a breakdown, wrapped in absolute misery and anger.

All in all, the two and a half hour show brings into focus the dysfunction of a sinking ship, its ill-fated captain, and the alleged backstabbing that ran rampant throughout the galleys of the S.S. WCW in 2000.

“Timeline: The History of WCW – 2000 – As told by Vince Russo” is available on both DVD and instant OnDemand streaming at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.