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ROH Round Robin Challenge

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On March 30, 2002, Ring of Honor hosted it’s 2nd show ever, featuring an exciting 3-person Round Robin Challenge between three of ROH’s break out stars. American Dragon, Low Ki and Christopher Daniels wrestled each other in three different matches which concluded with each of them scoring 1 victory in the end. Chris Daniels beat American Dragon, Low Ki beat Chris Daniels, American Dragon beat Low Ki!

The following year, on April 26, 2003 Christopher Daniels managed to score victories over both Amazing Red and Paul London, to win the Round Robin Challenge. Chris Daniels beat Amazing Red, Paul London beat Amazing Red, Chris Daniels beat Paul London!

Again, on May 15, 2004, ROH mixed it up a little bit as for the first time, the top three Tag Teams faced off in the Round Robin Challenge. The Second City Saints (Punk and Cabana), The Prophecy (Maff and Whitmer) and The Briscoe Brothers fought eachother in three brutal matches which, just like in 2002, ended in a TIE with each team picking up a victory. Prophecy beat The Saints, Briscoes beat The Prophecy, The Saints beat the Briscoes!

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