WWE ECW World title

Champion Date Location Event
Rob Van Dam 06/11/06 New York City, NY ECW One Night Stand
NOTES: Title awarded by Paul Heyman.
The Big Show 07/04/06 Philadelphia, PA ECW on Sci-Fi
Bobby Lashley 12/03/06 Augusta, GA December to Dismember
NOTES: Extreme Elimination Chamber
Vince McMahon 04/29/07 Atlanta, GA Backlash
NOTES: This was a ‘3-on-1’ handicap match.
Bobby Lashley 06/03/07 Jacksonville, FL One Night Stand
NOTES: This was a ‘Street Fight’ match.  The title was stripped June 11, 2007.
John Morrison 06/24/07 Houston, TX Vengeance
NOTES: John Morrison (sub for Chris Benoit) beat C.M. Punk.
C.M. Punk 12/04/07 Cincinnatti, OH ECW on Sci-Fi
Chavo Guerrero 01/22/08 Charlottesville, VA ECW on Sci-Fi
Kane 03/30/08 Orlando, FL WrestleMania 24
Mark Henry 06/29/08 Dallas, TX Night of Champions
NOTES: Mark Henry defeated Kane and Big Show in a triple threat match.
Matt Hardy 09/07/08 Cleveland, OH Unforgiven
NOTES: Matt Hardy won a Championship Scramble involving Mark Henry, Mike Mizanin, Chavo Guerrero, and Fit Finlay to win the ECW world title.
Jack Swagger 01/13/09 Souix City, IA ECW on Sci-Fi
Christian 04/26/09 Providence, RI Backlash 2009
Tommy Dreamer 06/07/09 New Orleans, LA Extreme Rules 2009
NOTES: Tommy Dreamer, with a one day extention on his expired “contract”, defeated Christian (c) and Jack Swagger in a triple threat Hardcore match to finally win the ECW world title!
Christian 07/26/09 Philadelphia, PA Night of Champions 2009

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