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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
TNA (12/17) Impact Insight
Our resident philosopher looks at a great lead-in to Final Resolution edition of TNA Impact.

TNA presented one of their better shows, this week. Jay Lethal continued his “Black Machismo Invitational”. Mick Foley took out his anger on Kevin Nash. Most importantly, Jeff Jarrett returned to his creation.

The show opened with the Foley/Jarrett Summit from last week. Mick talked with Jeff to bring him back to TNA to counter Hulk Hogan. The opening segment also looked at the issues between Daniels and A.J. Styles. Last week, Nash offered a title shot to the highest bidder. Desmond Wolfe paid the most but came up short in his quest for the title.

This Week’s Episode: Judgement Day for Double J

Mike Tenay and Taz talked about the show. They sent it to a video clip of Mick Foley attacking Kevin Nash. JB tried to stop Foley but the Hardcore Icon didn’t care. He tore into Nash in the empty Impact Zone and beat the daylights out of Nash. The World Elite and security had to rush out to break up the brutal battle. Nash yelled “You’re Done, Foley!”

Tenay sent it to a recap of last week’s Summit. Foley said he liked the old Double J, not the new Jarrett who hides in a bottle. Jeff didn’t know what it would help to talk with her (Dixie Carter). He was also concerned about Kurt (Angle). That all revolves around Jarrett being romantically linked to Kurt’s ex-wife, Karen Angle.

Lauren welcomed Roxxi back to TNA. Roxxi has been in Mexico for training. She looked even hotter than ever. Roxxi said that she (and the other girls) respect ODB but she needed to bring her best to face the Knockout Champion in the non-title match.

JB talked with Kurt in the back. JB focused on the The Degrees of Pain and being in tonight’s main event. Kurt said he was working his way back to the top. Kurt was determined to get the TNA World title back. He also wanted to move past Desmond Wolfe. JB mentioned Jeff Jarrett and Kurt totally went silent. Ouch!

TNA ran a promo for Tara. Tara will face ODB on Sunday. That led to Roxxi’s arrival in the Impact Zone. She so reminds me of a dear friend of mine, Sunny (No, not that Sunny). TNA showed ODB beating Tara in the Trailer Park Throwdown, from last week.

Roxxi d ODB
Non-Title Match

The Finish:

Roxxi tried to fight out but ODB ran Roxxi into the corner. ODB tried to use Miz’s Full Body Clothesline but Roxxi dodged the flying Knockout. Roxxi slammed ODB’s face into the top turnbuckle. Roxxi with the Discus Fore-arm after a series of shots. Roxxi hit her Voodoo Drop but only got a two. ODB with a knee to the face. ODB with a Fireman’s Carry but Roxxi got free. Roxxi with the Jackknife Pin. ODB got her flask but the ref took it away. Roxxi with a Roll-up to take the surprise win.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: Take that WWE Divas!

ODB snapped and jumped Roxxi from behind. Tara rushed out to make the save. Tara was in a fishnet top that woke up both of my grandsons.

JB and Mick were in California to meet with Hogan. Foley wanted to get on the same page with Hogan. Foley met with Lou “The Incredible HULK” Ferrigno. Nash tricked Foley by setting up the meeting with Ferrigno. Foley was beyond ticked off at the stunt by Nash.

JB ran into Nash. Nash screamed at Foley. He said Mick made the biggest mistake of his life. Nash said Foley gave him the reason he needed. Nash said Hogan would be in TNA on January 4th, and Foley would be unemployed.

JB was talking with Foley. Foley said he was bringing in his allies, including Jarrett. Abyss came in to be Mick’s ally. Abyss reminded Foley that they were supposed to team on Sunday. He also mentioned about his leg being set on fire. Foley said he was only guilty of not being able to be in two places at once. Foley wanted to know if Abyss would have his back. Abyss limped out of the room.

Lauren had Team Morgan with her. The team was comprised of: Matt Morgan, D’Angelo Dinero, Hernandez and Suicide. On Sunday, they would face the Team 3D Wrecking Crew: Brother Ray, Brother Devon, Rhino and Jesse Neal. The match will be an elimination match. Morgan said it was a disadvantage to have Hernandez face the entire Jenny Craig Wrecking Crew but he felt SuperMex could handle himself. Diner said that the four of them are the future.

Brother Ray, along with his partners, came out for the Captain’s Match. Devon, Rhino and Jesse would serve as Lumberjacks. Team Morgan then came from the back. Suicide was late to arrive.

Brother Ray d Matt Morgan
Captain’s Match, Lumberjack rules

The Finish:

Ray popped Morgan, who “Hulked Up”. Morgan hit a Discus Clothesline and a Splash in the corner. Morgan with a monster Scoop Slam for a two. Ray rolled to the floor and got jumped by Team Morgan. Ray with the Flip Flop and Fly but Morgan turned it into a Chokeslam. Morgan was dragged out of the ring. It broke down outside the ring. Morgan tried for the Hell-e-vator but Jesse slipped in the ring and hit the Low Blow. The ref was distracted by Devon. Ray nailed a DDT to take the win.

Grade: B+

Jay’s Thoughts: I like the new Wrecking Crew. Team 3D does much better as heels than faces.

Tenay and Taz talked about the 3-hour Live Impact on Monday, January 4th. Tenay sent it to a video package about Jeff Jarrett and his relationship with TNA. Dixie hinted at the “personal situation” that sent Jeff to the sidelines (Karen Angle). Jeff Jarrett drove up in the back. Foley met him as he exited his car. Tax felt the tension as Jarrett walked towards the Impact Zone. TNA went to break.

Lauren talked with Beer Money, Inc. about the Feast or Fired briefcase. Robert Roode said it was a “must-win” situation for them. Samoa Joe walked in and told Beer Money that they weren’t the only ones risking it all. Joe started whining about not getting his shot. It broke down into a mini-war, until Eric Young showed up. Eric said that he, Kevin Nash, Kiyoshi, Rob Terry, Homicide and Bashir would be in the Feast or Fired match to keep Beer Money from getting another shot at the British Invasion.

The Beautiful People came from the back. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne were doing to be the ones wrestling. Lacey Von Erich would just watch. Awesome Kong and Hamada came out as Team Two. Wow, what a heck of a team! The third team was the Knockout Tag Champs, Taylor Wilde and Sarita.

Awesome Kong and Hamada d Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne v Taylor Wilde and Sarita
Triple Team Battle

The Finish:

Before the match started, Tenay and Taz mentioned that there would be no Impact, next week. There would be a four hour supershow, the following week.

Wilde Dropkicked Kong, several times. She then mounted the turnbuckle to assault Kong. Kong shoved Wilde to the canvas and tagged out to Hamada. Wilde brought Sarita into the war zone. Hamada with a Standing Monkey Flip but Sarita landed on her feet. Sarita went to the ropes and spun around Hamada with a 720 Hungarian. Hamada recovered and clipped Sarita with an Enziguri. Sarita fell into the Beautiful People corner and Sky took the tag. Sky kicked at Hamada and nailed a DDT, Rayne took the tag from Sky and the Beautifuls double teamed Hamada. They hit a Double Dropkick to Hammad’s back. Hamada popped Rayne and tagged out to Kong. Sky was dragged from the ring by Sarita and Wilde. Kong with a Splash in the corner. Hamada took out Wilde, Sarita, and Sky with a Moonsault to the floor. Kong set for the Awesome Bomb but Rayne rolled down her back. It went from bad to worse as Kong squashed Rayne with a Sit-down Splash.

Grade: B

Jay’s Thoughts: Sarita and Wilde really need to be worried. Kong and Hamada look unstoppable.

The Beautiful People were interviewed by Lauren. Lacey told Lauren to be a skank and go crawl in a backseat. She slapped the taste out of Lacey’s mouth and stormed off.

In the back, Jeff felt he was wasting his time. Foley said Jeff needed to confront Dixie. Jeff said he sat at home for five months for no good reason. Foley told Jeff to go walk into Dixie’s office and tell her off, but what good would it do? Foley told Jeff to put his pride aside or he might lose his job. Foley said Jeff needed to calmly talk to Dixie. Jeff agreed.

Christy Hemme asked Jay about the Black Machismo Invitational. Jim said Jim Neidhart pulled a fast one on him. He said he was ready for whoever was thrown at him. Jay came out in hiss rainbow silver robe. I so want a Snuggie that color. (smile). His opponent was…Tatanka!

Tatanka d Jay Lethal
Black Machismo Invitational

The Finish:

Jay hit the Savage Double Sledge to the head. Jay ran Tatanka to the corner but Tatanka started the Tribal Dance. Titania with a series of Tomahawk Chops and a Back Body Drop. Tatanka with Knife Edge Chops and a Tomahawk Chop. Tatanka with a Tomahawk Chop off the top rope. Jay kicked out at two. Tatanka went for an Indian Death Drop but Jay turned it into a Funk Neckbreaker. Jay went up top but Tatanka caught him on the fly with a shot to the chest. Tatanka hit a Samoan Drop aka The End of the Trail to make Jay 2-0 in the BM.

Grade: A-

Jay’s Thoughts: Even when he loses, Jay comes out looking good. I kinda like this whole Invitational thing. I like the whole nostalgia thing.

Christy Hemme talked with Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. Chris whined about not being noticed, despite all their accomplishments. Sabin said that they didn’t plan to change, they planned to beat The British Invasion. Shelley was proud that they had to claw for everything that have gotten. Shelley said the Brits would be “Out Gunned” on Sunday.

Foley and Jarrett were talking near Dixie’s office. Foley said he should talk to Dixie. jeff said that he was going to do this the right way…Jeff v Dixie. Foley and Jeff shook hands and Jeff went to meet with Dixie. Tenay and Taz said this was one of the most important meetings of Jarrett’s career. They then ran down the Final Resolution PPV card.

Jeff slowly walked over to Dixie’s office. he knocked on her door and she invited him in. Jeff said Mick suggested that they chat. Jeff said he wanted to come back to his company. Dixie said they needed to be crystal clear about his past. She said that Jeff lied to her. Dixie went there by saying that Jeff took Kurt’s wife and kids. Jeff apologized for any disrespect and all the trouble he caused. Dixie told Jeff that he would have to face Kurt and set things straight. jeff accepted that he would talk with Kurt.

In the past, I’ve showed respect to Kurt, Karen and Jeff by not mentioning much about this situation. I felt that it went outside the wrestling storylines and they deserved their privacy. It looks now that it line between reality and fiction will get good and blurred, so I don’t feel quite so guilty. As a widower that found a second person to love and care for, I have to stand behind Jeff for looking for happiness after losing his wife. Been there, done that. Jeff, happiness can happen for a second time. My best to both you and Karen. I hope you are happy and I wish you the absolute best.

TNA looked at the arrival of Desmond Wolfe in TAN. Wolfe jumped Kurt Angle on day one and tried to make a name at Kurt’s expense. They also looked at Daniels and A.J. Styles and their issues.

Daniels walked out for the next contest. TNA looked at Daniels costing Wolfe the TNA title, last week. Speaking of Wolfe, the howls echoed off the walls as Desmond showed up to battle Daniels.

Daniels v Desmond Wolfe (Time Limit Draw)

The Finish:

Daniels was sent to the ropes but he came back with a Punt to the face and a Jawbreaker. Daniels with the Enziguri. Daniels tried to set for the Angel’s Wings but Wolfe used the Double Leg Trip to block the move. Wolfe rolled through and ended up with a Keylock Armbreaker on Daniels. Wolfe turned it into a Crippler Cross face. Daniels bit the hand to get free. Daniels hit a Slider DDT and locked in an Octopus-like Sleeper. Wolfe rolled over to try and get the pin. Daniels went for the Dragon Sleeper but Wolfe countered it. Wolfe slammed Daniels to the mat. Wolfe set Daniels for the Tower of London. Wolfe went to the eyes. Daniels and Wolfe switched pin attempts, several times. The fans were loving it. Suddenly the bell rang. It was a time limit draw.

Grade: A+

Jay’s Thoughts: Just another example of a fantastic match. TNA really showed up WWE, this week.

Jeff walked down the hall towards Kurt’s dressing room. Foley wanted to help Jeff with Kurt but Jeff didn’t want Foley’s help. Both of them entered the dressing room. Kurt told Jeff that he heard that Jeff was coming to see him. Jeff said that if he disrespected or offended Kurt, he was sorry. Kurt waited a long time before he answered. He said he had a match and walked past Jeff. Huh?

Scott Steiner, Raven, Dr. Stevie and the British Invasion came out at Team One for the 10-man main event. On the other side, A.J. Styles, Tomko, Abyss, Bobby Lashley and Kurt Angle walked out together. Actually, Abyss limped.

A.J. Styles, Bobby Lashley, Abyss, Tomko and Kurt Angle d Scott Steiner, Raven, Dr. Stevie, Brutus Ma gnus and Doug Williams
10-Man Tag Match

The Finish:

Brutus took the tag and they hit the Dual Necktie Neckbreaker. Brutus kicked Kurt and Snap Mared him. In the back, Scott and Bobby were still fighting. Scott was thrown into a steel guardrail. Dr. Stevie, Abyss and Raven took trashcans to each other. Bobby was choking Scott. The action was better in the back than in the ring.Kurt caught Doug with a Belly to Belly Duplex. Big Rob Terry pulled Tomko off the apron. Styles came in and tried for the Styles Clash on Brutus. Doug prevented the move and Brutus rushed Styles to the corner. Styles rolled up Brutus after Tomko knocked Doug off the ropes.


Jay’s Thoughts: The match did break down into a bit of chaos but it was still an amazing lead-in to Sunday’s PPV.

Kurt and A.J. got into a slugfest after the match. Desmond Wolfe and Daniels came out and attacked. Wolfe hit hte Flying Hammerlock on Angle. Daniels planted Styles with the Angel’s Wings. Wolfe locked in the Keylock as Daniels screamed, “It’s My Turn!”. Daniels and Wolfe stood over the downed opponents.

Final Grade: A-

Final Thoughts: After a horrible Raw and below-par ECW, it was time for some decent wrestling. I look forward to January 4th’s opening volley in the new World War Wrestling.


— Jay Shannon
[email protected]