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TNA Bound for Glory DVD Review

The latest DVD from TNA Home Video is the two-disc set of the Bound for Glory PPV, held at University of California Irvine’s Bren Events Center. It was released in the U.S. and Canada on December 8, and is available from TNAWrestling.com, Amazon.com, and major dvd retailers.





The first disc contains the matches from the PPV.


Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship
Amazing Red (C)
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelley
Christopher Daniels

High risk action is everywhere in this match, and there are a series of spectacular dives over and through the ropes early on. It’s a great example of why the X Division is so popular with TNA fans.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship
Taylor Wilde & Sarita (C)
The Beautiful People, Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne with Lacey Von Erich

This is another short match, which is just as well, since The Beautiful People are in it. I wouldn’t mind them appearing as valets, or in some other non wrestling role, but I wish TNA would stick to featuring the women who really can wrestle in the PPV matches. At least Taylor Wilde and Sarita are able to hold the match together and keep it watchable.

TNA Legends Championship
Kevin Nash (C)
Eric Young

Nash and Young join forces and take turns working over Hernandez in what is basically a handicap match, but with a satisfying twist in the end.

Full Metal Mayhem for The TNA Tag Team Championship
Scott Steiner & Booker T (C)
Beer Money, Robert Roode & James Storm
Team 3D, Brother Ray & Devon
British Invasion, Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams

The IWGP Tag Team Titles are also at stake in this match, which is a wild and wooly brawl using tables, ladders, chairs, and weapons.

TNA Knockouts Championship Match
Awesome Kong

This all out war is the match that became notorious for the involvement of MMA fighter Kim Couture, who attacks Tara from the crowd, leaving ODB and Kong to ably carry on with the match.

“The Boss” Bobby Lashley
Samoa Joe

This is a submission match, so they stay mainly on the mat and go for submission holds, and add some power moves to keep things moving.

Monster’s Ball: Hardcore Extreme
“The Monster” Abyss
Mick Foley

Dr. Stevie is the special referee. Abyss is not allowed to use thumbtacks in the match, but Mick Foley is. Plenty of other weapons are used as well, including a taser gun. The match also includes a dangerous leap from a lighting truss and some crazy bumps by Daffney.

Wrestling’s Best vs. Wrestling’s Future
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan

Morgan and Angle produce an intense match which is an excellent mix of psychology, power, and science. When it’s over, Kurt Angle shakes Matt Morgan’s hand in respect.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles (C)

TNA heavily promoted this as possibly Sting’s last match. Both men give it their all in this precisely executed and well planned face vs. face match. It’s a finely tuned combination of power, mat wrestling, psychology, and high flying moves. My favorite part of this PPV is when Sting looks appreciatively as AJ executes a flawless series of moves and says, “Wow!” You don’t often get to see a moment that pure and convincing in a wrestling match, and it’s a great testament to both men that they pulled it off so well.

In the end, AJ Styles pins Sting to retain the TNA Heavyweight Championship. Sting and AJ shake hands and hug. Sting leaves, but AJ calls him back, saying “You’ve entertained these fans for 23 years. This is your home state of California, and this ring is your spotlight!” Sting returns as the fans chant, “Please don’t go!” He tries to get AJ to stay, but AJ insists, “This is your time now!” and leaves. Sting says he didn’t expect to be back in the ring now, but if he’s going to lose, he’s glad it’s to someone like AJ Styles. The fans chant, “You’ve still got it!” and “One more year!” Sounding close to tears, Sting says he was not prepared to give an answer tonight, but the way the fans are acting makes him want to stay forever.

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The second disc is full of DVD extras such as two versions of Dead By Sunrise’s Crawl Back In music video. One is the regular version and the other has PPV highlights. It also contains the Beyond The Glory special highlighting the top matches going into the PPV, a Sting interview done on his way to the fan interaction, and interviews with the celebrities in attendance at Bound for Glory. The interviews include a funny one between Zakk Wylde & Jeremy Borash, and pre-match interviews with the wrestlers. Post match highlights feature Hernandez showing his knocked out teeth, Eric Young getting stitched up, and the aftermath of the Monster’s Ball with Dr. Stevie, Abyss, and Daffney getting their injuries looked after.

This was an excellent PPV with a genuinely emotional finish and not one bad match. It’s well worth buying the DVD set, especially for Sting fans.

— Karen Belcher

Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com