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KOTM Jarrett

Tonight’s TNA Slammiversary pay-per-view featured a “King of the Mountain” championship match between some of the biggest stars in the business!  Check out the full recap of this historic match, a match that saw Jeff Jarrett return to TNA and make a major impact!

King of the Mountain: Drew Galloway vs. Eric Young vs. Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Jarrett

We go to the ring and the King of the Mountain Title hangs high above the ring. Drew Galloway is out first followed by Eric Young, Matt Hardy and Bobby Roode. Jeff Jarrett is out next with Karen and his guitar.

We get formal ring introductions from JB. A “thank you Jarrett” chant starts up. The bell rings and we see the penalty cage. The all have words in the middle of the ring before going at it. Jarrett watches as the other four brawl. Hardy and Roode go to the floor as do Young and Galloway. Jarrett is left alone in the ring. Hardy keeps control of Roode. Young grabs a ladder as Roode brings Hardy in the ring. Young bridges the ladder from the apron to the barrier but Galloway decks him. Jarrett unloads on Roode and backdrops him. Jarrett works over Young in the ring now and backdrops him.

Fans chant “you still got it” at Jarrett as he keeps control of EY. Jarrett does the strut but Roode rolls him up for a 3 count. Roode is now eligible for the title and Jarrett must spent two minutes in the penalty box.

Roode brings a ladder in and gets the title from the referee to hang it. Hardy stop him and the belt goes back to the referee. Hardy and Roode go at it now. Hardy with the Side Effect for a close 2 count. Galloway comes in and dropkicks Hardy. Roode with a spinebuster on Galloway. Hardy and Roode collide with clotheslines. Jarrett is let out of the box but Young attacks from behind and whips him back into the penalty cage. Young with a three count on the floor and Jarrett has to go back in the box.

Young is now eligible. He goes in and gets the title. He climbs up the ladder to hang it but Hardy stops him. Hardy runs over Roode and Young with a ladder. Galloway cuts him off. Galloway hits the Future Shock DDT on top of a ladder to Hardy. Galloway pins Hardy but Roode breaks it up. Roode and Hardy go at it while Young slams Galloway. Jarrett looks on from the penalty cage. Young works over Roode and Galloway, whipping Galloway into a ladder. Young tosses Hardy head first into the ladder. Roode slams EY into the ladder as Jarrett is let out of the box. Jarrett comes in and decks Roode and EY several times. Jarrett drops Galloway and Hardy next. EY with a low blow kick to Jarrett, sending him out to the floor. Hardy with a Twist of Fate on Roode. Hardy pins Roode and he’s eligible. Drew pins EY and he’s eligible. Hardy with a neckbreaker on Drew as Young and Roode go to the penalty box.

EY and Roode talk strategy in the box as Hardy and Galloway trade shots on top of the ladder. Jarrett runs in and pushes the ladder over. Jarrett with the Stroke on Galloway but Hardy breaks the pin. Jarrett blocks Twist of Fate and hits the Stroke on Hardy for a close 2 count. Drew gets the title to climb the ladder as EY and Roode are let out of the cage. They come in and unload on everyone else. They hit a double suplex on Hardy. Roode slams Jarrett and EY comes off the top with an elbow drop on Jarrett. EY and Roode pay tribute to their Team Canada days. EY turns on Roode and hits the piledriver but it’s blocked. They end up on the floor. Galloway blocks Hardy but goes down. Hardy goes to the top but Galloway cuts him off and climbs up. Jarrett runs over and brings them both to the mat. EY and Roode run in to pin Hardy and Galloway. They both must go to the box now.

Jarrett is still not eligible. Roode attacks EY and the three go at it trading shots for a minute or so in the middle of the ring. Jarrett kicks Roode and decks EY. Jarrett clotheslines Roode but EY runs over him. EY goes out for the guitar but Karen gets in the way and slaps him. He grabs the guitar anyway and brings it in the ring. Jarrett blocks it and hits a low blow. He picks the guitar up and smashes it over Roode’s head. Jarrett pins Roode and is now eligible for the title. Galloway and Hardy are also let out of the cage.

Jarrett tosses Roode in the cage. Hardy and Galloway end up top fighting on the ladder. They fall down and Jarrett runs into them with a ladder. Jarrett gets the title from the referee and climbs up the ladder. EY grabs him for a powerbomb off the ladder but they tumble to the apron. Jarrett goes for a Stroke from the apron but EY fights him off. EY hits a piledriver from the apron to the ladder that was bridged between the apron and the barrier. Fans chant “holy shit” as Karen screams. Roode is let out of the cage now. Hardy works over EY at ringside. Roode joins in and they all trade shots. Galloway appears on top of the penalty cage. He hits a huge swanton onto Hardy, Roode and EY as a big TNA chant starts.

Galloway gets the title and goes for the ladder. He climbs up but Hardy meets him on the other side. Hardy nails a Twist of Fate from up high. Hardy climbs the ladder with the title but Roode comes from behind. Roode with a sit-down powerbomb from the ladder. Karen is trying to revive Jeff at ringside. Roode grabs the title and climbs the ladder but EY swings another ladder at him. EY stands that ladder up and climbs. He takes the title and knocks Roode off his ladder. They both fall to the mat but EY still has the title in hand. Jarrett comes in and stops EY from climbing. Jarrett hits the Stroke on EY from the ladder. Jarrett grabs the title and climbs the ladder. Roode and Hardy slowly try to go after him but Jarrett hangs the title for the win.

Winner and first-ever “King of the Mountain” champion: Jeff Jarrett

– After the bell, Jarrett brings the title back down and has his arm raised. Karen joins the celebration as the announcers wonder what this means for GFW and TNA. Jarrett goes around ringside and slaps hands with fans. The Jarretts celebrate in the ring with their children as Slammiversary goes off the air.