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TNA IMPACT Wrestling
Location: Orlando, FL
Date: September 16, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

Team TNA vs. Team GFW Contract Signing 

Jeremy Borash is in the ring and hypes up the massive clash between Team TNA and Team GFW tonight. Borash also talks about working for TNA since the beginning. Borash introduces Jeff & Karen Jarrett and then of course Dixie Carter. Jeff helps Dixie to her seat. Borash goes over the rules for tonight’s Lethal Lockdown Match. The winning team will have full ownership of TNA Impact Wrestling. Borash let’s Dixie have her opening statement. Carter said it’s sad that it’s gotten to this point. Carter says that Jarrett actions cause him his ownership of the company. Carter wanted to rewrite the ending of their partnership and now she’s focusing on the future. Carter said that she will always stand by the people who work for this company. Carter said that after tonight Jarrett will no longer have ownership in TNA. Carter signs the contract.

Jeff said that tonight is a moment in history. Jeff said that tonight is about the professional wrestling business moving forward. Jeff brings up Eric Young and how he’s investing in GFW even though he hates Jeff Jarrett guts. Jeff said that he invested his blood, sweat and tears for TNA, so he has every right to seat in this table. Jeff said that Carter made the fatal mistake when she let him go of power. Jeff thanks his wife for standing by him with this corporate takeover. Jeff said that tonight will be the final nail in the coffin. Jeff said tonight is not about Jeff it’s about Karen, his children and Global Force Wrestling. Jeff said that Carter will be in the outside of the wrestling business looking in like she always should have been. Jeff signs the contract. Borash takes the briefcase. Jeff knocks down Borash. Karen said that they will be picking it up later tonight and the Jarrett’s walk away.

Ethan Carter III Backstage Promo: 

Jeff Hardy gets out of the car. EC3 tells Hardy that he has another present for Hardy. EC3 tells Hardy he has important stuff to attend to. EC3 ask Hardy to close the door. Hardy walks away as EC3 laughs looking at his phone and says that Jeff’s taste in music is horrible.

We see a video package on the beginning business relationship with Dixie Carter and Jeff Jarrett.

First Match: Abyss vs. Mahabali Shera 

Shera tries to make Abyss do the Shera dance and Abyss knocks down Shera. Abyss chases the referee out the ring. Abyss continues to stomp on Shera. Abyss sends Shera outside the ring. Abyss and Shera exchange haymakers. Abyss whips Shera into the steel ring steps. Back in the ring and Abyss goes for a chokeslam and Shera tries to get escape which leads to Shera getting knock down once again. Abyss applies a headlock on Shera. Shera attempts to clothesline Abyss which doesn’t work out until Shera lands the flying shoulder tackle.

Abyss chokeslams Shera and mocks Shera’s dance to the dismay of the crowd. Abyss goes outside the ring and picks up Janice under the ring. Abyss tries to hit Shera with Janice and Shera escapes and hits Abyss with a chokeslam for a two count. James Storm comes down to the ring with a steel chair and tries to hit Shera, but lays out Abyss. The referee comes back to the ring and Shera hit’s the Sky High to pick up the victory.

Winner: Mahabali Shera in 05:03 

 Team GFW Backstage Segment: 

Team GFW is all fired up. Jeff Jarrett comes up to the guys and says that he’s got more than just a match on the line. Jarrett says that he’s got his career, Global Force Wrestling on the line. Jarrett said let’s do this and Team GFW walks away with Eric Young who’s dressed for competition.

Ethan Carter III, Jeff Hardy & Tyrus and Rockstar Spud In-Ring Segment:

EC3 says that the title makes the man. EC3 said that he makes the title look good. EC3 brings out the brand new charismatic enigma Jeff Hardy. EC3 went on to say no music for personal assistants. Hardy comes out with a suit with EC3 face plastered on the suit alongside the EC3 fathead on the stick. EC3 said that the suit cost him $27,000 to make. EC3 says that he feels the tension and anger brewing between the two. EC3 ask Hardy to tell the fans to stop chanting for him. Hardy continues to say no. EC3 reminds him that Hardy needs this job in order to feed his family and pay for his medical bills. Hardy tells the crowd to stop chanting. EC3 says that Hardy is angry at him and that he’s the greatest professional wrestler and champion and nobody can stop him.

Rockstar Spud comes out. Spud brings his past as EC3 personal assistant. Spud said that he needed a job and he would have done anything to get an opportunity hence why he did everything EC3 wanted him to do. Spud said that this is Jeff freaking Hardy and the fans love him. Spud said that even though you’re the World Heavyweight Champion you’re still garbage. The fans chant you are garbage. EC3 ask would garbage be undefeated, beating Sting, Kurt Angle and every legend in the business. EC3 knocks down Spud. EC3 tells Hardy to get out of the ring. Spud comes from behind and hits EC3. Tyrus quickly knocks down Spud. EC3 tells Hardy to hit Spud who’s trapped by Tyrus. EC3 continues to scream at him. Hardy knocks down Spud and walks to the back.

Drew Galloway & Jeff Jarrett Backstage Segment: 

Jarrett and Galloway argues about if Galloway knows what’s he’s getting himself into. Jarrett said that Galloway is clueless like his boss. Jarrett said that he has his legacy, family and career is on the line in this Lethal Lockdown Match. Jarrett said that Eric Young is added in this Lethal Lockdown match. Now Galloway needs to find a new partner.

Josh Mathews & The Pope announce that Earl Hebner will be inducted into the 2015 TNA Hall of Fame the weekend of Bound for Glory and he will be inducted by Billy Corgan.

Second Match: Brooke Tessmacher (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong vs. Lei’D Tapa in a Fatal Four Way Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship 

Tapa and Kong knock Kim and Tessmacher out the ring. Tapa and Kong go back and forth. Gail and Brooke come back into the ring and attack Tapa. The knockouts single out Tapa as they all take Tapa out of the ring and Brooke, Gail and Kong have a stare off in the ring. Back from break and Gail takes charge of Kong and as Kong sends Gail out the ring, Tapa gets back up and throws Gail to the barricade. Brooke tries to knockdown Kong, but that didn’t work out. Kong goes on the ring apron and dives onto Tapa. Kim knocks down Tapa and Kong. Brooke goes up top and dives onto Gail outside the ring and all the knockouts are down. Kong and Tapa get up and start exchanging blows on the ramp.

Brooke and Gail get back into the ring and Brooke school boys Gail for a two count. Brooke lands a series of forearms. Brooke lands a head scissors take down and a Russian leg sweep for a two count. Gail lands a flying clothesline. Gail works on Brooke’s midsection and goes for the figure four outside the ring, but gets knock down from Tapa. Brooke gets bull rushed from Kong. Gail and Tapa are in the ring. Tapa throws Gail around like a rag doll. Tapa measures up Gail. Gail kicks Tapa’s thighs and goes up top. Tapa stops Gail’s momentum. They both exchange forearms on the top turnbuckle. Kong splashes Tapa for a two count. Brooke lands a diving elbow on Kong. Gail rolls up Kong for a two count. Tapa knocks down both Gail and Brooke with a double clothesline. Tapa sends Kong out the ring. Brooke sends Tapa out of the ring. Gail goes for the Eat Defeat and Brooke counters with a sunset flip and Gail counters the pin attempt and picks up the victory.

Winner: New TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim in 12:03

Team TNA Backstage Segment: 

Team TNA gets fired up. Galloway says that tonight everything goes away if they don’t win. Galloway says that things haven’t been great for the past two months. Galloway said that Jarrett’s words piss him off. The Wolves says let’s do this and Team TNA walk away.

Ethan Carter III and Jeff Hardy Backstage Segment: 

EC3 said that next week on Impact, Spud will be taking on EC3 for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Hardy asks EC3 if he’s scared because Hardy believes Spud could beat EC3 for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. EC3 said that it would be in Hardy’s best interest that Spud doesn’t become the champion. EC3 walks away and Tyrus hands Hardy the EC3 fathead and he walks away.

Third Match: Team TNA (Drew Galloway, Bobby Lashley, The Wolves and TBA) vs. Team GFW (Sonjay Dutt, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Young, Chris Mordetzky and Brian Myers) in a Lethal Lockdown Match 

Sonjay Dutt and Davey Richards begin the match. Team GFW has the man advantage in the match. Richards knocks down Dutt with a clothesline. Richards lands ten forearms in the corner. Dutt regains control and lands his own set of forearms. Richards goes for the suplex and Dutt bites his hand and kicks Richards in the chest to escape Richards grasp. Richards with a hip toss. More and back forth action between Richards and Dutt. Dutt shakes the cage. Richards puts Dutt in a Texas Cloverleaf. Eric Young is the next competitor to enter the ring.

Richards gets Young in a Cloverleaf. Dutt breaks up the submission. Dutt and Young double team Richards. Young and Dutt are demolishing Richards. Young and Dutt continue to ground Richards and Young mocks the TNA crowd. Dutt puts Richards in a single leg lock. Drew Galloway is the next competitor to enter the ring to even things up. Galloway mauls Young as he gets into the ring. Back from commercial break as Dutt has Galloway in a camel clutch. Brian Myers is in the ring now and Team GFW have full control of the match. Myers and Young work on Galloway. Richards exchange blows Young. Bobby Lashley is the next competitor who enters the match.

Lashley is on fire as he gives a massive German suplex to Sonjay Dutt. Lashley goes onto spear both Dutt and Young. Lashley gives Myers a standing vertical suplex. Galloway works on Myers. Richards is working on Dutt. Team TNA has now gain control of the match. Chris Mordetzky is the next competitor who enters the fray. Myers attacks Lashley from behind. Mordetzky stomp and choke Richards. Myers is working on Galloway. Lashley and Mordetzky exchange back and forth blows. Mordetzky knocks down Lashley. Galloway chops Myers. Lashley suplex Mordetzky. Eddie Edwards is the next competitor who comes into the fray. Edwards knocks Young down. The Wolves chop and kick Myers in the chest. Lashley continues to maul Mordetzky. Galloway stomps on Myers. Edwards head butts Young. Galloway sends Dutt to the corner. Jarrett comes down to the ring. Jarrett whips both members of The Wolves to the cage. Team GFW has now got the 5 on 4 advantages. Mordetzky knocks down Galloway.

The final competitor for Team TNA is Bram and now Lethal Lockdown begins. The cage is being lowered. Mordetzky goes up the ropes, but gets pull down. All hell break loose. The Wolves take out Mordetzky. Dutt grabs up a kendo stick and whack members of Team TNA with it. Jeff Jarrett got a trash can and destroys Lashley and Galloway with it. Every member of Team GFW have a trash can. Mordetzky puts Galloway in a Master Lock. Galloway tries to escape and Dutt and Myers super kick Mordetzky. Young goes for a piledriver on Lashley and Galloway knocks down Young. The Wolves take down Dutt. Lashley spears Mordetzky. Team TNA have Jeff Jarrett cornered. Jarrett tries to escape the cage holding onto Karen who’s at ring side. All members of Team TNA land running forearms to Jarrett. Lashley snap suplexes Jarrett. Galloway goes for the Future Shock DDT and gets knock down by Team GFW. Lashley spears Young. Jarrett hits Lashley with the Stroke. Richards put a trash can on top of Jarrett’s head and both members of The Wolves dive off the top rope onto Jarrett trash can. Myers is the lone man up in the ring. Galloway gets back up and hits Myers with the Future Shock DDT onto a trash can to pick up the victory. After the match Dixie Carter comes out and celebrates with Team TNA.

Winner: Team TNA (Drew Galloway, Bram, The Wolves and Bobby Lashley) in 31:30

Source: http://www.wrestlezone.com