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On tonight’s edition of TNA IMPACT Wrestling, Bobby Lashley defeated reigning TNA world heavyweight champion Eric Young to win the title!

Here’s a recap of the match, courtesy of RingSideNews.com:

Bobby Lashley vs. Eric Young (c) for the TNA World Championship

Bobby and EY walk around the ring. They lock-up but Bobby quickly works on the arm. EY fights back with punches to the face. He runs in the ropes but Bobby jumps over him. EY comes back and knocks him down. Bobby stands and EY closelines him out of the ring. EY climbs the corner and jumps. He hits the cross body on Bobby on the outside. EY rolls Bobby in. EY climbs and jumps but Bobby catches him but EY slides behind and does a roll-up. Bobby kicks out. EY runs in the ropes but Lashley hits a back body drop. Bobby gets EY up and tosses him out of the ring. Bobby exits and continues the assault.


Bobby knocks EY right down with authority. He gets EY up and lifts him for a suplex. He has him up with one hand and then drops him. He covers but EY kicks out. Bobby takes him to the corner and whips him in the opposing corner. EY elbows him. EY fights back with punches to the head. Bobby whips EY in the ropes but EY comes back with a closeline and a dropkick. EY climbs the corner and jumps. He hits the cross body. Bobby kicks out. Both stand and bobby kicks EY in the gut and whips him in the corner. Bobby runs to him but EY moves. Bobby attacks him and whips him again. EY pops up but Lashley holds him on his shoulders. He goes for the slam but EY slides out. EY grabs Lashley and hits the piledriver. He covers. The referee counts but King drags the referee out of the ring. Kings EY on the ropes. Lashley goes after EY but EY ducks and attacks King. EY hits Lashley with a DDT. Lashley slowly gets up. EY turns to him and Bobby hits him with a spear. He covers and wins! Winner and New TNA World Champion: Bobby Lashley

MVP and Kenny King get in the ring and celebrate with lushly. The crowd is booing hardcore. King grabs a chair and puts EY’s arm in it. King stomps on the chair to try to break the arm. Just then, someone runs over the guard rail. Here is Bobby Roode! MVP sees him and quickly leaves. King turns and Bobby tosses him out of the ring. He stares at MVP. King enters but Roode attacks him and tosses him out once again. Lashley wants to get in the ring but MVP holds him back. Roode yells at the three while MVP holds up the TNA World Championship and hands it to Lashley. EY stands and stays with Roode. The show fades.