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Final ResolutionTNA Final Resolution Recap (1/6): AJ Decides!

The show opens with a great video montage of scenes from events leading up to the PPV, and a voice over talking about the wrestlers dealing with the past and facing the future.

Announcers Mike Tenay and Don West are at ringside to welcome fans.

Tag Team Match
The Latin American Xchange, Homicide and Hernandez
The Rock and Rave Infection, Lance Hoyt and Jimmy Rave, with Christy Hemme

Homicide and Rave start off with an exciting mix of high flying and mat work. Rave tags in Hoyt, who tosses Homicide like a sack of potatoes, so Hernandez tags himself in, and it’s big man vs. big man. After some power moves, Hernandez back drops Hoyt over the top rope to the floor. Rave stops a tope attempt by Homicide, but then Hernandez sails over the top rope with an amazing dive onto Hoyt on the floor. That allows LAX to double team Rave for a while. When Hoyt returns, he tosses Hernandez to the floor and then slams Homicide into the mat, but a pin attempt only gets two.

They double team Homicide until he manages to tag in Hernandez, who clean house with a Crackerjack on Rave and a big back body drop on Hoyt. Rave comes back and gets a sit out power bomb for his trouble. Hoyt goes up and hits Hernandez with a moonsault off the top. Homicide returns and sends Hoyt out of the ring with a flying head scissors, then follows up with a gorgeous tope con hilo through the ropes onto the big man. The crowd is loud and enthusiastic throughout this match.

Hernandez lifts Rave up to his shoulder, but Christy Hemme gets up on the ring apron to grab Rave’s legs and save him. Rave comes back with a knee to the big man’s gut and goes to work with chops and kicks on Hernandez. Rave goes up, but Hernandez slams him onto the top of the ring post. Then Hernandez goes up to the second turnbuckle and gives Jimmy Rave a Super Border Toss to get the pin.

After the match, Hemme follows as Hoyt rushes Homicide and Hernandez from behind and attacks the third LAX member, but she escapes by giving him a low blow. Christy Hemme sneaks up from behind and tries the same thing on the LAX member, but it has no effect. The third LAX member gives Christy a kick to the gut and tosses her from the ring. She then removes her hat, sunglasses, bandana, shirt, and pants, revealing herself to be Shelley Martinez (formerly Ariel of WWE’s ECW). Shelley dances in the ring with Homicide as the fans chant, “Shelley! Shelley!”

They cut to video filmed earlier with Jeremy Borash and Crystal at the latest drinking contest between Eric Young and James Storm, with Miss Jackie Moore. It’s a silly waste of time. I was really hoping that this drinking contest nonsense was over.

They cut to Crystal interviewing AJ Styles, who says he still has time to decide whether he’s with Angle or Christian. An angry Tomko tells him he’d better not mess up their tag team title match tonight.

Frankie “Kaz” Kazarian
Black Reign

Frankie enters wearing some cool new green, white and black ring gear. Kaz starts off the match by attacking Black Reign with some high flying offense and a series of forearm shots. Black Reign bails to the outside, and Kazarian follows with a flying clothesline off the ring apron. They brawl around ringside and up the ramp, until Reign hits Kaz with a low blow mule kick and then kicks him off the ramp, with Kaz hitting his hip and selling an injury.

They return to the ring, where Black Reign makes a pin attempt, but Kaz kicks out. This is a vicious brawl, with Black Reign even biting and gnawing on Kaz at times. Finally Kaz recovers and is able to use some martial arts kicks, spin kicks and a spinning neck breaker to get the advantage, but he still can’t get more than a two count. Kaz nimbly dodges a charge and Reign runs into the ring post, but a DDT by Kaz still gets two.

Frankie misses with a leg drop, allowing Reign to hit him with a scissor stomp, but that gets two as well. Black Reign hoists Kaz up for a suplex attempt, but Kaz goes over and lands on his feet, then hits Reign with a bulldog variation and gets the pin.

After the match, Kaz celebrates, then goes over to Misty the rat’s cage. He puts the cage on Black Reign’s chest, then picks up the cage and leaves with Misty in her cage.

They cut to Jeremy Borash telling Kurt Angle that he can’t believe AJ Styles still hasn’t made up his mind. Karen Angle says she’s going to handle things, but Kurt says she always gets him into more trouble. She says he should trust her, and she leaves. Kurt tells JB to follow her and see what she’s up to.

TNA Women’s World Title Match – No DQ
Gail Kim (C)
Awesome Kong

Kong attacks Gail even before she can get into the ring, but since it’s no DQ, they ring the bell and start anyway. As they brawl around ringside, suddenly Kong goes over to the ring announcers and starts throwing their gear off the table, shocking Tenay and West. She tries to give Gail an Awesome Bomb on the announce table, but Gail escapes by lifting her leg up over her own back to kick Kong in the head.

Kim follows up with more kicks, but Kong slams Gail into the side of the ring, and Gail falls to the floor clutching her back. Kong grabs Gail by the hair and throws her into the ring, where she stomps Gail and them steps on her throat, choking her. Next she throws Gail into the ropes and again steps on her throat. Next Kong gets Kim in a sleeper hold, but Gail will not submit, so she starts swinging Gail around while holding her by her neck.

Mike Tenay mentions that Kong was trained in Japan, and there’s a rumor that an associate of Awesome Kong from Japan is in the audience, and he wonders what that’s about.

Gail backs Kong into a corner by using a series of forearms to her face and chest, but gets thrown back across the ring. She comes back with martial arts kicks to Kong, but Kong hits Gail with a spinning back fist and knocks her over the ropes to the floor, where she smashes Gail’s face into the steps. Gail fights back with more forearm shots and elbows, but Kong picks up Gail by the legs and slams her body into the steel guard rail. Through all of this match, the crowd is hot, chanting “TNA! TNA!”

Kong throws Gail over the rail and follows into the crowd. Gail comes back at her, and they brawl through the crowd. Kong steps on Gail’s neck to choke her, but Kim escapes, then comes back at Kong, slamming her in the head with a plastic soda bottle. Kong throws Gail down the steps. They battle on through the crowd, and Kim dumps Kong over the railing back to ringside, then jumps off the rail onto her.

As they brawl back to the ring, Gail slams Kong into the ring post. Kong tries to slam Gail with a chair, but Gail dodges and kicks it back into her. Gail tries for a cross body block off the top onto Kong on the floor, but Kong catches her and tosses her into the ring.

After more battling, Kong slams Gail face first into the mat, but she only gets a two. Angry with ref Slick Johnson, she gives him an Awesome Bomb, then goes for a chair and whacks him with it. Gail snatches the chair from Kong and slams her with it several times, then hits the frog splash off the top, but the ref is out. Finally Referee Rudy Charles comes out, but now Kong kicks out at two.

Choke slam on Kim gets Kong two. Now Kong tries to give Rudy Charles an Awesome Bomb, but Gail comes up behind her for a quick rollup on Kong, and Rudy Charles counts the pin. Gail Kim retains her title.

Kong goes wild, but Security and other Knockouts rush the ring to force Kong to leave.

Borash is following Karen Angle into the men’s room, where she tells AJ that she really likes him, and he should stay with Team Angle. As she’s coming on to him, ODB exits a stall smoking a cigar and tells everyone to light a match. Karen leaves. AJ tells JB that Karen must really like him.

As Judas Mesias stands in the shadows, Crystal Louthan interviews James Mitchell, who gives a menacing promo telling Abyss that little boys who don’t tell the truth are doomed to burn in hell.

Judas Mesias with Father James Mitchell

Mesias attacks Abyss even before the opening bell, hitting him with a series of vicious chops in the corner. Abyss comes back by lifting Mesias high over his head and dropping him to the mat. Mesias is not a small man, but Abyss has the clear size advantage here. Mesias’ game plan is to work Abyss’ legs, and he starts off by slamming the Monster’s knee into the ring post. He follows up with a series of kicks and blows to the leg and knee.

Abyss reverses an attempted move by Mesias, slamming him hard into the canvas, and then goes to the outside to look for his bag of tacks or glass that he has hidden under the ring, but Mitchell already has it and runs away with it. Abyss tries to chase him, but Mesias clips Abyss’ knee from behind and brings him back to the ring.

Judas comes off the top, but Abyss catches him by the throat. Mesias escapes the choke slam, but Abyss catches him with a big boot, then splashes him twice in the corner. A side slam by Abyss gets only two. Abyss goes out for a chair, which he wedges into a corner, but referee Andrew Thomas argues with him. The delay allows Mesias to recover, and he goes on the attack. He tries to Irish whip Abyss into the chair, but Abyss reverses it, so Judas tries for a float over, but instead of charging, Abyss waits and kicks Mesias on his way down, then slams his head into the chair. Abyss follows with a choke slam, but only gets two/

James Mitchell returns to ringside with a new, larger black bag. Abyss goes out and finds a barbed wire chair under the ring. As the ref takes it away, Mesias gets another chair and hits Abyss with it. A frog splash off the top onto Abyss only gets two. Abyss hits the Black Hole Slam, but Mitchell is distracting the ref, so he doesn’t make the count. Abyss grabs Mitchell by the throat, but then he grabs Mesias, and Mitchell gets away. As Mitchell again distracts the ref, Mesias spits red mist into Abyss’ face, then DDT’s him onto the barbed wire chair and gets the pin.

Mitchell then demands that Abyss “tell the truth,” but Abyss refuses to talk. Mitchell takes a gasoline can out of the bag and pours the gasoline all over Abyss. Then Mitchell takes out a match, but Security rushes the ring and stops him from setting Abyss on fire.

Crystal Louthan interviews Kevin Nash, who says that wrestling is a crazy world where anything can happen and usually does. He will do what he always does, which is put asses in seats and make a ton of money.

Crystal interviews Booker T and Sharmell, who say that they will do their talking in the ring.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Booker T and Sharmell
Robert Roode and Ms. Brooks

They show Robert Roode’s “stalker fan” (Rain) in the audience as Roode and Brooks enter. Roode stalls and exits the ring to escape from locking up with Booker to open the match. When he finally gets in, he tries more stalling, but Booker slaps his face and kick starts the match. They tussle, and then Booker hits Roode with a series of knife edge chops as the fans chant for Booker.

They go at each other with power moves combined with some high flying. Roode gets Booker into his corner, but Ms. Brooks tells him she won’t cheat for him. Roode DDT’s Booker, but can’t get the pin. Booker takes Roode down with his trademark spin kick, then follows with another kick, but he only gets two. The action is fast, with a number of near falls.

Roode again tries to make Ms. Brooks help him by cheating, but she refuses, so he tells her to get out. She finally grabs Booker’s ankles to help Roode, as she can’t afford to be fired, but she’s very upset about it. Roode gets the advantage for a while and works over Booker with a backbreaker, then a reverse chinlock, as the fans continue to chant for Booker T. Roode continues to work on Booker’s back, but Booker fights his way to his feet. Roode comes off the second rope with a neck snap, but still gets only two. Roode forces Ms. Brooks to slap Booker, but then she refuses to do more. Roode and Brooks argue again, and this time he shoves Ms. Brooks. Referee Earl Hebner says that’s a tag, and that Ms. Brooks has to get into the match.

Booker tags in Sharmell, who charges Brooks and they cat fight around the ring. Roode and Booker brawl outside the ring and the women battle inside until Sharmell rolls up Ms. Brooks to get the pin for her team.

Roode berates Brooks and they argue more, until finally Ms. Brooks snaps and slaps Robert across his face, then pummels him with her fists. He goes at her, and they keep arguing, with him grabbing her by the hair, pushing her around and threatening her. The referees try to stop them, but Roode shoves them away, and finally Sharmell goes back to the ring to try to stop the fight. When she touches Roode, he thinks it’s another referee and turns and punches Sharmell in the face, and she goes down! Roode is shocked, and clearly upset as he leaves the ring.

Referees and trainers rush to aid Sharmell as Booker runs to her side. Finally she opens her eyes and is able to walk from the ring, holding her jaw, as fans cheer, “Sharmell! Sharmell!” Mike Tenay apologizes to viewers on behalf of TNA.

Crystal interviews Christian Cage, who says that he doesn’t need anybody’s help to beat Angle tonight. He says that he gave AJ tough love, and adds that Karen Angle is really showing her age when she tries to come on to AJ.

They showed more video of the drinking contest, where Eric Young and James Storm now have 40 oz. bottles duct taped to their hands, and Borash says they aren’t allowed to go to the bathroom. Don’t blame me; I don’t make this stuff up.

Ultimate X Match for Possession of the X Division Championship Belt
“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal (C) and The Motor City Machineguns, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin
Team 3D, Brother Ray and Devon, and Johnny Devine

This isn’t an actual Championship Match, it’s just a match for possession of the belt, which has to be one of the dumbest reasons for a match ever. Why should anyone do anything TNA management tells them to do, if that management can’t even make two wrestlers give back a belt they stole?

Tenay and West talk about 3D whacking the hands of Shelley and Sabin with a kendo stick at iMPACT! They say that will make it difficult for anyone but Lethal and Devine do much climbing on the wires. Tenay announces that Sharmell is being treated for a jaw injury.

Team 3D come to the ring, and Brother Ray gives a promo putting down the X Division and calling SoCal Val a tramp. Finally, MCM and Lethal charge the ring. Shelley and Sabin have their hands taped.

They start the match brawling around ringside. 3D set up tables on the floor and try to put the Guns through them, but Lethal breaks it up and slams Ray’s head into the announce table. Sabin and Shelley both try to climb up the cables, but they aren’t able to, because of the injuries to their hands.

Lethal gets to the wires and gets across quickly, but Devine slams him down and goes up himself. Sabin and Shelley run in and each grabs one of Devine’s legs. They swing him and then slam him hard to the mat. 3D run in and take out the Guns. Ray and Devon try jumping for the belt, without success. Ray halfheartedly tries to go up, but Sabin kicks him off.

Ray tries again, but Lethal passes him by and then shows off on the wire, but he showboats too much and falls. Ray tries again, but Lethal drop kicks him, then gets slammed to the mat. Ray tries for the elbow drop, but Lethal gets out of the way.

Lethal goes up again, but Devine pulls him down and goes up himself. Devine starts across, but Shelley leaps across from the turnbuckle and pulls him down. Ray and Devon slam the Guns’ hands again with the kendo stick.

Ray gets on Devon’s shoulders and they try to walk across, but Shelley super kicks Ray, and then Lethal pulls Devon down off the wire. Lethal goes up, and Ray hoists Devine onto his shoulders, so Lethal hurricanaranas Devine off Ray’s shoulders. Shelley bumps the ref, and Ray brings a ladder out from under the ring. Devon sets it up, but the Guns deliver a double enzuiguiri to 3D. Devine decides to use the ladder, but Sabin tips it over to send him onto the tables and then to the floor. Devon and Ray hit Sabin with a 3D.

3D slam the ladder into Lethal, then set it up, and Devon climbs up to get the belt. He hangs there as Ray throws the ladder out of the ring and wakes up the referee, who declares Devon the winner as the crowd boos.

Crystal interviews Samoa Joe, who says that maybe he was wrong about Nash, who has taught him a lot about mind games.

Tenay announces that Sharmell has been taken to the hospital, and the trainers fear she has a broken jaw.

TNA Tag Team Championship Match
AJ Styles and Tomko
Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe

Joe starts off with Styles by working his leg, but he quickly tags in Nash. AJ recovers and goes to work on Nash’s knees. When Nash comes back, AJ tags in Tomko, and the two big men slug it out in classic big man style. Tomko starts working Nash’s knee too. AJ tags in again, works Nash’s knee, then makes a quick tag to Tomko.

Finally Nash makes it over to tag in Joe, who cleans house. He and Nash get in some classic double team moves. AJ springboards off the ropes to drop kick Joe in the back, and they get the advantage back. AJ and Tomko keep Joe on their side of the ring as they work him over, using quick tags to stay fresh.

Joe finally gets away to tag Nash, but Nash jumps off the ring apron and walks away. Joe makes a comeback and hits the muscle buster on AJ, but Tomko makes the save, and the crowd chants, “Thank you Tomko!” AJ hits the Pelé, Tomko hits the big boot, and they hot Joe with a double team power slam. Tomko pins Joe to get the win and keep the belts.

They cut to Jeremy Borash with Eric Young and James Storm at the drinking championships again. Eric falls over after he drinks something out of a funnel, so James Storm wins. That means he gets to choose what kind of match he’ll have against Eric at Against All Odds.

Then they cut to Borash telling Angle that Karen tried to seduce AJ, but AJ still didn’t give an answer. Angle says it still has to have worked, because nobody can resist Karen Angle.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Kurt Angle
Christian Cage

This match is so fast paced that it’s nearly impossible to call all the action. Don West comments that it’s clear the fans are solidly behind Christian Cage. They start off with some amateur mat action, but then mix it up with high flying and power moves. It’s a pretty even match, with the advantage going back and forth, and both men getting numerous near falls. Angle gets upset when Cage sends him to the outside, and when he comes back in, he slaps Cage’s face. Cage responds by spitting in Angle’s face. They battle to the ring apron, where Christian flips up on the ropes to knock Kurt back down to the floor. Then, when Angle gets up, Cage springs diagonally off the ropes to hit Angle on the floor with a beautiful cross body block.

When they get back into the ring, Angle suplexes Christian over the ropes to the floor. When Christian returns to the ring, Kurt attacks him with a series of vicious kicks, then goes to mat wrestling again. They continue with a wrestling clinic, reversing each other’s moves and escaping from pin attempts. One of the highlights is a moonsault by Angle.

Angle gets in the three Germans, and goes for the ankle lock, but Christian kicks him away. Angle keeps going for the ankle lock, but Christian keeps coming up with ways to escape, including rolling him up into a small package and turning it into a pin attempt. Cage reverse another ankle lock by grabbing Kurt’s ankle and powering into a Boston Crab, but Angle escapes by grabbing Cage’s ankle and powering out. Kurt escapes another pin attempt when Karen gets on the apron and distracts Referee Earl Hebner.

Christian kicks out after an Olympic Slam, and Angle kicks out after an Unprettier. Cage gets Kurt in the ankle lock, and Angle taps, but Karen Angle is holding Hebner by his shirt and keeps him from seeing the submission. AJ Styles runs down and takes Karen off the ring apron. Then he gets up on the apron and hugs Christian, but when Cage turns to continue the match, AJ springboards off the ropes and hits Christian with a flying forearm to the back, allowing Angle to get the pin. Angle and AJ celebrate the win.

This was another very good PPV from TNA, and it ran just a few minutes short of three hours. It’s well worth buying the replay.

TNA’s next PPV is Against All Odds on February 10 in Greenville, SC.

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com