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Reported by Mike Aldren and the Wrestling Globe Newsletter:

Tampa radio shock-jock and TNA personality Todd Clem (Bubba the Love Sponge) has been fired following a stunt earlier this week where he ambushed Kia Stevens (Awesome Kong) during a call-in interview on the Cowhead radio show.

In a rare public firing, a statement posted last night on the TNA Website read: Effective immediately, TNA Wrestling has elected to terminate the services of Todd Clem p/k/a  Bubba the Love Sponge.

TNA dismissed Clem, the foul-mouthed and acid-tongued radio host, for what is believed to be racially charged slurs against Stevens.

Following the announcement Clem wrote on his Twitter page: “I was going to take the high road but looks like TNA has fired the first shot.”

Clem also fired off several insults aimed at TNA fans. He tweeted:

“Shut the fuck up, mark…Maybe you should get your GED and stop worrying about men in tights.”

“You’re entire life is pointless. Go back to screwing your sister and watching TNA you white trash simpleton.”

“Bubba Army, you guys are simply the best. Nobody could ask for better fans. TNA fans are nothing but a bunch of little cowardly cunts.”

“You love oiled up men in tights. You are a douche nozzle that thinks wrestling is real. Get a fucking life. Go away.”

44-year-old Clem surfaced on TNA programming earlier this year shortly after his friend, Hulk Hogan, signed with the company. Most recently he returned to TNA television in a manager-like role for The Band.