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TNA IMPACT Wrestling – Lockdown Special
Location: New York, NY
Date: February 6, 2015
Commentators: Josh Matthews and Taz

TNA tag team championship: The Hardyz vs. TNA tag team champions the Revolution

The Hardyz both hit corner clotheslines, then Jeff hits an elevated dropkick with an assist by Matt, then they prevent Manik from interfering with a suplex off the cage. Storm hits Matt in the corner after he handcuffs Manik to the cage, then Storm headbutts Jeff and hits Matt in the corner. After a few minutes of whipping the Hardyz into the cage, we get back from a break to see Storm get a near fall but Matt breaks it up. Storm tries to escape the cage but he gets knocked down, then Jeff hits a Whisper in the Wind off the side of the cage. Both Hardyz hit a Twist of Fate, and then Matt goes for a moonsault but misses after Storm rolls away. Koya pulls Matt through the camera hole of the cage and attacks him, then Jeff hits a Twist of Fate on Abyss and tries to escape, but Sanada hits him with the mist and Storm superkicks him for the win.

Winners: The Revolution

The Revolution attacks Matt after the bell and puts him through a table on the floor, and then they open the cage and bring another table in the ring. Manik is freed from his handcuffs, then they lay Jeff on a table but Jeff jumps back up and attacks everyone with some kicks. Jeff tries to climb the cage and kicks Sanada, then he climbs over the cage but Koya crotches him on the cage door, and Storm hits him with a cowbell, sending him crashing down onto the stairs. Storm taunts the crowd as Jeff is checked on by referees and trainers, and they load him onto a stretcher as Storm assembles on the ramp with the Revolution.

MVP comes out to the ring with Eric Young and Kenny King and talks some trash to Bobby Roode, and they try and tell Roode not to fight Eric Young tonight. MVP addresses Kurt Angle and says he has a proposition for him, then Kurt walks out with Austin Aries and Gunner and MVP runs him down. He says Kurt is broken and he talked to his doctor, so he should walk away before he gets hurt, or he will make sure he never walks again. Kurt says threats don’t mean anything, and they came to fight, so they aren’t leaving until they do that. Kurt leads his team into the ring and they attack the BDC, then Low Ki and Gunner run out and attack Gunner with a chair. They close Gunner’s arm in the cage and smash it with a chair, then they clear the ring and leave Kurt and Aries to check on Gunner.

HAVOK vs. Awesome Kong 

HAVOK rushes Kong on the ramp and hits him several times, and then she tears the padding off the floor and tries to suplex Kong on the floor. Kong breaks it and slams HAVOK into the steps, then they slug it out in the ring and Kong tries to hit an Implant Buster, but HAVOK breaks it and throws a few elbows. Kong comes back with a chokeslam, then HAVOK tries to hit her but Kong shoves her off the ropes and splashes her for the win.

Winner: Awesome Kong 

We see footage from two weeks ago where Velvet Sky tells Angelina Love that she got fired, and Angelina hugs her but secretly smiles. Angelina helps Velvet with her bags, and she tries to hold back her excitement and hugs Velvet before leaving her and saying ‘finally…”

Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young 

Roode screams at Eric and slams him into the cage a few times, and then Eric elbows him before Roode connects with a clothesline. Eric whips him headfirst into the cage and follows with a belly-to-belly suplex for two, and then he applies a chinlock before Roode breaks with some elbows. He runs at Eric and gets caught with a powerslam for two, then Eric calls for some help and MVP makes his way out with a chair. MVP throws it in the ring and Eric swings it, but Roode ducks before he hits Eric and busts him open on the cage. Roode sets up for a superplex, but Eric slams his head off the cage and hits an elbow drop for two. Roode comes back with a slam, then he hits Eric with the chair, and Eric begs him to stop but Roode calls him a son of a bitch and hits a Roode Bomb on the chair for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode 

Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews vs. Tyrus (w/ Ethan Carter III) in a “2-on-1” handicap match

Spud and Mark rush Tyrus at the bell, but Tyrus knocks them both down and slams Spud on the mat. He splashes Mark in the corner, then he goes for a powerbomb but Spud kicks him in the face a few times and tries to climb out. Spud turns and hits Tyrus with a front flip legdrop, and then Ethan taunts Mark and opens the cage door. Mark tries to kick him but Ethan grabs his legs and slams his head on the cage, then he pulls him outside and slams him on the mat. Spud tries to crawl to the door, but Ethan slams it in his face, and Tyrus slams him down for the win. Ethan tries to plug in some clippers and shave Spud’s head, but Jeremy Borash cuts the clipper cord in half and runs for it.

Winner: Tyrus 

BP: Wow Spud, what a move off the top rope. I think people forget how talented he actually is, but that was a beautiful spot off the cage. This match was pretty well booked considering how one sided it was, and Tyrus still looked strong with help. 

Lethal Lockdown match: Beat Down Clan vs. Team Angle 

Gunner whips King into the cage and chokes him with a night stick, then Low Ki enters and Gunner slams him into the cage. King hits Gunner in the back with a trash can lid, then they choke him and attack him in the corner before Aries makes his entrance. Aries whips Ki into the cage and dropkicks him into the cage, then Gunner slams King on the mat and Aries grabs the night stick. Aries hits King as Gunner chokes Ki in the corner, then Joe enters and BDC gains the advantage. Joe takes a few swings before Kurt enters and tees off on a few BDC members as we go to a break, then we get back to see Joe hit Gunner in the face with a kendo stick. King puts a trash can on Aries and enziguiris him, then Bobby Lashley shows up and calls for MVP and King to lower their weapons. They shake hands but Lashley ends up clotheslining MVP, then he drops Joe and slams King into the cage. MVP tackles Lashley after King chops his leg, then MVP chokes him and taunts Lashley in the corner. Joe tries to hit Kurt with a Muscle Buster but Kurt counters with an Angle Slam, then Gunner but King in a Torture Rack as Lashley comes back with a spear for the win.

Winners: Team Angle 

Source: http://www.wrestlezone.com