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The #1 contender to the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship, ODB, was one of the special guests on this past week’s live edition (02/04/08) of Monday Night Mayhem: “The Sixth-Anniversary Special” (presented by Sweet Sunshine Sauces: the official finishing sauce of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio”) — which can be heard in streaming audio every week (hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & Mr. DFL and heard LIVE at 8PM ET/7PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (www.MondayNightMayhem.com, www.OnlineWorldOfWrestling.com, & www.ITunes.com).

ODB’s interview & The Mayhem’s TNA Against All Odds PPV Preview can now be heard for FREE in Real Audio. In addition, the 2/4/08 program is chalked filled with special appearances from former Diva Search contestant Jessica Hatch, The Mayhem’s very own Scott Hudson & Jim Molineaux, along with former Cruiserweight Champion & the father of the reigning “extreme” champion, Chavo “Classic” Guerrero, Sr, & a very candid one-on-one interview w/”Mr. Monday Night” himself…Rob Van Dam — who was joined at the end of his first-ever Mayhem appearance by his greatest opponent ever that gave RVD some of his best five-star matches ever, Jerry Lynn. Will the two clash again one more time??? You have to tune in to find out.
February 4th Monday Night Mayhem/Sixth-Anniversary Special (streaming audio): www.mondaynightmayhemarchives.com/waxfiles/020408.wax

Also, check out the official MNM Podcast Page, presented by VisuWalls, the extreme wall graphic (featuring the 2/4/08 sixth-year anniversary celebration of The Mayhem, in addition to more than 75+ archived editions of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio”). You are able to download your favorite editions of The Mayhem…and listen to them at your own leisure. Another exciting feature for you, our loyal listeners — brought to you by “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.”

Here are some of the highlights from ODB’s interview on the show, provided by The Mayhem’s co-host, John “The Big Mosh” Masiulionis


Against All Odds is this Sunday night…live on Pay-Per-View, and The Big Mosh, Blade, & DFL kept The Mayhem’s sixth-year anniversary festivities going with a little Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, as they were joined by the #1 contender to the TNA Knockout Women’s Championship, ODB. In the process of welcoming ODB aboard The Mayhem, The Big Mosh wished to thank the good people at TNA Wrestling who have worked with “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” since both entitles started up in 2002. ODB extended her thanks to The Mayhem for having her aboard their anniversary special, and went on the record saying that unlike Blade, she loves Gretchen Wilson and knows who she is — referring to a mini-debate that Mosh, Blade, & DFL had prior to bringing ODB live on the air.

ODB is very much looking forward to her match with Awesome Kong this Sunday in Greenville, SC at Against All Odds — in her quest to become the new TNA Knockout Women’s Champion. She is calling this match “one of the biggest in her career,” and said that she has truly never faced anyone like Kong before. ODB describes Kong as “a big girl,” but that she will not back down from her challenge. She is in amazement of how Kong has taken out all of the other Knockouts so far to this point…but Kong has not taken her out. Sunday night, she feels is “go time.”

ODB does have the chance to make history this Sunday night, being the first woman to hold both the OVW Women’s Championship & the TNA Knockout Women’s Title. With comparison to her time in World Wrestling Entertainment vs. her time so far in Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, she said that the TNA Knockouts are “different sorts/flavors of ice cream,” and that the girls are “not your typical 90-pound, bleach blond, big-boobed girl.” She believes that the Knockouts can handle themselves in the ring, and that the action you see in TNA, is “straight-up fights.” She is a little frustrated & sad to see what some of the girls in the WWE have had to do (as she has worked with many of the current divas).

ODB has worked with the current WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix, in the early part of her career, and is amazed at how Beth has developed into the star she has become. ODB remembers Beth “working her butt off in OVW” and the many battles they had previously. She tries to keep up with what Beth has been up to, and thinks that if the two were to cross paths again, that it would indeed be a good fight, and that she would come out on top.

Mosh & DFL then posed the question that TNA fans around the world want to know, when it comes to ODB. What is in the flask? Her response…”Don’t worry about it.” She let the audience know that whatever is in there is “good stuff,” and that TNA fans will “know someday” what the contents are.

The internet has been abuzz with talk of a separate TNA Knockouts program airing soon on Spike TV. If this indeed comes to fruition, ODB says that “it will be a good addition.” The fans would get an opportunity to see the Knockouts more: see them on the road, taking part in photo shoots/interviews, & see their lives away from the camera. She is all for it.

Going forward into 2008, ODB says that she would love to have a feud with Roxxi Laveaux, as she believes their styles & personalities would mesh well both in & out of the ring, and she hopes to be able to feud with Traci Brooks, who she describes as “her BFF.”

Within the next month & a half, we very well might see the debut of live editions of TNA iMPACT on Spike TV, according to various reports. ODB strongly feels that the company is in the position to take that next step. “With the talent we have, we would be ready to do it. Live is pretty big.” She went on to say that the doing live programs instead of the taped variety would make the roster & locker room come together even more. And she also thinks that everyone within the company should focus on making iMPACT as best as can be…and not even worry about the WWE product (in response to the critics thinking TNA should go right-up against WWE programming).

In ODB’s exclusive interview with The Mayhem, she also gives her uncensored thoughts & takes on the infamous “bra & panties matches” & why she is glad TNA strives to be different in that regard to women’s wrestling, why you can’t always believe what you read on the world-wide-web, what match she will be most looking forward to this Sunday at Against All Odds, if there is really heat on Shelly Martinez (Salinas) for taking part in a project prior to TNA/missing some recent house shows, and/or if that is being blown out of proportion amongst the hardcore fans/the rest of the internet, and her love of Bret Michaels & Poison — plus why the girls on “Rock Of Love II” are “grizzled.”

ODB invites all of her fans to check out her official MySpace page (located at www.MySpace.com/1DirtyBitch), to see live & in person at TNA’s March house shows in South Carolina, Virginia, & Kentucky, and watch out…There are rumors flying around the internet about a brand-new ODB T-Shirt soon to be available at www.ShopTNA.com. Stay tuned!

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Check out www.TNAWrestling.com for all of the latest news on TNA’s Destination X Pay-Per-View @ The Scope in Norfolk, VA, the possibilities of legendary college basketball coach Bob Knight coming to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, the complete lineup for TNA’s debut in New York City later this month, exclusive footage from the soon-to-be-released “Global Impact” DVD, & the first-ever edition of TNAU TV.

*The Mayhem returns to its regularly-scheduled time of 8PM ET/7PM CT this Monday night (February 14th), for its Valentine’s Day Special & the continuation of the celebration that is the six-year anniversary of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio.” Joining The Big Mosh, Blade & Chaz (The Mayhem’s original co-host w/The Big Mosh, in conjunction w/MNM’s anniversary), will be the daughter of the legendary “Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich & former WWE developmental talent, Lacey Von Erich. In one of Lacey’s first appearances since parting ways with World Wrestling Entertainment, she will be joining the program to promote her first-ever wrestling match in her home state of Texas, preview what lies ahead for her career, & discuss her life growing up in the business that is professional wrestling.

In addition, we all know that “The Road To WrestleMania XXIV” is really heating up. The Mayhem’s WWE Pay-Per-View preview tag team of Scott Hudson & The Monster Factory’s Jim Molineaux will be back to preview next Sunday night’s No Way Out event in Las Vegas, NV, along with what’s next for the WWE & Friday Night SmackDown in their quest for a new network, & all of the fallout on World Wrestling Entertainment shifting its full-time developmental territory from Ohio Valley Wrestling to Florida Championship Wrestling.

Fans, remember to e-mail your predictions for this Sunday night’s WWE No Way Out Pay-Per-View to The Mayhem to [email protected], MySpace them to www.MySpace.com/MondayNightMayhem, or post them on the official MNM Message Board (located at www.MondayNightMayhem.com). The first place winner (who predicts all of the matches accordingly) will receive an X-BOX 360 copy of WWE’s “SmackDown Vs. RAW 2008” (courtesy: THQ), a $25.00 credit to B. Brown Video (www.BBrownVideo.com: the official wrestling video & DVD distribution company of The Mayhem) & a case of Sweet Sunshine Sauces, and the second place winner will receive a $25.00 credit to B. Brown Video & a case of Sweet Sunshine Sauces…the official finishing sauce of The Mayhem!
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Monday Night Mayhem would like to thank all of our fans around the world for voting for “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” in the 2008 Wrestling Radio Awards. Monday Night Mayhem was the proud recipient of the 2008 WRA for Media Interview Of The Year with “the voice of WWE’s Monday Night RAW,” Jim Ross. In addition, The Mayhem was voted the “Best Booked Show” of 2007 — the second time that we have achieved this honor amongst all broadcast & broadband wrestling radio programming.
Monday Night Mayhem is honored to add these to our other prestigious WRA Awards: 2007’s Media Interview Of The Year (Eric Bischoff w/special guest co-host, Scott Hudson) & 2006’s Female Interview Of The Year (Jackie Gayda).

*All new & old Mayhem listeners can still check out the archived programs/shows of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” from the beginning of 2008 & all of 2007 (including: Chris Jericho, former WWE Women’s Champion Candice Michelle, Nick “U-Gene” Dinsmore, Danny Doring, (in their first post-WWE interviews), “The Instant Classic” Christian Cage, WWE Hall Of Famer/former WWE Champion The Iron Sheik, Howard Stern’s very own Gary The Retard, VH-1 “Best Week Ever’s” Greg Fitzsimmons, Vader, Konnan, The Four Horsemen‘s Tully Blanchard & J.J. Dillon, “The Doctor Of Style” Slick, “The Notorious 187” Homicide, “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, Kaz, “Showtime” Eric Young, Low-Ki/Senshi, “The Mouth Of The South” Jimmy Hart, a World Class Championship Wrestling roundtable w/Bill Mercer & Gart Hart, “The Wildman” Marc Mero, David “Gangrel” Heath, former WWE Head of Security Jimmy Noonan, The Hart Nation (Julie Hart, Jade Hart, Dallas Hart, Beans Hart, & Blade Hart), the legendary voice of the Mid-Atlantic territory, Bob Caudle, the official Monday Night Mayhem WrestleMania 23 Countdown Special from Detroit’s Hilton Garden Inn, the official Monday Night Mayhem Dream Reunion II On-Location Special from Kokomo, IN — featuring: former WWE Diva search contestant Jessica Hatch, Al Snow, Marty Jannetty, Chavo “Classic” Guerrero Sr., “Nasty Boy” Brian Knobbs, Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, Rosey, The Midnight Express (“Loverboy” Dennis Condrey & “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton), “The Genius” Lanny Poffo, & The Orient Express’ Pat Tanaka, & our “Best Of 2007” show (featuring the top three interviews of 2k7 heard on The Mayhem)…all now available on www.MondayNightMayhem.com, www.OnlineWorldOfWrestling.com, & www.ITunes.com.

As we celebrate our sixth anniversary, Monday Night Mayhem wishes to thank our loyal fans around the world who have helped us get to where we are at now and for your continued dedication, loyalty, & support.

From The Big Mosh, Blade, & Mr. DFL, have a safe, blessed, & healthy new year in 2008.