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Although TNA has been making many mistakes as a company this year, their biggest one without doubt has been letting a drugged Jeff Hardy to be involved in a main event match of a PPV. Many fans have started to predict the demise of TNA.  

 A true wrestling fan is someone who doesn’t blindly love WWE and instantly turn on every other pro wrestling promotion there is. Sadly, there are a handful of “pro wrestling” fans who only watch and support WWE. The fact of the matter is, TNA can and has proven on many occasions that it is capable of being a better company than WWE. On the flip side of things, it has also recently begun to show that it may be out of business soon.

For those of you who didn’t watch WCW, let me fill you in. Prior to the company going out of business, things backstage were as bad as they are in TNA right now. If you don’t or haven’t been able to watch TNA, the best way to sum up the company would be to simply say that it is a complete mess right now.

Storylines are confusing, there is a stable nearly the size of a roster, the company doesn’t push new talent (it simply uses former main event wrestlers of WWE), poor layout, failure to deliver, and two of the company’s main event matches of pay-per-views have been ruined. If you already haven’t heard, Jeff Hardy came to TNA’s most recent PPV event, Victory Road in a drugged condition. He was supposed to face Sting for the world title. The match lasted less than 90 seconds. Fans went home very disgruntled and upset.

While the company’s ratings may have been slowly rising, it would mean nothing if the company isn’t layed out properly. At this time, TNA does not have an agenda or a long term plan. The first thing to do would be to clean the storylines up and make the overall presentation of Impact much more transparent.

If you’re only a WWE fan and feel happy for Vince McMahon, then think again. The only thing this means is that Vince will have even less competition than he does already, and more importantly, another reason to stay lazy in terms of creativity. You see, we as fans have nothing to lose if their are 2 or even 3 mainstream professional wrestling promotions in North America; it only makes it more entertaining for us.

Hopefully TNA can get their act together soon and start the much needed change. If they continue in this direction, the company won’t be around much longer. I guarantee it.


Author: Pavitar Sidhu

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