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There was another TNA office departure this week as Director of Touring, Mike Krewson left the company. Mike had been with the company from 2008 until 2013 but left to work for the Lucha Libre USA promotion. He returned in February 2014 but left again this week.

One reason he’s leaving is to take a job as the General Manager of Baylor University’s new McLane Stadium but there’s speculation that his departure could be a indication TNA has no plans to resume regular touring any time soon as we go into 2016.

Krewson was responsible for booking and managing TNA’s live events, handling logistics and working with the arenas. Word is that he will be replaced by Bob Ryder, who currently works talent relations, when TNA does decide to run live events. This doesn’t mean they won’t tour any more but it will likely be more of a “pick and choose dates” situation with the events being handled in-house by Ryder.

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