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The theme song for this PPV is Indestructible by Disturbed, and the music video is played throughout the preshow.  The show opens with a video montage of clips from the action leading up to the PPV cut in with comments from the wrestlers involved in the TNA Originals vs. Main Event Mafia feud.

Jeremy Borash is at the entrance, trying to get comments from the Main Event Mafia as they arrive, but Scott Steiner is the only one who will talk to him.  Scott says this war is all about respect, and they are going to end it tonight, because “these young punks, they don’t have what it takes to step in the ring with the Main Event Mafia!”  Then he tells JB to get their bags.

Announcers Mike Tenay and Don West are at ringside to welcome fans amid a display of pyro and talk about tonight’s card.

X Division Championship Seeding Match
“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal, “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt with SoCal Val, “Showtime” Eric Young, “Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams, Jimmy Rave, Consequences Creed, Homicide, Doug Williams, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Voldaor

The X Division superstars battle to determine the top contenders for the X Division Title. Order of elimination will determine the X Division rankings, with the final survivor getting a title shot.  The match is using lucha libre tag team rules.  Elimination is by pinfall or submission.

The X Division stars seem to be looking at this as their chance to revitalize the X Division, and they pull out all the stops to give the fans an exciting match with a blend of chain wrestling and high flying, even getting in some story telling when they can.

Order of elimination:
Sonjay Dutt by Voldaor with a hurricanarana off the top.
Volador by Jimmy Rave with his Rock the World.
Jimmy Rave by Doug Williams with a roll up into a suplex.
Homicide is eliminated due to injury after performing a tope con hilo and hitting the ring wall with his head.
Consequences Creed is eliminated by Petey Williams with the Canadian Destroyer.
Petey Williams is eliminated by Tanahashi with a frog splash.
This leaves only Lethal, Young, Tanahashi, and Doug Williams.
Tanahashi is eliminated by Jay Lethal with an inside cradle.
Doug Williams is eliminated by Eric Young, so only Jay Lethal and Eric Young are left.
Eric Young pins Jay Lethal with a suplex into a bridging pin to get the TNA X Division Championship Title shot.

Eric Young grabs the mic and calls Creed and Petey Williams back to the ring.  In a heartfelt promo directed at MEM, Eric says that they are wrestlers, not millionaires, entertainers, sideshow freaks, or showmen.  He says TNA started as everyone’s dream — theirs and the fans —  in the Asylum in Nashville.  They are kids, but they have heart, and they are going to prove their legacy.  Tonight, their biggest and best chapter begins, because tonight these kids become men.

They cut to Lauren interviewing Jeff Jarrett and Mick Foley.  They are concerned about the wrestlers injuring each other in the feud.  Jeff goes to talk to the MEM, and he tells Foley to talk to the young guys.  A young boy is asleep on the sofa behind them (probably Foley’s son Dewey), and Lauren asks if they should wake him up.  Mick says he’ll be fine.

Knockouts Tag Team Match
Awesome Kong & Raisha Saeed with Rhaka Khan
Taylor Wilde & Roxxi

Roxxi tries a crucifix on Kong, but gets knocked off and has to get out of the way fast to avoid being sat on by Kong.  Kong tags in Saeed, who gets flipped by Roxxi.  Roxxi then grabs a wrist lock and Taylor tags in.  Roxxi and Taylor keep Raisha in their corner, making frequent tags as they work her over.  Saeed gets loose, and Taylor hits her with a flying head scissors, but Raisha runs over to tag in Kong.

Roxxi and Taylor double team Kong and do very well at first, but then as the ref makes Taylor leave the ring, Rhaka Khan interferes and Kong gets the upper hand on Roxxi.  Kong uses the ropes, pulls Roxxi’s hair, and takes every short cut.  Then she tags in Saeed, who goes to work on Roxxi.  They uses frequent tags and keep doing damage to Roxxi.

Roxxi nearly gets to tag in, but Khan pulls Wilde’s feet and keeps her from tagging.  Raisha puts the deathlock on Roxxi and then hits her with the curb stomp.  Kong goes for the big splash off the second turnbuckle, but Roxxi rolls out of the way and finally gets the tag.

Taylor cleans house, and mayhem ensues.  Both sides try Irish whips, and Taylor ends up colliding with Saeed.  Both go down.  Kong charges Roxxi, who pulls down the top rope, causing Kong to go flying to the floor.  Roxxi goes up top and takes Kong out with a cross body block.  Taylor Wilde hits Saeed with a Perfect plex to get the win for her team.

Borash goes with Jeff Jarrett as he talks to the MEM.  He says they are all here to earn a living and asks them not to let it get out of hand.  Angle tells Jeff he’s a pussy because he’s retired and won’t wrestle Angle again, so he won’t listen to anything he says.  Nash gets between them and Angle storms off.  Nash says he should talk to the young guys, and Jeff asks for them to put themselves in his shoes, because this company is his future.  Nash says he should be concerned about the MEM, because this is his future.  Booker says Jeff should wear a suit.

Grudge Match:
X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir
“The War Machine” Rhino

This is a non-title match.

Sgt. Shawn Autrey, a veteran of the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War comes out and announces Rhino.

Scott Hall and a bunch of guys in Juggalo face paint enter during this match and sit in the front row, but they do not announced their arrival.  The guys in Juggalo paint appear to be the Insane Clown Posse, but with the paint, it’s hard to be sure.  Tenay eventually mentions something about “familiar faces” around the ringside area.

This is a good, fast paced old school match, effectively combining Bashir’s mat wrestling and cheating with Rhino’s brawling and power.  The end comes when ref Shane Sewell pulls Bashir off Rhino, who is in the ropes.  Bashir heaps abuse on Sewell, then spits in his face.  When he turns around, Rhino hits him with a huge gore and get the pin and the fans cheer.

Mick Foley is with Lauren, asking the young guys to try to show respect for the veterans.  Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin are off to the side, talking and laughing.  Mick asks them to pay attention, and they ask him who he is.  Then Shelley says they know who Foley is, but they don’t care.  AJ tells them to show respect.  Mick says he’s going to ignore their comments, because if he answers, it means that the veterans were right with their complaints.  Shelley then tells him to take his dumpy ass and go back to his desk and push pencils.  Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed then tear into Shelley and Sabin for showing so much disrespect, as the others try to keep them separated.

Tenay and West discuss the dissent in the Originals locker room, and how Sabin and Shelley are causing problems with their bad attitudes.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Beer Money Inc., James Storm & Robert Roode (C) with Jacqueline
The Motor City Machineguns, Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin

Tenay and West say that the immaturity of the Guns may be what has kept them from winning the tag titles so far.  Both teams excel at double team moves, and the Guns hit BMI with a long, quick string of high flying double teams right off the bat.  They isolate Storm and work him over.  It’s still not enough to get them a three count, though.

Finally, Roode gets a tag in, and Beer Money isolates Shelley and use their own double teams and frequent tags to wear him down.  When Shelley finally does get a tag, Roode distracts the ref so he doesn’t see the tag.  Shelley ends up on the outside, where Jacquelyn beats him down.

Shelley finally makes the hot tag to Sabin, who gets to show off with some power moves.  A spike DDT on Roode only gets him a two count.  Hurricanarana off the top by Sabin on Storm, followed by a Shelley frog splash still only gets them two.  Roode pulls Storm over to the corner and tags himself in, and MCMG goo to work on him with a series of double teams that the ref doesn’t even try to stop.

Both teams battle on and get near falls.  Shelley gets hung in the tree of woe, and Beer Money go for a suplex on Sabin out of the same corner, resulting in a huge Tower of Doom.  MCMG hit Roode with double kicks to the head.  Jacquelyn runs in and goes after Sabin as the ref is putting Shelley out of the ring.  Sabin scoop slams her, then rolls up Roode, but Storm spits beer into Sabin’s eyes.  BMI hit Sabin with their Drinking While Investing (DWI) finisher, and Roode rolls him up for the pin.  BMI retain their titles.

Jeremy Borash asks Booker what he will do if Christian beats him and takes his belt tonight, but Sharmell says they aren’t going to discuss that, because it won’t happen.

TNA Legends Championship Match:
Booker T (C) with Sharmell
“The Instant Classic” Christian Cage

If Christian wins, he gets Booker’s belt, but if Booker wins, Christian has to join the Main Event Mafia.  Scott Hall and the Juggalos are no longer in view anywhere in the arena.

They start off slow, with chops and elbows.  Booker bails when Christian gets the advantage, the returns.  This is mainly an old school power match, but they keep it moving and don’t let it get bogged down in rest holds, so the fans stay involved and cheering throughout.  Both men seem to be cheered equally.

Christian gets the advantage and goes up top, but Sharmell interferes long enough for Booker to recover and pull Cage’s legs out from under him, so Cage is crotched on the turnbuckle.  Axe kick by Booker gets a two count.  Christian applies the sharp shooter, but Sharmell gets up on the ring apron, and Christian and the ref walk over to her.  Booker makes a comeback, but Christian choke slams him for two.

Christian misses the Unprettier.  Booker misses an axe kick, then rolls up Christian and holds his tights to get the pin.  Booker welcomes Christian to MEM, and tells him he has to be at a meeting tomorrow at 8 am.

Lauren interviews Abyss as Matt Morgan stands by.  Abyss tells Lauren she looks very beautiful tonight, then says he’s the one who requested falls count anywhere, so Angle can’t run or hide, not even the concession stand or the top bleachers.  Tonight, Abyss will get retribution.  Lauren asks Matt for comment, but Matt will only say that it should be him out there instead of Abyss.

Falls Count Anywhere Match
Kurt Angle

Both men go all out in this great hardcore match.  Abyss quickly overpowers Angle and slams him with a series of blows to the head.  Kurt comes back and starts working on the knee of Abyss, trying to set him up for the ankle lock.  Abyss nails Angle with the Shock Treatment, and then clotheslines him over the ropes to the floor.  Angle retreats through the crowd, but Abyss follows, and they brawl up the steps, then through the crowd.

Finally they battle back to ringside, where Angle rakes Abyss’ eyes and then slams him several times with a chair.  Angle walks up the ramp as Abyss walks past the announce desk, trying to clear his eyes.  Kurt sees his opportunity and does a summersault off the top of the ramp onto Abyss on the floor!  A low blow by Angle stops a choke slam attempt by Abyss.  Angle shoulder blocks Abyss through the ringside wall, but then they disappear under the stage.  Finally, Angle comes rolling back out, breaking through the other side of the wall as if thrown, and then Abyss storms out after him.

They return to the ring, where Angle keeps going after Abyss’ leg.  Abyss splashes, then side slams Angle, but gets only two.  Angle gets Abyss up for the Angle Slam, but only gets two. Abyss rams Angle into a chair propped between the ropes, then choke slams him, but gets two.  Angle rolls out of the way of an Abyss splash, then slams Abyss in the head with a chair.  Angle lays the chair on Abyss and hits his moonsault, but Abyss kicks out at two.

Abyss tries for a tombstone, but Angle grabs the ankle lock.  Abyss kicks out and hits the Black Hole Slam, but Angle kicks out.  Angle rolls out of the ring and crawls up the aisle to the Spanish announcers’ table.  Angle climbs up into the scaffolding, and Abyss follows.  They struggle in the scaffolding, but Angle manages to hit Abyss with a European uppercut to knock him off the scaffolding and through the Spanish Broadcast Table.  Angle then covers Abyss for the pin.

Lauren interviews Samoa Joe, who has asked everyone else to leave the locker room so he can be alone.  Joe says that Nash is a petty opportunist who always uses great wrestlers to advance himself.

Revenge Match
Samoa Joe
Kevin Nash

Nash gets a lot of cheers from the crowd as he enters.  Joe starts off as if he thinks this is a boxing match, throwing a series of punches at Nash.  They go to the floor and brawl at ringside till Nash slams Joe into the steel ring posts a couple of times. Then Nash goes under the ring and takes pliers out of a tool kit.  He uses the pliers to remove one of the turnbuckle pads.  They brawl some more, and this is mainly a slow paced power brawl.

Nash hits the big boot and the power bomb, but Joe kicks out at two.  Nash slams Joe’s head five times into the bare turnbuckle and gets juice, then power bombs Joe again, but still gets only two.  Joe goes for an arm bar submission, but Nash punches Joe in the head to escape.  For some reason, the ref tries to stop Nash fro getting loose, and gets knocked aside.  Nash hits Joe with a low blow, revives the ref, and then uses his feet in the ropes to pin Joe for the win.

Jeremy Borash interviews Sting, who claims that he said all those nasty things about AJ “for his own good,” and tonight he’s going to kick AJ out of this house.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
“The Icon” Sting (C)
“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

The fans cheer AJ loudly, while Sting gets mostly boos from the crowd.  AJ tries to wear down Sting with a series of hammerlocks and other classic moves, combining them with his usual aerial assault.  Sting goes to the floor to stall.  AJ hits Sting with his knee drop, but gets only two.  Sting sticks with his usual power moves, and AJ’s selling makes them look even more impressive than usual.  Sting’s strategy is to work AJ’s ribs and take his breath away, to try to ground him, so he goes for things like abdominal stretches.

AJ goes for a Styles Clash, but Sting kicks him in the head and escapes.  Three Stinger Splashes in a row get only a two count for Sting.  AJ fights off a superplex attempt to power bomb Sting off the top.  AJ hits Sting with the spiral tap and is going for a second one when all of MEM run out to ringside and distract AJ, allowing Sting to roll him up for the pin.

TNA’s next PPV is Final Resolution on December 7 at the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL.

— Karen Belcher
[email protected]
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com