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Ultimate Matches is the latest release from TNA Home Video. It will be released in the US and Canada on Tuesday, October 21, and will be on sale at ShopTNA.com and major DVD retailers. It’s a two disc set, and run time is over 6 hours.

Interviews with TNA’s top stars are included along with TNA’s signature matches like Six Sides of Steel, Ultimate X, King of the Mountain, Monster’s Ball, and Full Metal Mayhem.




King of the Mountain Interviews

Robert Roode, Christian Cage, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle, and Samoa Joe describe the match and discuss possible strategies for success in this unpredictable match.

Slammiversary 2006

Christian Cage (C)
vs. Sting
vs. Jeff Jarrett
vs. Ron Killings
vs. Abyss with James Mitchell
Larry Zbyszko as Special Management Enforcer

This was the third ever King of the Mountain match. The ladder was used as a weapon more than it was for climbing; at one point, Jarrett wedged Christian inside the ladder and then stood on top of it to squash the champ. This one didn’t feature as much high flying as in other years, but the hardcore violence and brawling through the crowd made up for it. This is a good choice to open the dvd and also to introduce the King of the Mountain match. Watching how much Jeff Jarrett was hated then and seeing how much he’s loved now is testimony to Jeff’s amazing skill at working the crowds.

Slammiversary 2007

AJ Styles
vs. Chris Harris
vs. Samoa Joe
vs. Christian Cage
vs. Kurt Angle

As the match to name the first ever TNA World Heavyweight Champion, this match had to be included. It’s also a timely reminder of how good Chris Harris is, when he’s in the proper environment. Angle and Christian perform some breathtaking stunts on the ladder in the finish of this match, but AJ Styles steals the show with his phenomenally daring spots.

Slammiversary 2008

Samoa Joe (C)
vs. Rhino
vs. Robert Roode
vs. Booker T
vs. Christian Cage
With Kevin Nash as Special Enforcer

With AJ Styles out of the match, Christian takes over the dangerous leap off the top of the penalty cage duties, as well as getting put through a table. Robert Roode and Rhino go all out to impress as well, making this another fitting addition to the collection.

Ultimate X Interviews

Jeff Jarrett and X Division stars Jay Lethal, AJ Styles, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Johnny Devine, and Frankie Kazarian talk about what it’s like competing in this most thrilling of TNA’s specialty matches.

Final Resolution 2005

Petey Williams (C) with Scott D’Amore
Chris Sabin
AJ Styles

All three men take great risks in this most extreme of all X Division matches. If you’ve ever wondered what’s the big deal about the X Division, you’ll understand after watching this match. I wish TNA would go back to highlighting the X Division the way it did back at the beginnings of the promotion, because it’s matches like this that show TNA at its best, and emphasize the difference between TNA and WWE: you can combine high flying action with storytelling. I very much enjoyed seeing AJ win his 4th X Division Championship and his first Ultimate X match.

Destination X 2005

AJ Styles (C)
vs. Christopher Daniels
vs. Elix Skipper
vs. Ron Killings

Christopher Daniels is an amazing wrestler, and he’s the king of working the cables and towers in the Ultimate X match. When you add in the acrobatic and high flying talents of AJ Styles and Elix Skipper, you have one of the most thrilling matches ever. This is a must see for TNA fans.

No Surrender 2006
NWA World Tag Team Championship Match

Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles
LAX, Homicide & Hernandez (C) with Konnan

This is one of the Ultimate X matches to include a ladder for extra mayhem, but it’s considered bad form to actually use the ladder to take down the belts. It’s incredible that a huge power wrestler like Hernandez could be so good at climbing those towers and navigating the cables; instead of taking away from the concept the way other big men have, Super Mex adds to it. AJ puts gives Homicide a Styles Clash through a table, but the real high point of this match is Daniels’ unbelievable flying leap across the cables to land at the center and take down the belts and regain the titles. Did I mention that Christopher Daniels is the King of Ultimate X?

Victory Road 2007
Gauntlet Match

Christopher Daniels
vs. Jay Lethal
vs. Frankie Kazarian
vs. Homicide
vs. Sonjay Dutt
vs. Shark Boy
vs. Elix Skipper
vs. Puma
vs. Senshi
vs. Petey Williams

This is to determine the #1 contender for the X Division Championship. It starts off as a battle royal with wrestlers entering one at a time. Once everyone has entered, the wrestlers who are left go to a regular Ultimate X match. This time, they also have steel structures crossing above the ring instead of the cables. One high point is when Daniels, Lethal, Senshi and Kaz all reach the center of the overhead structure at the same time, only to be pulled down by the wrestlers left on the mat. A match like this illustrates the great versatility of the Ultimate X. Daniels wins his 4th Ultimate X match.

Bound for Glory 2007
Tag Team Match

Triple X, Senshi & Elix Skipper
LAX, Homicide & Hernandez

The winners get a shot at the TNA Tag Team Championship. Elix Skipper and Senshi got a chance to shine here, and they took full advantage of it.



Steel Cage Interviews

James Storm, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Christian Cage, Brother Ray, Devon, Samoa Joe, and Kurt Angle talk about fighting in Six Sides of Steel.

Turning Point 2004
Tag Team Match

Triple X, Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper
America’s Most Wanted, James Storm & Chris Harris

This was the brutal and bloody culmination of the feud between these two great tag teams. Both teams gave their all in a match that included leaps and suplexes from the top of the cage and had the crowd chanting, “Best match ever!” but AMW handcuffed Daniels to the cage, and Triple X lost and had to break up forever.

Lockdown 2005

AJ Styles

The winner got a shot at the Heavyweight Title. AJ started off this violent, gory battle by flip diving out of the cage door onto Abyss before the monster could get into the cage. They brawled all around ringside and up the stairs through the crowd before finally getting into the cage. AJ pitted his skill, agility and courage against the monster’s brawn and lust for blood and came out the winner with a sunset flip power bomb off the top of the cage and into a pile of tacks.

Lockdown 2006
NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Christian Cage (C)
Abyss with James Mitchell

The feud between Christian and Abyss came to a boil in this tour de force of mayhem. James Mitchell is very much missed, and I hope TNA finds a way to bring him back.

Full Metal Mayhem Interviews

Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Brother Ray, Devon, and Christian Cage talk about the insanity that is Full Metal Mayhem.

Against All Odds 2005

Jeff Hardy

As you’d expect with Jeff Hardy, this match featured some wild and crazy action and insane falls through tables.

Sacrifice 2006
NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Christian Cage (C)

Creative use of the tables, ladders, and chairs sets this match apart from the usual hardcore brawls, and James Mitchell took a slam into a pile of tacks to give Christian an extra measure of revenge.

Monster’s Ball Interviews

Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, and Samoa Joe explain the Monster’s Ball matches.

Bound for Glory 2005

vs. Abyss with James Mitchell
vs. Sabu
vs. Jeff Hardy

A trash can full of weapons plus tables, ladders, chairs, tacks, and steel chains all came into play in this maniacal masterpiece. Fans of hard core will love this brawl.

Bound for Glory 2006

Abyss with James Mitchell
vs. Samoa Joe
vs. Brother Runt
vs. Raven
Special Guest Referee Jake “The Snake” Roberts, with his snake

In this brutal melee, they used all the weapons plus the scaffolding that holds up the TNA sign over the entrance ramp to thrill the fans.

Ladder Match Interviews
Brother Ray, Devon, Christian, discuss ladder matches, especially the injuries and concussions.

Genesis 2007

Fight for the Right Tournament Final
Ladder Match

Christian Cage
Frankie “Kaz” Kazarian

What a perfect choice to close the dvd! Two of the best but least credited wrestlers in TNA put on a phenomenal bout that had the fans on their feet and cheering throughout. They used the ladders to great advantage in this high flying, acrobatic, yet ultra violent contest.

I enjoyed this dvd very much. It’s a great choice for fans of TNA, fans of extreme, and fans of the high flyers. If you’ve never seen TNA, it’s also a good way to find out what’s so different between TNA and the competition.

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com