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Knocked Out DVD Review

Knocked Out is the latest release from TNA Home Video.  It will be released in the US and Canada on Tuesday, October 7, and will be on sale at ShopTNA.com and major DVD retailers.  Run time is over 3 hours.

They are not hotties, divas, T&A, or even eye candy – these are the TNA Knockouts!

There’s plenty to enjoy on this latest DVD from TNA, with lots of commentary, interviews and some of the best Knockout matches.

Intro by Dixie Carter, TNA President

Comments by Christian Cage, Kurt Angle, and Jeff Jarrett.

All of the interviews include photos and/or video clips from early in the women’s careers, or from their personal lives.

Gail Kim interview

Bound for Glory 2007 – Knockouts Gauntlet to determine the first Knockouts Champion

“The match that started it all” — Gail Kim, ODB, Salinas, Traci Brooks, Angel Williams (Angelina Love), Amazing Kong, Jacqueline Moore, Talia Madison (Velvet Sky), Christy Hemme, and Roxxi LaVeaux in a gauntlet battle royal.  It came down to Gail Kim vs. Roxxi LaVeaux, and Gail Kim pinned Roxxi to become the first ever Knockout Champion.  This was a fast paced, exciting match, and a must have for any TNA fan.

Karen Angle interview

Angelina Love (Angel Williams) interview (includes video from Border City Wrestling)

Genesis 2007
Fatal 4 Way for the Knockouts Championship
Roxxi LaVeaux
Angel Williams (Angelina Love)
Gail Kim

Gail Kim retained her title in a wild, exciting four-way battle that had the fans cheering and chanting, “TNA! TNA!”

Sharmell interview

Velvet Sky interview

Turning Point 2007

Roxxi LaVeaux & ODB
The Beautiful People, Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

One proof of Roxxi LaVeaux’s huge talent is that she was able to get over with fans despite the silly voodoo queen gimmick she was saddled with initially in TNA.  The fans are solidly behind her as she and Angel Williams add most of the skill and technical ability to this mostly played for laughs match.  This was a fun match that still had lots of action.

Raisha Saeed interview

The Knockouts comment on Awesome Kong

Turning Point 2007 – Knockout Championship Match
Awesome Kong
Gail Kim (C)

Awesome Kong is a true monster.  Larger than some of the men in TNA, Kong has skill and agility to go along with her great size.  The much smaller Gail Kim does a terrific job as the underdog giving all to defend her title.  If you had any doubt, this hard fought match will prove to you that the women in TNA are there to wrestle, not to be mere eye candy.

Christie Hemme interview

Salinas interview

Final Resolution 2008
– Knockout Championship Match
Gail Kim (C)
Awesome Kong

This is the even more brutal rematch between Gail Kim and Kong, a match that outshone the men’s matches on this PPV.  Gail and Kong once again produced a breathtaking battle that thrilled the fans and had them roaring their approval.

Traci Brooks interview

Jacqueline interview

TNA iMPACT! – Knockout Championship Match
Gail Kim (C)
Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed

This is the third match between Gail and Kong, and the debut of Raisha Saeed (Cheerleader Melissa in a burkha) as Kong’s manager.  This brawl is so wild, Kong actually destroys one of the walls at the iMPACT! Zone by crashing through it, yet still carries on to win the match and the Knockout Title by giving Gail three Awesome Bombs in a row.

SoCal Val interview

Slammiversary 2008
SoCal Val’s Wedding

No women wrestle here, but it’s a good look at one of TNA’s female managers, and a fun comedy bit.  It also provides a look at some old favorite wrestlers: Kamala, Jake “The Snake” Roberts (who was reasonably sober here), Koko B. Ware with Frankie II, and George “The Animal” Steel.

Lauren (announcer) interview

Roxxi interview

Sacrifice 2008
Makeover Battle Royal and Ladder Match featuring all the Knockouts except Amazing Kong and Raisha Saeed

This is the amazing, violent, bloody match that saw Roxxi get her scalp torn open hardway from a ladder shot, and then get her head shaved in the end.  Sure, you see men in matches like this, but you won’t see any divas putting it all on the line the way these Knockouts do.  I remember watching this match live on PPV, and I was far and away more uncomfortable over seeing Roxxi get her bleeding head shaved than anything else I’ve ever watched in wrestling.  It worked very well though, and made Roxxi even more popular with fans.  It’s great to see a trooper like Roxxi getting a well deserved push in TNA now.

Rhaka Khan interview

ODB interview

Lockdown 2008 — Knockouts Tag Team Cage Match
Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed
Gail Kim and ODB

Raisha Saeed added a welcome touch of mat wrestling and submission moves to this wild and dangerous grudge match in the six-sided cage.

Taylor Wilde interview

TNA iMPACT! $25,000 Challenge
Taylor Wilde with Roxxi LaVeaux
Awesome Kong with Raisha Saeed

Taylor Wilde tries hard, but the biggest flaw in this match, apart from her enormous size disadvantage, is that she just doesn’t have the skills or talent to be believable against Kong.  She doesn’t have the personality to be effective as the plucky underdog either.  This isn’t a bad match, but it’s not up to the level of the previous matches.  It’s a real shame they ended with this match.

Knockouts Photo Gallery

A collection of Lee South’s gorgeous photos of the Knockouts in sexy poses.

Bonus DVD

An interview with Gail Kim, and video of her last match in TNA, a brutal street fight with Amazing Kong, are on the bonus dvd.

Overall, this is a very entertaining DVD, and one I think any fan of women’s wrestling will enjoy and want to add to his library.

— Karen Belcher
Courtesy of ProWrestlingDigest.com