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The Katz Files
Top 2009 Comedy Characters
The Kingfish Arnie Katz picks his favorite WWE and TNA funny men and women for 2009.

There’s a lot of humor in pro wrestling, at least if you’re talking about quantity. Quality is another matter. Unless you’re a big fan of jock humor – kiss someone’s ass, pull down someone’s pants, hit someone with a trophy –then you probably think pro wrestling is hilarious. Otherwise, you see a lot of pathetic attempts at humor.

I don’t want to accent the negative, so there’ll be no “worst this” or “worst that” of the year. If I planned to put together a “Worst Comedy Characters of the Year” category, there would be more contenders than in the ”Best Comedy Character” award.

Still there were some genuine laughs, so let’s talk about those who succeed.

My Favorite Comedy Characters of 2009

The Beautiful People. I’m talking about the Angela Love-Velvet Sky tandem, not the current trio. They played their roles perfectly, which is to say annoyingly, in the extreme. There’s a lot more to being a self-involved, stuck-up bitch than just singing off-key.

Mick Foley. Mick runs his mouth on iMPACT and though some of it is drivel, he gets off enough good lines and does enough wacky stuff to qualify as a humorist,

Santino Morella. I didn’t think much of the whole “Santina” angle, but he was consistently funny the rest of the time. He also did some very good stuff with some of RAW’s guest hosts.

I’ll tackle another category tomorrow – and check back on New Year’s Day for my “Best of the Year” picks.

I hope everyone is having a terrific holiday season!

— Arnie Katz
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