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The Katz Files
Top 2009 Female Wrestlers
The Kingfish Arnie Katz picks his favorite WWE and TNA female competitors for 2009.

The role of women in pro wrestling has changed markedly since I first stated watched it as a small boy in the 1950’s. Things have improved behind the scenes, too, and women get a lot more respect than they did back in the day.

American female wrestlers have become much more athletic and skilled in the ring – and they are also a lot better looking, in most cases.

TNA has emphasized in-ring performance since starting the Knockout Division. The WWE Divas are, in general, less accomplished inside the ropes but have more glamour and, sometimes, mic skills.

My Favorite Female Wrestlers

Melina. She slumped a little when she returned from injury, but she seems up to full speed now. Her flash-and-trash character and growing ring ability make up for the small amount of mic time she receives.

ODB. She has tremendous presence, good talking skills and a surprising amount of wrestling ability. Awesome Kong carries the mantle of being the greatest female wrestler, but ODB puts on the better matches and, assuredly, the more entertaining interviews.

Beth Phoenix. The Glamazon is the strongest female wrestler in WWE and probably the best, too. Se would be gigantic in TNA, working programs against ODB and Awesome Kong. It’s a shame they broke up her team with Santino Morella, but it was probably better to stop before the whole thing went stale.

Tara. Going to TNA revived her career, which was on the brink of extinction. She can do it in the ring, which makes her a highly valuable talent for TNA, even with that lame spider gimmick.

I’ll tackle another category tomorrow – and check back on NewYear’s Day for my “Best of the Year” picks.

— Arnie Katz
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