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The Katz Files
Top 2009 Non-Wrestling Characters
The Kingfish Arnie Katz picks his favorite WWE and TNA non-wrestling characters for 2009.

Pro wrestling is mostly about what happens inside the ropes — and in the ringside area – bur a lot of what makes a show special often depends on performers who don’t throw a Suplex or score a pinfall

The show’s non-wrestlers act as foils or instigators who advance the plot that, hopefully, will lead to exciting and dramatic matches involving the promotion’s wrestling performers.

You sure wouldn’t want a promotion that focused on non-wrestlers and forgot the all-important great matches, but you wouldn’t want to lose the excitement, color and complexity that non-wrestling characters contribute.

My Favorite Non-Wrestlers of 2009

Jeremy Borash. JB has developed into the spiritual heir to Gene Okerlund. Not in the sense of imitating Mean Gene’s character, but in the sense that he is an announcer who also gets involved in dramatic scenes with the wrestlers. He’s much more than a mobile microphone stand.

Vickie Guerrero. Some folks said that WWE originally hired Vickie Guerrero to give her an income after Eddie’s death. If so, that’s one for Karma; Vickie’s abrasive personality and whiney voice have made her WWE’s most entertaining General Manager.

Vince McMahon. You have to respect a man who will fake his own death to help his promotion. He didn’t have one of his peak years, but he was still a compelling presence every time he took that stiff-legged walk to the ring.

I’ll tackle another category tomorrow – and check back on New Year’s Day for my “Best of the Year” picks.

I hope everyone is having a terrific holiday season!

— Arnie Katz
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