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The Katz Files
Top 2009 Tag Teams
The Kingfish Arnie Katz picks his favorite WWE and TNA tag teams for 2009.

Like every other part of the entertainment field, pro wrestling’s its fashions and fads. Once it seemed like about half the wrestlers were bleached blonds in dazzling ring robes, but now such characters are rare.

Tag teams are currently not in fashion. The bookers prefer three-way dances and six- or eight=man cluster schmazzes. There are still some excellent teams out there, though, and it’s time to salute the ones I believe are the best at the present time.

My Favorite Tag Teams of 2009

Beer Money. I’ve still got nostalgia for America’s Most Wanted, but Storm and Roode have excelled both as heels and now as babyfaces. They combine great individual skills as well as some of the slickest teamwork ever seen in a wrestling ring.

Legacy. Sometimes they show their relative inexperience and sometimes they aren’t booked very well. Yet Rhodes and DiBiase always give a good performance – and interesting matches are what pro wrestling is about.

Motor City Machine Guns. They are still learning to work the mic, though they show flashes of brilliance, but the Machine Guns are eye-popping in the ring. No team demonstrates better teamwork and their combo moves light up the crowd in every match.

Team 3-D. Brother Ray and Brother Devon have been together a longtime since they erupted out of Dudleyville to ravage the old ECW. The current storyline is not a grabber, but the duo did fine work through the year.

I’ll tackle another category tomorrow – and check back on New Year’s Day for my “Best of the Year” picks.

I hope everyone is having a terrific holiday season!

— Arnie Katz
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