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Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

CZW returned to “Markland’s Little Acres” in rural Townsend, DE for Tournament of Death 9 before a loud, large and enthusiastic crowd who got a hot day full of ultraviolence yesterday afternoon.

The day opened with a ten bell salute for Trent Acid with Devon Moore and DJ Hyde (who was having a tough time getting through talking about Acid) in the ring.

In a truly eerie moment for those of us sitting on one side of the area set up for the show (the one side where there were large trees providing some shade)…. as the ten bell sounded, the one cool breeze of the entire day came through our side of the seating (near a grove of trees) and stopped as the ten-bell ended. When I looked at the others I was sitting with (a family associated with CZW), they looked at me and said “Did you feel that too?”. There wasn’t a one of us who had a thought that it was anything but Trent Acid sending us a shout-out.

First round

  • JC Bailey defeated Danny Havoc after a Brainbuster onto light tubes wrapped in barbed wire.
  • In a “Weapons of Mass Destruction” match, Big Japan Pro Wrestling’s Abdullah Kobyashi defeated Hardcore Nick Gage by pinfall after hitting an elbow drop off the top onto Gage who had tubes on his chest. At one point Kobyashi decided to chew on the light tubes as calmly as if he was working on the celery sticks that come with your buffalo wings
  • Scotty Vortekz defeated Dyfunction after nailing Dysfunction with the Dragon Fly through a pane of glass
  • MASADA over Devon Moore (replacing Zandig who was injured in a recent car accident). In the one sour note of the day..while Zandig’s non-appearance was only known at 12 noon (or later to those at the venue)…3 hours before the scheduled event start time , which left CZW understandably unable to get a name substitute…the promotion could easily have told people when the show began. MASADA and Moore were pretty much screwed with the crowd reaction to Zandig’s no-show.Non-tournament/Fans Bring The Weapons match
  • Switchblade Conspiracy (Sami Calihan/Joe gacy) over DJ Hyde/Greg Excellence after Excellence was powerbombed through a pane of glass covering a TV.Semi-finals
  • In a 3 out of 5 Light Tube Log Cabin Death Match. JC Bailey defaeted Abdullah Kobyashi after breaking his third light tube log cabin by laying it on Kobyashi, follweod by a senton off the top rope
  • Scotty Vortekz defeated MASADA by pinfallNon-tournament
  • Brain Damage over Drake Younger by pinfall Brain Damage hit Younger with a Package Piledriver.Tournament finals
  • In a “Tables, Ladders, Light Tubes, and anything else they can find Deathmatch” (their words, not mine), Scotty Vortekz over JC Bailey to become the Touranament of Death winnerDespite all the assholes from rival promotions, and the nutjobs who don’t watch hardcore wrestling and don’t want to let anyone else watch it, including one loon sending me a set of e-mails from fake Gmail addresses telling me they were going to try and get Tournament Of Death cancelled, with the last one telling me I was “going to hell” for promoting CZW’s product…and claiming CZW’s Toys for Tots drives were “phony”…this event came off without a hitch Saturday.

    News bulletin to the asshole with anonymous e-mail addresses: God has a lot bigger problems on Earth to deal with than hardcore wrestling. Oh, and those Marines who stood guard at the toy boxes last December didn’t think the Toys for Tots drive was phony. Three of the four who stood at that “phony” toy box are now on duty in Afghanistan. They have a lot more guts and have done more for their country than you’ll ever have.

    Haters notwithstanding…kudos go out to David Markland and family, the CZW workers, and all the hardworking CZW staff for having an event that was fun and well-organized.

    Until next time…

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