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Alicia,  Mad Era, Human Terminator, Idol on 5/05 TTRSLast week we had New Jack on the show.  Check him out in the archives. 

Tune into this Tuesday’s show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.

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She is a Jersey Girl who has worked with many of the East Coasts Best Promotions. From JAPW to WXW, she is making a name for herself. She has won many different titles from the WXW Elite 8 to the AWA Women’s Championship to the WXW Women’s Tag Titles with Cindy Rogers.

The Band Mad Era

They are a popular Band that is known in the Maryland, & Pennsylvania area. Recently they have been playing some of the wrestling venues. This week we will bring on the singer and talk about the history of the band and why they are at these wrestling events.

Human Terminator

He was half of the HWA tag champs with Alan Wasylychyn as The Mavericks. He was also half of the IWI, QCW and NEW Tag Titles with Dave Navada. You can Catch him live at the HWA arena every Tuesday for their shows. This week we introduce you to one of the brightest HWA stars to date.

Johnny Idol

He is one of the main people behind this falls Wrestling Fan Fest in California. He was a wrestler in the past and like many of us, a life long fan, who is getting the chance to live his childhood dream and work with some of the best legends. Over the next couple of weeks we will be bringing on many of these stars


CJ Lawless


Master Bates (NCW