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New Jack & Twisted Tate on 5/22 TTRS

Last week we had Rob Feinstein on the show.  Check him out in the archives. 

Tune into this Tuesday’s show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.

Stream Connection:  http://loudcity.com/station/1396/listen.aspxChat Room: http://www.trashtalkingradio.com/wn/chat_room.htm

New Jack

He returns. The man with 4 justifiable homicides returns. Its been a couple of months since he has been on the show. He has his new school and is training new students. This week we catch up to the man whose matches are too real.

Twisted Tate

He has a school and is on the way to opening his new promotion. He is the owner of Atomic Pro Wrestling and they have a big show coming up on the Memorial Day weekend. He has alot of road stories and has worked with many of the best Indy guys out there.