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Sunny & King Kong Dowling on 7/10 TTRS


Last week we had on Black Bart.  Check him out in the archives. 

Tune into this Tuesday’s show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.

Stream Connection:  http://loudcity.com/station/1396/listen.aspxChat Room: http://www.trashtalkingradio.com/wn/chat_room.htm

Tammy Sytch

She was one of the first Divas on the scene as the one and only Sunny. WWE took this girl to the top as she was one of the hottest women to even come to the ring. Tragedies and abuses were the downfall and she lived to tell the tale of how crazy the business is. This week we will talk to her about her life on the road as well as the Fan Fest in California that she is part of in October.

Marcus “King Kong” Dowling

He is a manager so big that the Name “King Kong” doesn’t do him justice. He has managed many big names in the business and recently he even managed Mike Trash making him the manager of managers. This week he will talk about the past couple of years in this business and some of the new talent coming up in the Indy’s.