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From WWE.com:

EAST RUTHERFORD N.J. — As far as Triple H is concerned, the time for games is over. The WWE COO challenged the man who broke his arm — former WWE and UFC Champion Brock Lesnar — to meet him in the ring at SummerSlam to settle their issues “like fighters.”

“I’m really not a corporate guy,” said an intense Game. “I’m proposing we put all this legal crap behind us. We’re fighters, Brock, and I want to fight you. I want to fight you bad, Brock. Brock Lesnar versus Triple H at SummerSlam. Let’s do this. Let’s fight!”

Triple H’s message to Brock was short and anything but sweet.

If Lesnar and his legal representative, Paul Heyman, accept the challenge, they would have to drop their lawsuits against WWE and Triple H for breach of contract and assault and battery, respectively. WWE.com has previously speculated what the ramifications of Lesnar and Heyman being in legal right would be.

After Sunday night’s challenge by Triple H, the question that now needs to be answered is whether Brock Lesnar wants to fight for his millions on the mat or in a court of law. Whether or not Lesnar and Heyman want to play ball remains to be seen. All that’s certain at this moment is that the ball is now in their court.