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Dragon Gate USA will present two Seminar/Tryouts in July for wrestlers of all experience levels. This is an opportunity to learn the Dragon Gate system from the top Dragon Gate wrestlers, get seen by all the important staff, improve your resume and possibly get booked. Normally you would have to travel to Japan and somehow get into the rigid Dragon Gate dojo for this kind of experience. The Seminar/Tryout is open to all wrestlers who have completed any pro wrestling training course. This is not for people that have never stepped foot in the ring before.

We can confirm that wrestlers from both upcoming Seminar/Tryouts will be booked on the shows that evening. This is your chance to get in a DGUSA ring and possibly even on iPPV. Rich Swann, Uhaa Nation, Samuray Del Sol and Scott Reed all earned regular bookings and Swann/Nation have even toured Japan based on their participation in DGUSA Seminar/Tryouts. Several other talents have been booked in DGUSA and EVOLVE through the DGUSA Seminar/Tryouts.

The DGUSA Seminar/Tryout schedule has:

July 28th – Taylor, MI – Head Trainer is Akira Tozawa

July 29th – Chicago, IL – Head Trainer is YAMATO

Each Seminar/Tryout will take place before the Dragon Gate USA show that night. It will be at the same venue as the DGUSA events. Several wrestlers from past DGUSA Seminar/Tryouts have been booked in DGUSA, EVOLVE, FIP and on tours for Dragon Gate in Japan. This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

We have a special offer for you. It is $149 to take part in a Seminar/Tryout. You can reserve a place in both the Taylor and Chicago Seminar/Tryouts for just $199. This makes you a part of the DGUSA team for the entire weekend. All participants in the Seminar/Tryout are welcome to stay for the events that night. You can still get just a tryout for only $49.

ATTENTION: We now have a “pay-as-you-go” option for those who have already participated in a Seminar/Tryout. Once you sign up for one Seminar/Tryout, you can attend future Seminars/Tryouts at half price. This is so you can continue your training in the Dragon Gate system and be seen more by the Dragon Gate office. Please email [email protected] or call 267-519-9744 for payment arrangements or if you have any questions.

The tryouts will consist of an opportunity to get into the ring in front of Dragon Gate officials and wrestlers including CIMA. Tryout wrestlers will be given the chance to perform in front of this select audience. This could lead to a spot in Dragon Gate USA, one of its partner promotions and even a chance to train and tour in Japan. Not only that, but some tryout wrestlers could even receive an immediate shot on the Bonus Card or main show that night.

“We are always looking for new talent for both the United States and Japan,” DGUSA President Satoshi Oji said. “This is the best way to become known to the office. Uhaa Nation and Rich Swann are two examples of wrestlers who earned tours through the Seminar/Tryout. We hope to discover more great talent in Taylor and Chicago.”

For those interested in making this into a total learning experience, Dragon Gate USA is pleased to offer Seminars taught by Dragon Gate wrestlers. This means that the techniques and theories of the Dragon Gate system will be taught in North America. Each Seminar will be taught by different Dragon Gate talent. This will insure that each Seminar will be a different learning experience for those looking to participate in multiple Seminars.

This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to get immediately noticed, improve your skills and just learn the pro wrestling craft from a totally new and different perspective. There is limited space available for both the tryouts and seminar.

To pay your registration fee please go to the DGUSA.tv store or call 267-519-9744.

To take part is this rare personal opportunity and unique learning experience please fill out the following application and email it to [email protected] (you must be over 18 to participate):

Seminar or Tryout:

Date You Wish To Attend:

Real Name:

Work Name:







Athletic Background:

Wrestling Training:

Years Wrestling:

Other Notable Training:

Promotions Worked For:

Notable Names You’ve Worked:

Any Health Concerns:

Anything Else We Should Know About You:

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing what you got.