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Harley RaceHarley Race, Big Vito & IWC on the 8/14 TTRS

Last week we had on Jimmy Valiant and Baby Doll.  Check them out in the archives.

Tune into this Tuesday’s show at 7 PM EST and ask your questions in the live chat.

Stream Connection:  http://loudcity.com/station/1396/listen.aspx

Chat Room: http://www.trashtalkingradio.com/wn/chat_room.htm

Big Vito
He is no longer in a dress and back to the Indy’s after a long WWE run. We will have one of his first interviews post WWE. This guy has worked all over the world and from his days in ECW to his WWE run, he has made an impact.

Harley Race
No One has the history and long run like this person.  He was multi-time world champion and one of the original “Kings” of the WWF.  He has traveled the globe so many times and has worked against the greatest names in the business during his long span.  This week he returns to the show to talk about the upcoming Tryout for WLS as well as the many fan conventions he appears in.

IWC President
Norm Conners has provided PA with some of the greatest lineups and talent available today. While he is mostly in the Pittsburgh Area, he also is expanding to other areas as well. This week should be interesting as he talks about the history and future of his promotion.


New Jack


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Harley Race