An update on Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews

Here is an update on CAC friend and true professional Tom Andrews courtesy of EVP Karl Lauer:

Tom recently called me from a rehab rest home.  Unfortunately he fell 4 weeks ago, and at first he thought he had just bruised his hip, so he walked on it and did his everyday chores for 3 weeks before the pain got so bad he finally went to the doctor.

Tom was told he had broken his hip, and the delay in getting it repaired was bad news.  They set it and replaced a part of the hip, but the first time up on his feet and it went out completely.

Tom had to have a second surgery for a total hip replacement which he is still recovering from.

On behalf of the entire Cauliflower Alley Club, we wish Tom Andrews improved health!!

PS – this photo shows Tom as the masked grappler, “The Claw”, a classic photo courtesy of

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