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WWEDavid Dexter provides these updates on current WWE lawsuits…

James Papa vs. WWE, etc.: The lawsuit over Papa’s WCW theme songs being used by WWE and credit and royalties for them being erroneously credited instead to WWE’s James Johnston will remain in Texas despite WWE attempting to have it removed to Connecticut where they are headquartered. Johnston and Michael “Hayes” Seitz were dismissed as defendants as the court ruled they had a lack of personal jurisdiction over them, leaving WWE and their music publishing company, Stephanie Music as Defendants. A claim of infringement was also dismissed as the court ruled that WWE did not knowingly infringe on Papas’ copyrights. Papas still has the right to attempt to recover damages in the suit. Court documents indicate Papas will file an update lawsuit with the court in an attempt to get some of his claims reinstated. If Papas does not enter an updated claim, WWE has until 6/28 to answer the remaining lawsuit claims.

Andrew Green vs. Paul “Big Show” White, WWE, etc.: – Since the lawsuit from the former WWE Digital Producer against the company and Big Show was moved to federal court, a Judge has been assigned to the case. WWE has until 6/17 to officially respond to the lawsuit. Green is alleging that WWE put him into a dangerous situation with Big Show by demanding he film an interview backstage where Show lost his temper and forced Green to film it over again. Green alleges he had to quit because he was too scared to continue working for the company and that he was not paid for his own involvement in the video that aired on WWE.com.

Brian Jack vs. Steve Keirn, WWE, etc.: After filing a new lawsuit in Florida against WWE, FCW head Steve Keirn and others alleging that he was injured in a fault ring at WWE developmental in Tampa, there has been absolutely no movement. The lawsuit was filed but there’s no record of anyone ever actually being served, so the case hasn’t moved forward in any regard.

WWE vs. John & Jane Does in New Jersey: After seizing bootlegged materials over Wrestlemania weekend, there has been no real movement in the WWE lawsuit against those who had materials taken from them. One person who had material taken from them noted that WWE has been working with defendants towards finalizing a settlement, as opposed to dragging it out in court, although obviously that will be dependent on the individuals. No one appeared at an April hearing attempting to have their materials returned.

Landmark Technologies vs. WWE: A lawsuit was filed several weeks ago by a company named Landmark Technology, LLC against WWE, alleging that programming used by WWE on their online store was infringing on Landmark’s patented software. WWE has not yet responded to the lawsuit and may not have even been served yet. The suit is filed in Texas.

WWE vs. Solar Entertainment Corp: There’s been no major movement in the lawsuit against Solar, who were WWE’s international TV partner in The Philippines. In the original suit, WWE claimed they were owed $981,707.84 for non-payment for TV programming and PPV events, plus interest and penalties Solar agreed they would pay contractually if they made said payments to WWE late.