VCCW, Fort Worth Texas 4/24 Results

FORT WORTH (TEXAS)–Victory Crown Championship Wrestling at the Ridglea Theater: Robert Evans beat Matthew Palmer … Scot Summers beat Shawn Vexx … Spoiler 2000 beat Mike Dell … J.T. LaMotta beat Andy Dalton … Scot Summers beat Spoiler 2000 and Bull … Robert Evans beat Franco D’Angelo and J.T. LaMotta … James Johnson beat Mitch Carter … Robert Evans beat Scot Summers to win the Quest For The Crown Tournament.

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VCCW Quest for the Crown 2010 Tournament
April 24, 2010
Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theatre

MATCH 1: “Essence of Excellence” Robert Evans (w/ Franco D’Angelo) def. “Centerfold” Matt Palmer (9:26) after the Wondertouch to advance to the next round.
*After the match, Franco laid out Palmer with the Silencer. Evans & D’Angelo posed as Palmer was helped out. Evans & Franco went up the aisle and cut a short promo where Evans mentioned his first VCCW victory and that he didn’t care about win-loss records, but winning when it mattered.

MATCH 2: “Underground Icon” “Showtime” Scot Summers def. “Infamous” Shawn Vexx (9:56) to advance to the next round via DQ when Franco D’Angelo & Robert Evans interfered and Franco gave Summers a low blow.
*Afterwards, Evans & D’Angelo continued the beatdown on Summers, sending him into the ring post and busting him open. Vexx was unhappy about being cost the match and shoved them but received the Silencer from Franco for his efforts. Evans & D’Angelo left with their damage done as officials helped Summers and Vexx up, Summers didn’t want to be helped out and left on his own.

Spoiler 2000 came to the ring and got the mic, talking about Seth Shai failing to appear tonight. Spoiler said Seth was probably at home recovering from being beatdown last month as he couldn’t find him anywhere.

MATCH 3: Spoiler 2000 def. “One Man” Mike Dell (11:10) after a punch using brass knuckles to advance to the next round
*After the match, Spoiler went up the aisle and began his post-match interview saying that it was only the beginning of what was to come. Before Spoiler could continue, Mike Dell attacked him and they brawled around the area and among the audience. Dell grabbed a steel chair and went after Spoiler as they seemed to brawl to the back.

MATCH 4: “The Mind of Wrestling” JT Lamotta def. “Oldschool” Andy Dalton (14:28) after the Cram Before the Exam to advance to the next round

*Intermission took place featuring The Dallas Derby Devils promoting their next event which takes place on May 22 at the Nytex Sports Centre in North Richland Hills. VCCW returns to the Ridglea Theatre on Friday, May 21, where the tag team tournament will begin. This was followed by a musical performance from Last of the Interceptors. After the band finished, Kody Kox and pin up model Jamie D hosted a raffle where VCCW T Shirts and tickets were given away.

MATCH 5: “Underground Icon” “Showtime” Scot Summers def. Spoiler 2000 & “The Manimal” Bull (5:21) when he pinned Spoiler to advance to the Quest for the Crown finals

MATCH 6: “Essence of Excellence” Robert Evans def. “The Beast” Franco D’Angelo & “The Mind of Wrestling” JT Lamotta (5:42) when Evans forced Lamotta to submit to a crossface chickenwing to advance to the Quest for the Crown finals.
*Midway through the match, Scot Summers returned and brawled with D’Angelo to the back.

MATCH 7: Non-Tournament GRUDGE MATCH: Jiggle-O James Johnson def. Mitch Carter (w/ Veronica Vance) (17:14) after the O-Face
*After the match, Veronica checked on Mitch in the ring and Jiggle-O brought her to her feet and told her just to ensure and that everyone would hear it that he was sorry for hitting her. Before Veronica could say anything, Mitch returned to his feet and hit Johnson with a superkick. Mitch told Veronica to give him the spike so it could be an eye for an eye. Veronica refused and said it was enough. Mitch took the spike from her and looked to spike Johnson with it but Veronica stood in his way. Veronica took the spike back from Mitch’s hands and they argued some more. Veronica raised the spike threatening to hit Mitch with it and as Jiggle-O returned to his feet, Veronica turned and nailed him with the spike! Veronica removed her eyepatch and got on Johnson, spiking him repeatedly in the head until he bled. Mitch and Veronica left together, leaving Johnson laying as he had to be helped to the back.

MATCH 8: MAIN EVENT: Quest for the Crown Tournament Finals: “Essence of Excellence” Robert Evans (w/ Franco D’Angelo) def. “Underground Icon” “Showtime” Scot Summers (20:45) after D’Angelo used a steel chair on Summers while the referee was knocked down to WIN the 2010 Quest for the Crown Tournament
*After the match, Evans was presented with the Quest for the Crown trophy as confetti fell from the roof and “You’re the Best” played in the arena. Evans gave a victory speech, talking about training in October 2000 and wrestling his first match in February 2001 with dreams of being the best and now he had proven to be the best. Evans pointed out to the fallen Summers that he was now truly the best in Texas, a statement that Franco seemed to take slight umbrage with but then shook hands with Evans and told him it was his moment. Summers was held back as he exited while Evans and D’Angelo continued their victory celebration.

Victory Crown Championship Wrestling returns to the Ridglea Theatre on Friday, May 21 for the beginning of the tag team tournament! Dallas Derby Devils the next night on May 22!

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