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WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez, currently 2-0 in EVOLVE competition, will defend her WSU World Championship against Brittney Savage on 5/1 in Rahway, NJ at EVOLVE.

Mercedes Martinez & Brittney Savage seem to be butting heads alot lately. Savage, named by Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine as the most likeliest female to be signed by WWE and voted female rookie of the year, is making all the moves. Savage is currently the WSU Spirit Champion and has created her own stable, called the “Cosmo Club” with WSU Tag Champions Jana & Cindy Rogers, with manager Rick Cataldo.

On 3/19 at ICW, Mercedes Martinez and Brittney Savage clashed in the first ever Champion vs Champion match with both championships on the line. Mercedes won the match via DQ. However, the rivalry between these two was just getting started.

On 4/17 at NYWC, Brittney Savage interfered in Mercedes Martinez’s tag team title defense, and cost Martinez the WSU Tag Team Titles, assisting Rogers & Jana in the victory. Savage then tried to persuade Martinez’s partner, Angel Orsini, to turn against her.

Now on 5/1 at EVOLVE, Brittney has riled up Mercedes Martinez so much, that Martinez can’t wait to rip her apart. Has Savage asked for more than she can bargain for? Whatever Savage has planned, she better plan to do it alone, as this EVOLVE match will be straight one – on – one competition. Any interference, from either wrestler’s side, will not only cost the wrestler the match, but will cost them their roster spot in both EVOLVE and WSU.

We’ve seen crazy things before in WSU, but does Brittney Savage really have Mercedes Martinez’s number? We’ll find out if Savage can dial the right combination or if Savage will become another victim of the greatest womens wrestler today, the longest reigning and defending champion in all of womens wrestling – “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez.

For ticket information, please visit EVOLVEWrestling.com