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Cowboy Ending CoverWINNIPEG – Independant Pro-Wrestler adds “Self Published Author” to his resume. “Cowboy Ending” is the first book to be released in a series of eBooks entitled “OVERDRIVE.”

Based in Winnipeg, “Cowboy Ending” is an urban fantasy novel following the life of a nightclub bouncer named Joe who stumbles into a world of betrayal, deception and eventually murder. Joe is living a mundane existence, struggling to get by on a call centre paycheque and whatever he can scrounge together bouncing on weekends in order to care for his ailing mother. After a violent incident at the club, Joe begins to notice terrible things happening in the world around him. Eventually Joe is faced with the decision to get involved in other people’s troubles at the expense of the few things in his life he has left to lose.

“I have been a voracious reader my entire life. Everything from fantasy to historical fiction to autobiographies, Over the years I have dabbled with writing short stories and novellas. I have an old spec for a fantasy novel and a 400 page draft hiding in my office somewhere,” laughed Knight from his home in Winnipeg. “Writing is something I have always done for myself, for my own creative release. It wasn’t until recently that i discovered that much like my wrestling career – a literary career is something that could be done under my own terms as well.”

Knight fully credits Jim Butcher’s “Dresden Files” (www.Jim-Butcher.com) and Lee Child’s “Jack Reacher” ( www.LeeChild.com ) series’ as strong inspirations for “OVERDRIVE.” 

“The creativity, inventiveness and sheer supernatural in Mr. Butcher’s books is second to none. I am in love with his work and hope one day to be able to tell him that in person,” said Knight. “On the other spectrum, Lee Child is excellent at giving his audience a complex thriller every single time that is concise, complete and never leaves a reader lost. Yet still makes you beg for more. Both of these authors are remarkable and should be studied by anyone who wants to get into writing.”

Finally Knight would like to thank Mark Coker – the founder of eBook Publishing Site “Smashwords” (www.Smashwords.com)  for providing a forum his work.

Adam Knight is available for interviews at your convenience. “Cowboy Ending” is his first novel, available at the link below in all eBook formats for only $2.99.

Official FaceBook Fan Page – www.facebook.com/OverdriveSeries

Order “Cowboy Ending” HERE – www.smashwords.com/books/view/330803