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VPW Friday June 8, 2007 Long Island Return Event Preview 
V.F.W. Post 4927 
31 Horseblock Road 
Centereach, NY 11720 
Tel. 631-585-7390 

Friday June 8, 2007 
Doors open 7:30pm with an 8pm bell time. 
Advance tickets are available at V.F.W. Post 4927 and at the VPW Wrestling School in Deer Park, Long Island 
For more info visit www.victoryprowrestling.com, call 631-357-1810 or email [email protected] 
Tickets are all 1 low price of $15 so get there early to get the best seats!!! 
As always, most, if not all, of the VPW roster will be available for autographs during intermission. Come on down to watch a great night of action and meet all of your favorites. 
There will be a FREE bus trip from Queens. Email [email protected] for details on this FREE trip. 
Already confirmed to appear: 
Grim Reefer w/ Don Tony, Deranged, “All Around Best” Xavier, Matt Morgan, Richie Tyler, Talia Madison, Alicia, Jason Static, ”The Steel City Assassin” Sabotage, “Suicidal Demon” Azrieal, “2 Cocky” Kevin Matthews, Javi-Air, Mack Daddy Flexx, “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious, Dead Presidents (Boog Washington & Lo Lincoln), Eclipse (Jay Delta & Xandar Page) w/ Jack O’Hearts, Major Intensity, DC Diamond, JMS, Eug Perversion, Mr. Professional, Vinny the Guido and Jerry Fitzwater 
Plus much more to be announced!!! 
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Matches Scheduled: 
Special Attraction 
Azrieal vs. Grim Reefer w/ Don Tony 
Since VPW would not sanction a rematch with Kevin Matthews, Grim Reefer demanded a match with an opponent of the highest caliber. VPW delivered and named Azrieal as that opponent. Over the course of the last few shows, the “Suicidal Demon” has been wowing the fans in some insane triple threat matches. Now it’s his time to take on one of VPW’s best in a singles match.  Grim Reefer and Azrieal broke into the business around the same time and know each other well, but it’s been some time since they last met in the ring and both men have improved greatly since that time. This match is expected to see everything from pure mat wrestling to high-flying daredevil maneuvers. On top of that, Grim Reefer will have his manager Don Tony watching his back incase anybody tries anything. If you miss this match, you will surely regret it!!! 
First Time Ever Match 
Matt Morgan w/ Vinny the Guido vs. “All Around Best” Xavier 
Former WWE Superstar Matt Morgan will be making his VPW debut against the returning Xavier. Xavier is currently undefeated in VPW and is looking to keep that streak alive. Unfortunately for Xavier, he must go through a near 7 foot tall monster to do so. Morgan’s manager, Vinny the Guido, has been said to have been waiting for the right moment to make his presence known in VPW and figured the best way to get noticed is by accompanying someone like Morgan to the ring and defeating a top wrestler like Xavier. Vinny’s plan seems all well and good, but getting by Xavier will not be a simple task. Knowing that he is outsized, Xavier will have to rely on his speed, agility and extensive martial arts background to stay ahead of the big man. This first time ever match will be one to watch!! 
Women’s Wrestling Action 
Talia vs. Alicia 
Coming off a red hot feud with April Hunter, Alicia now has someone else with their sights set on her, the beautiful but dangerous Talia Madison. Talia Madison has been scouting the talent at past VPW shows, but now she feels it’s time to make her move. Having recently won the WEW Women’s Title, Talia is venturing out to take on the best competition, which led her to VPW and Alicia. Alicia has never backed down from a challenge and this time will be no different. Both ladies are determined to prove who the top female wrestler in the Northeast is. For women’s wrestling at its finest, don’t miss this event!! 
Grudge Cruiserweight Match 
Javi-Air vs. Deranged 
Last year, after a friendly match, things got very heated between two of VPW’s most popular wrestlers, Deranged and Javi-Air. Deranged and a ringside fan, who happened to be Javi-Air’s friend, had an argument and that quickly escalated. That same match saw Javi-Air pin Deranged. The next time these two met, Deranged pinned Javi-Air. It’s been a few months since then, but both men requested this match to finally settle everything. Competition runs hot in VPW and the competitive nature of both individuals will probably enhance this match further than expectations already are. Issues will be settled and the action will be intense in this high-flying match on June 8th!!!! 
Special Challenge Match 
“Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious w/ Jason Static vs. Mack Daddy Flexx 
Jason Static feels betrayed by the VPW fans. Static truly believes that he did everything for the people and when he needed the fans most, they weren’t there for him. Following, his severe knee injury, Static was forced to sit out for months. During this time, Staic alleges that the fans didn’t care about him. He claims that he got injured trying to please the fans and that his reward was nothing. Back in March, the injured Static was watching the backs of hi s friends, Richie Tyler and Mack Daddy Flexx when he violently snapped and attacked them. Mack Daddy Flexx immediately demanded a match with Static, and while VPW officials would love to grant that request, Static is still injured and can not compete at this time. Instead, Static has recruited someone who Mack Daddy Flexx knows very well, “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious. Delicious and Flexx have known each other for years and Static plans on using that to his advantage. Flexx had the following to say when he was contacted about this match, “I’m going to break Joe Delicious in half and when that crybaby Static is ready to go, I’ll be ready.” The always confident Joe Delicious didn’t seem bothered by Flexx’s comments and appears to be all set for his VPW debut. Will Mack Daddy Flexx continue his dominant undefeated streak or will Joe Delicious take out the big man in his VPW debut?? 
Tag Team Warfare 
Eclipse w/ Jack O’Hearts vs. Dead Presidents 
This is it, the match to finally settle the score. For months, the Dead Presidents and Eclipse have been battling it out in VPW. What initially started as just any other tag team match soon exploded in to an all out war.  Following their first encounter, Boog Washington was knocked out cold by multiple shots to the head courtesy of Jack O’Hearts’ briefcase. Boog was carried off to the hospital while is brother, Lo Lincoln, helplessly watched. Lo Lincoln swore revenge on Jack O’Hearts’ thugs and challenged them to a rematch, but luck was not on their side. Just days before that scheduled match, Lo Lincoln suffered from several bruised ribs. He was unable to appear at the VPW event, leaving his brother to deal with Eclipse by himself. Looking for nothing more than a fight, Bison Bravado, with no love lost for the Dead Presidents, stepped up to team with Boog Washington. The makeshift team fought hard, but in the end, they fell short. Now with the Dead Presidents at full strength, is there any place safe for Eclipse? When asked for a comment, Jack O’Hearts had the following to say, “Daddy, I am a winner. Eclipse are winners. The whole Crew are winners. The Dead Presidents are losers. It’s that simple.” In response, we received the following message from Boog Washington, “Eclipse and that weasel of theirs are dead men walking.” Short in to the point, it looks like the Dead Presidents will do most of their talking in the ring. 
Grudge Match 
Sabotage w/ Jason Static vs. Richie Tyler 
The rivalry that has existed since VPW’s very first match on VPW’s very first show continues for one more singles match. Both men hold one singles victory over the other and now it’s time for the rubber match. Sabotage and Richie Tyler know each other as well as anybody, but by no means do they like each other. In fact, after VPW’s first anniversary show, Sabotage participated in the beat down initiated by Jason Static. Now it’s time for Tyler to get a measure of revenge under fairer circumstances. Unfortunately for Tyler, the situation is still tilted in Sabotage’s favor since Jason Static will be accompanying Sabotage to the ring. Richie Tyler will have to do his best to make sure that Static doesn’t get involved in his affairs once again. Don’t miss this great cruiserweight action!!! 
Singles Action 
Scotty Rio vs. Major Intensity 
This match will be the VPW debut of Major Intensity. Intensity is from the original Doghouse and is finally making his return after over 5 years. While he has been training hard, he has two things to overcome. The first is that he’s been out of action for a long time. The second is his dangerous opponent, Scotty Rio. Rio has been causing problems for other members of the VPW roster for the last several months, but has yet to secure that big win. Rio’s frustration may very well be the fuel that takes him to victory. On the other hand, his frustration may be his downfall if he allows it to consume him. With both men…