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Does he really? If you ask the team at Kayfabe Commentaries LLC they’ll say there’s no other explanation for the recent WWE products that so closely mirror Kayfabe Commentaries’ DVD innovations. The love affair is in full swing thanks to KC’s new “Vince Loves KC” ad campaign. In concert with its relcent launch is a contest where fans can win the unreleased “Timeline: The History of WWE – 1983 Told by Magnificent Muraco.” 

And speaking of that “Timeline: History of WWE” series, it’s one of the one’s cited by KC as being stangley similar to a WWE product. WWE Magazine released an issue on Spet 15th titled “The Untold History of WWE,” wherein the company’s history is told via a timleine that runs through the magazine, mirroring the “Timeline” DVD series that KC launched this past April. Another recent similarity can be seen in the WWE’s recent solicitation of questions for John Morrison to answer on DVD, which is the foundation for KC’s groundbreaking shoot series “YouShoot.”


But now, with the birth of the certainly tongue-in-cheek “Vince Loves KC” campaign, fans can email Kayfabe Commentaries with their theory on “why Vince loves KC.” The company invites you to be as creative as possible, and they will select 10 essays/emails and post them this coming Tuesday, October 13 which is the release date for Timeline: The History of WWE – 1983 As told by Magnificent Muraco.” The 10 winners will receive a free copy of the new DVD.


Head over to www.kayfabecommentaries.com for more details on the contest.