As we’ve noted, WWE started airing “coming soon” vignettes for The Freak’s call-up from WWE NXT this past week. It’s still not clear which brand he will be on as the vignettes aired on RAW and SmackDown. The Observer adds that there is no specific destination or major program booked for Lars yet, but the plan is for the push to be significant.

There has been some early criticism on the call-up as many feel Sullivan is still too green for the main roster. However, The Rocky Mountain Monster is the type of talent that Vince McMahon is big on.

This week’s NXT episode saw Lars clash with Keith Lee after they both won squash matches over enhancement talents. The Lars vs. Lee match, taped last Thursday in San Jose, will air on Wednesday’s NXT TV episode on the WWE Network. This could be the last yellow brand appearance for Sullivan.

It was also noted by The Observer that Lars is seen as being so much larger than life when you see him live in the arena, than he comes across on TV. Sullivan is now much larger than he was one year ago. He had surgery to remove a tumor that caused his acromegaly years ago but he continues to get bigger.