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Vince Russo joins the Gerweck Report podcast to talk about the deteriorating relationship between TNA and Spike TV during the time he was consulting for TNA. “The representatives at Spike TV loved Eric Bischoff (the exclusive producer of Impact Wrestling). Eric was probably more in touch with Spike TV than Dixie Carter.” Russo stated that Dixie Carter brought in John Gaburick, who had no relationship with Spike TV, and it was Gaburick’s decision is to send home Bischoff. “I think it was a crucial mistake, knowing that their contract was up in about a year at the time or whatever it was, for them to send Eric Bischoff home when they did,” Russo said. “I think that had a lot to do with the break down between Spike TV and TNA.”

When asked about his relationship with Spike TV, Russo stated, “I never had a relationship with Spike TV, that wasn’t my job. My job was the head writer of the show … Eric was the liaison between Spike TV and TNA.”

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