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With the passing of Dusty Rhodes, CYInterview has released a tribute with a long lost 40 minute conversation with the American Dream from a 2003 conversation with Chris Yandek. Mr. Rhodes opens up about many topics.

In the conversation, Mr. Rhodes said this about the fans in 2003 and living his own American Dream:
“It’s an honor to be able to perform, but what you guys need to understand is, and I say this a lot and they say it’s corny, but it is not corny, that the reason that I have whatever I have today, my children have went to school and college and all this stuff, if it hadn’t been for you all, there would not be no American Dream and that’s in any walk of life and if you ever forget where you come from, it’s just, it’s no good.”
You can listen to the entire 40 minute interview here!