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VPW Presents: Furious Fallout

V.F.W. Post 4927 | 1 Horseblock Road
Centereach, NEW YORK 11720
Tel. 631-585-7390


Saturday, December 1, 2007
Doors open 7:00pm with a 7:30pm bell time.
Advance tickets are available at V.F.W. Post 4927 and at the VPW Wrestling School in Deer Park, Long Island

For more info call 631-357-1810 or email [email protected]

Tickets are all 1 low price of $15 so get there early to get the best seats!!!

Visit www.victoryprowrestling.com for everything VPW!!!


-Advance tickets that are purchased online for VPW’s 12/1 event are ONLY $12 each if you pay via Paypal to [email protected].

-Also, as an extra Bonus, for $20 you can get 1 ticket to VPW’s 12/1 event and 1 VPW DVD of your choice from the following; City Limits, Carnage in Centereach, Grim Intentions and Static Shocked. For this offer, send $20 via Paypal to [email protected].

-All tickets and DVDs purchased in advance will be available for pick-up at the door on the night of the show. These offers expire on November 30, 2007.

As always, most, if not all, of the VPW roster will be available for autographs during intermission. Come on down to watch a great night of action and meet all of your favorites.

Already confirmed to appear:

Grim Reefer, “The Good Guy” Azrieal, “Best Body in the Biz” Jason Static, Mack Daddy Flexx, Javi-Air, Richie Tyler, “Masculine Marvel” Sabotage, “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious, Don Tony, Nick Noshus, “Firebird” Jorge Santi, Eclipse (Jay Delta & Xandar Page), Joey Everlast, “Prince of Suburbia” Johnny Suburban, Jack O’Hearts, Livewired (JMS & VSK), Nightmare, Scotty Rio, Major Intencity, Mr. Professional, “Mr. Giggalo” Vinny the Guido, “Working Class Wrestler” Chopsaw, Jerry Fitzwater & more!!!

Scheduled Matches:

VPW Championship Match
“Best Body in the Biz” Jason Static vs. Mack Daddy Flexx

At the last VPW event, after successfully winning 3 matches in a single night to become the first ever VPW Champion, Jason Static made history. Now it’s time for Static to put his money where his mouth is and take on Mack Daddy Flexx in his first VPW Championship defense. Static may be riding a wave of glory right now, but if there’s one man who can make that wave come crashing down, it’s Mack Daddy Flexx. It wasn’t too long ago that Flexx and Static were friends, but after Jason Static took his frustrations and anger out on his former friend that a bitter rivalry developed. For months, Static sent his buddies “Masculine Marvel” Sabotage and “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious after Flexx to do his dirty work. Each time, Flexx was successful in defeating them. Then back in October in the second round of the VPW Championship Tournament, Static and Flexx finally met one on one in the ring. Many say that that match belonged to Mack Daddy Flexx, but thanks to multiple distractions from both Sabotage and Joe Delicious, Static was able to defeat Flexx. Flexx feels that he was robbed at his chance at the title and is now looking to set things right. Can Mack Daddy Flexx achieve the victory that was denied to him last time?? Will Static once again play the numbers game? Find out who will walk out as VPW Champion!!!!

Cruiserweight Challenge
“The Good Guy” Azrieal vs. Javi-Air

It’s hard to argue that Azrieal and Javi-Air are two of the best cruiserweights in the Northeast. It’s also hard to argue the quality of their matches anytime these two have stepped into the ring together. Now for the third time in VPW Azrieal and Javi-Air will match up in one on one action. Back in August, the night opened off with a bang as Azrieal and Javi-Air stole the show in the eyes of many fans. Azrieal may have come out on top that night, but Javi-Air came so close to winning several times. Then in October, in the first round of the VPW Championship tournament, Javi-Air defeated Azrieal to advanced to the second round of the tournament. Despite his attitude, Azrieal thrives on competition. He recognized that Javi-Air was the better man that night, but also realizes that it was Javi-air that cost him a shot at making it all the way to the finals. Now these two rivals will meet one more time to determine once and for all who is the best. Both men have a lot riding on the line in this one, so don’t dare miss out on what’s sure to be a spectacular battle!!

Grudge Match
“Masculine Marvel” Sabotage vs. Grim Reefer w/ Don Tony

Since September 2006, Grim Reefer and Jason Static have been at war. After losing to Jason Static in the finals of the VPW Championship Tournament, Grim Reefer has been on a warpath. Reefer believes that he was royally screwed and is dead-set on making someone pay. Unfortunately, since Sabotage is a member of Best Bodies, Inc., he is guilty by association. In order to counter Reefer’s fury, Sabotage may have to rely on his natural power, clearly evidenced by his world-class physique. On second thought, Sabotage may have to rely on his strongest attributes, his sneakiness and deceptive nature. Reefer may also have to be wary about Jason Static and Joe Delicious getting involved since those three are nearly inseparable. That’s exactly the reason why Grim Reefer has the big man, Don Tony, standing in his corner. Don Tony is Grim Reefer’s personal insurance policy and is never afraid to mix it up with anyone. Will Grim Reefer get one step closer to getting a shot at the VPW Championship? Or will Sabotage defeat his enraged opponent? Find out on Saturday night December 1st!!

Last Chance Match
Nick Noshus vs. “Firebird” Jorge Santi

Back in August, Jorge Santi burst onto the VPW scene in a literally unexpected moment. Following a victorious elimination match, Noshus bragged that he felt good enough to have another match. Seizing opportunity when it knocked, Santi took Noshus up on his offer. Unfortunately for Santi, Noshus cheated his way to victory. Then in October, Noshus once again used underhanded tactics to defeat Santi. Following that match, Santi made it clear to Noshus that he wanted one more shot. VPW officials granted Santi’s request and on December 1, 2007, we will see the third match between these individuals. Noshus had no problem with that, but made his own request to VPW officials, that if Santi didn’t win the match, he wouldn’t get another shot at Noshus in a singles match. What that means is that this is Santi’s final opportunity to right the wrongs that have been brought upon him by Nick Noshus. Santi needs to be on his toes at all times because it’s become clear to everyone that Noshus will do anything to keep his undefeated streak alive. Will Jorge Santi overcome his opponent and get his first win in VPW?? Or will Nick Noshus prove why he’s the money man and make it three in a row??

8-Man Elimination Tag Team Match

Joey Everlast/Johnny Suburban/Mr. Professional/Scotty Rio w/ Jack O’Hearts and Vinny the Guido vs. Major Intencity/Richie Tyler/Chopsaw/Nightmare

This one has been building across the board in VPW, but now it’s all coming together in one explosive match. There are issues everywhere and there are plenty of people looking to resolve plenty of things. On one side is a union of Jack O’Hearts’ Crew and Vinny the Guido’s VTG Enterprises. Normally, one would expect team members to get along, but in this case, Jack O’Hearts and Vinny the Guido can’t stand each other. Both have been laying claim that they are the top manager in VPW, and that claim may very well be the cause of their team’s downfall before the bell even rings. Both managers are telling people that they are the captain of their team. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago where Johnny Suburban and Mr. Professional had a singles match, which led to both of their managers fighting on the outside during the match. Representing The Crew are “Prince of Suburbia” Johnny Suburban and Joey Everlast. Representing VTG Enterprises are Mr. Professional and Scotty Rio. Their opponents are four men who would be perfectly happy watching their opponents self-destruct, but would have much more fun causing their demise themselves. Back in August, Richie Tyler was the man responsible for Jack O’Hearts getting his head shaved. Tyler defeated Suburban in a singles match and personally scalped O’Hearts. At the time, Joey Everlast was still in jail, but now Suburban and Everlast are back together and looking for revenge on Tyler. Tyler’s not coming alone because one of his teammates happens to be looking for revenge on The Crew, Nightmare. Nightmare was involved in a 6-man tag against members of The Crew back in October where he became just another victim. Now Nightmare is coming back and coming back strong. Their tag partners may very well be Vinny the Guido’s worst fears, Major Intencity and Chopsaw. Intencity and Chopsaw have been battling members of VTG Enterprises for the last few months. Their success was halted back in August when Major Intencity was knocked with a chain-wrapped fist, courtesy of Vinny the Guido. Now Intencity and Chopsaw are looking to finish it all off. Elimination rules are in play, so the combinations are endless on how this battle could play out. One team could very well have a four on one advantage. Anything can truly happen!! Eight men are walking into this match and nobody is leaving the same!!! Find out who will remain standing on Saturday night December 1st!!!!

Tag Team Grudge Match
Eclipse w/ Jack O’Hearts vs. Livewired

Everyone knows that Eclipse have been a dominant force in VPW since day one. There’s no denying that. Another thing that can’t be denied is JMS’ heart. He tried several different tag team partners in an attempt to defeat Eclipse, but had no success. A few months ago, JMS brought in newcomer VSK, with the hope of finally getting the big win. JMS and VSK didn’t get the job done, but found that unique chemistry that tag partners rarely find. Both men immediately decided to continue teaming up and give it another go at Eclipse. Their second attempt didn’t go quite as planned, but Livewired is hoping for the third time to be the charm. Eclipse has told VPW officials they are demanding tougher opponents since they keep plowing through everybody. Will that overconfident attitude be the dominant team’s downfall? Will the underdogs get the win? Will Jack O’Hearts be running wild to ensure his team’s continued success?? Find out at the next VPW event!!!

Other VPW News
“Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious will be at VPW on December 1, 2007, but as of now, the big man does not have an opponent. This member is the enforcer of Best Bodies, Inc. and it’s clear to anybody that there is likely a very long list of people looking to get some revenge on Joe Delicious. When asked for comment about going into this event blind, Delicious had the following to say, “Do I really look like I care? Do I really look like I care who I fight? C’mon, look at me. Does a guy that looks this good really have anything to worry about?” As always, Joe Delicious was as arrogant as he is muscular. It’s a safe bet that VPW will have a quality opponent for Delicious.

As of now, the Zombie is not scheduled to appear at the December 1st VPW event, but with the Zombie, one never really knows where he’ll show up next. VPW Champion Jason Static must be relieved since the living dead man has been stalking Static for months.

VPW has a ton of action and entertainment in store for 2008. In fact, 2008 looks to be shaping up to be the biggest VPW year yet. More shows to be announced soon regarding 2008.

-Card Subject To Change-

Driving Directions For The Event:

From Belt Parkway (Brooklyn / Queens)

Merge onto CR-97 N / NICOLLS RD toward STONY BROOK
Take the RT-25 WEST ramp toward SMITHTOWN
From Long Island Expressway (Queens / Long Island)

Merge onto CR-97 N / NICOLLS RD toward STONY BROOK
Take the RT-25 WEST ramp toward SMITHTOWN
VPW Wrestling School
For those looking to enter the wrestling business as a wrestler, manager or referee, look no further than the VPW Wrestling School. The school is conveniently located at the Deer Park Community Center in Long Island. Sessions are held every Sunday from 4pm until 10pm. The Deer Park Community Center is located at 41 Homer Avenue in Deer Park, New York.

For wrestlers looking to practice, they are welcome to come down for the very low price of $15.

Call 631-357-1810 or email [email protected] for complete details.