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VPW Furious Fallout 12/1/07 Official Results and Notes


Nick Noshus d. “Firebird” Jorge Santi

For the third show in a row, Nick Noshus cheated his way to victory against Jorge Santi. Noshus came down to the ring wearing street clothes and told VPW fans that he was tired of beating Santi and that he was giving himself the night off. Just as Noshus walked through the curtain to the backstage area, Jorge Santi attacked him and brought Noshus back to the ring. Finally the match was underway. Once again, it looked like Santi was about to win, but underhanded tactics prevented that from happening.

“All Around Best” Xavier d. 4×4

In this special challenge match, Xavier defeated the monster known as 4×4.

“The Good Guy” Azrieal d. “The Miracle” Javi-Air

In another chapter of their series of matches that have occurred in VPW throughout 2006 and 2007, Azrieal defeated Javi-Air. Back in October, it was Javi-Air who defeated Azrieal in the first round of the championship tournament. This time Azrieal didn’t have a tournament to worry about. This time Azrieal was out for revenge. Defeating his opponent wasn’t enough for “The Good Guy.” After the match, Azrieal continued to assault Javi-air until Azrieal felt satisfied. What started out as a competitive series of matches has now gotten very personal.

“Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious d. “Cornerman” Juan Jeremy

Best Bodies, Inc. member, Joe So Delicious, came into this match not knowing who his opponent was. When he got down to the ring, Delicious informed the fans that he didn’t know or care who his opponent was for the night. He only knew that he was facing someone from WWE Hall of Famer Johnny Rodz’ wrestling school. His opponent ended up being one of Rodz’ head trainers, Juan Jeremy. After a hard-fought match, Delicious came out on top.

The Jerry Fitzwater Show

Jerry Fitzwater sang a holiday tune down to the ring to kick off an interview with Joe So Delicious. Delicious went off on Fitzwater and then called out fellow Best Bodies, Inc. members, Sabotage and VPW Champion, Jason Static to join him. Fitzwater was shoved down in the corner and Best Bodies, Inc. took over. Static bragged about how he recently relocated to Louisville, Kentucky and how it pained him to come back to Long Island. He then addressed Grim Reefer and how he defeated him in the finals of the championship tournament. Static said that if Reefer wanted a shot at him, he’d have to go through all his guys, starting tonight with Sabotage. The VPW Champion then went on to run down his opponent for the night, Mack Daddy Flexx. At this point, Grim Reefer and Mack Daddy Flexx came down to the ring. Best Bodies, Inc. immediately jumped out of the ring. Reefer said that they were both tired of the numbers game and that he brought extra back-up tonight. His first back up was Jay Lover. Then he said he had even more back-up and out came Don Tony with Carmine the dog. With the odds finally against them, Best Bodies, Inc. retreated to the back.

Major Intencity/Jay Lover/Chopsaw/Nightmare w/ Don Tony d. Joey Everlast/Johnny Suburban/Mr. Professional/Scotty Rio w/ Jack O’Hearts and Vinny the Guido

This was an eight man elimination match. The sole survivors were Chopsaw and Major Intencity. The last man left on the other team was Johnny Suburban, but he didn’t have much of a chance wrestling 2 on 1. Richie Tyler was originally set to appear in this match, but Tyler missed his flight back to New York and was replaced by Jay Lover after Don Tony took care of business. During the match, an unknown female was spotted in the aisle observing the match. It looked like she had her eye on someone in the ring. Also during the match, Sabotage kidnapped Carmine the dog, who was at ringside with Carmine.

Grim Reefer w/ Don Tony d. “Masculine Marvel” Sabotage

Sabotage came down to the ring with Carmine the Dog, but thankfully, OZHB member, Jay Lover came to Carmine’s rescue. Grim Reefer defeated Sabotage and got himself one step closer to getting a rematch with Jason Static.

Eclipse w/ Jack O’Hearts d. Livewired

After having no success at the last few events, Livewired finally defeated Eclipse. Once the loss set in, Eclipse snapped and blamed their long-time manager, Jack O’Hearts for the loss. Jack O’Hearts was then thanked for his service by getting cracked in the head with his infamous briefcase. Then Eclipse positioned a motionless Jack O’Hearts in the center of the ring with his briefcase over his face. Both Xandar Page and Jay Delta, berated the crowd and then officially fired their manager. Just as Jay Delta was about to go off the top rope and crush Jack O’Hearts, the other 2 members of the Crew, Johnny Suburban and Joey Everlast hit the ring. Eclipse halted their attack on Jack O’Hearts and went off on their partners. Everlast and Suburban said they had enough of Eclipse and a brief fight broke out. While Joey Everlast checked on Jack O’Hearts, Johnny Suburban made a challenge to Eclipse for the next VPW event. Suburban said that he and
Everlast are the Suburban SWAT Team and that Eclipse were marked men. Jack O’Hearts was then carried to the back by several VPW wrestlers.

“Best Body in the Biz” Jason Static d. Mack Daddy Flexx

Jason Static defeated Mack Daddy Flexx via submission in his first title defense. Both Sabotage and Joe So Delicious did their best to distract Mack Daddy Flexx during the match, and unfortunately for Flexx, those distractions may have done him in. After the match, Sabotage stayed in the ring to show off his self-proclaimed “colossal” physique. The OZHB gang of Grim Reefer, Don Tony, Jay Lover and Carmine the Dog seized the opportunity to get further revenge for Sabotage’s animal cruelty earlier in the night. Don Tony cracked a canola tray over Sabotage, knocking him out. Carmine the dog, with an assist from Grim Reefer, gave Sabotage a stinkface/broncobuster combination to end the night.

The VPW staff would like to thank everyone who came out to the show. VPW returns to Centereach on January 19, 2008.

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