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Victory Pro Wrestling Returns to Long Island on March 8, 2008


VPW Presents: 2 Year Anniversary Show


V.F.W. Post 4927 | 31 Horseblock Road
Centereach, NY 11720 | Tel. 631-585-7390

Saturday, March 8, 2008
Doors open 7:00pm with a 7:30pm bell time.

Advance tickets are available at V.F.W. Post 4927 and at the VPW Wrestling School in Deer Park, Long Island

For more info call 631-357-1810 or email [email protected]

Tickets are all 1 low price of $15 so get there early to get the best seats!!!

Visit www.victoryprowrestling.com for everything VPW!!!


-Advance tickets that are purchased online for VPW’s 3/8 event are ONLY $12 each if you pay via Paypal to [email protected].

-Also, as an extra Bonus, for $20 you can get 1 ticket to VPW’s 3/8 event and 1 VPW DVD of your choice from the following; City Limits, Carnage in Centereach, Grim Intentions and Static Shocked. For this offer, send $20 via Paypal to [email protected].

-All tickets and DVDs purchased in advance will be available for pick-up at the door on the night of the show. These offers expire on March 7, 2008.

As always, most, if not all, of the VPW roster will be available for autographs during intermission. Come on down to watch a great night of action and meet all of your favorites.

Already confirmed to appear:

Special Guests

-Former Multiple Time WWE Women’s Champion & WWE Hardcore Champion

Nora Greenwald, formerly known as Molly Holly!!!!!!

-UFC Competitor Pete “Drago” Sell!!!

-Mystery Special Guest that is coming to VPW with a mission!!!

UPDATED: This mystery guest is someone that fans see every week on television and has not been seen in the New York area for some time!!

There will be an autograph opportunity for these special guests during intermission.

The former Molly Holly, Pete “Drago” Sell, “Best Body In The Business…So The Ladies Say” Jason Static, Mack Daddy Flexx, Zombie, “The Miracle” Javi-Air, “Masculine Marvel” Sabotage, “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious, Don Tony, Nick Noshus, “Firebird” Jorge Santi, “The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling” Eclipse (Jay Delta & Xandar Page), Suburban Swat Team (Joey Everlast & “Prince of Suburbia” Johnny Suburban), Livewired (JMS & VSK), Nightmare, Scotty Rio, Major Intencity, Jay Lover, “Mr. Giggalo” Vinny the Guido, Jerry Fitzwater, DC Diamond, E.J. Risk, Justin Toxic, Eric Vale Tudo, Mr. Professional, “Working Class Wrestler” Chopsaw, Minyon, “Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher, Mikey Old School, John “Muscles” Marinara, Jack O’Hearts, “Brooklyn Doll” Gina Bella, Kitty Vaughn, Tony Lo, Tough Tommy & more to be added!!!

Scheduled Matches:

VPW Championship Match

“Best Body In The Business…So The Ladies Say” Jason Static vs. “The Miracle” Javi-Air

The current reigning VPW Champion and the leader of Best Bodies, Inc., Jason Static, has been on quite a roll as of late, defeating all challengers that have come his way. These challengers have included big men such as Mack Daddy Flexx and the Zombie. Now Jason Static faces a different type of challenger, someone that may not be the biggest, but someone that may be the quickest and most innovative. Coming close to making it to the finals in last year’s championship tournament, Jav-Air has been on a mission to climb to the top of VPW. Now may very well be that time for “The Miracle.” Static has made it crystal clear that he will do absolutely anything to ensure that he walks into the ring the same way that he leaves the ring, as the VPW Champion. We’ve seen every dirty tactic employed and Javi-Air needs to be aware of that deception. Some of those dirty tactics have included fellow Best Bodies, Inc. members, Sabotage and Joe So Delicious. While the odds may appear to be stacked against him, it would be a huge mistake for anybody to underestimate Javi-Air. Javi-Air has proven that he can hold his own against anybody that VPW has thrown at him and bullies like Static are no different. Will a new VPW Champion be crowned?? Will Static’s reign continue?? Find out on Saturday night, March 8, 2008!!!

Tag Team Revenge Match

“Masculine Marvel” Sabotage & “Ultra Sexy” Joe Delicious w/ Tony Lo vs. Jay Lover & Mack Daddy Flexx w/ Don Tony

There’s been a war brewing in VPW for a long time and March 8th will see another chapter. For the last year, Best Bodies, Inc. has been running out of control in VPW. Two of their primary targets have included Mack Daddy Flexx and OZHB member Jay Lover. Now with Don Tony leading the charge, Flexx and Lover will be teaming up to put a stop to Joe So Delicious and Sabotage. Back in January Flexx was a minute away from defeating Joe So Delcious when Tony Lo, the manager of Best Bodies, Inc. slipped Delicious a weapon. Thanks to that assist, Flexx got screwed over once again. Also, at that same event, Don Tony and Jay Lover found themselves handcuffed to the ring ropes and mercilessly beaten. Ever since that night, all of them have been on a mission to finally put a stop to Best Bodies, Inc.’s tirade. This match is fueled by revenge, anger and a mutual hatred on both sides. In a match with so much behind it, anything can and will happen!! What measures will these men go through in order to be victorious?? What roles will managers Tony Lo and Don Tony play?? Find out at VPW’s 2 Year Anniversary Show!!!

Triple Threat Match

Minyon vs. “Firebird” Jorge Santi w/ Kitty Vaughn vs. Zombie

VPW has been known to present some wild triple threat matches in the past, but this may end up being the strangest of them all. First up is the enigmatic Minyon. Not much is known about Minyon, but after making a strong showing at his VPW debut back in January, one thing is for certain, Minyon means business. With his face hidden and his true intentions unknown, Minyon is one dangerous individual. The second participant is Jorge Santi. After a string of losses to Nick Noshus, Santi picked up a huge win back in January at Winter Chill. At his side during that match was Kitty Vaughn. Whatever she did certainly worked since she was the one guiding Santi to victory. Santi is looking to keep that streak alive, but with two top caliber opponents, he will have to bring out his best. The third participant in this match is the man who nearly won the VPW Championship back in January, the Zombie. The Zombie is without question the most unpredictable man in all of VPW. With such a high level of unpredictability, how will Santi and Minyon be able to prepare for the Zombie. They already had enough to contend with without the chaos that follows the Zombie. When the Zombie hits the building, nobody is safe. With one fall to a finish, who will be the man to have his hand raised at the end of the match??

Tag Team Warfare

“The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling” Eclipse vs. Suburban SWAT Team w/ Mikey Old School

Once a united unstoppable front under the guidance of Jack O’Hearts, now two sides in a battle that nobody saw coming. On March 8th, two of VPW’s top teams will battle it out one more time. Back at Winter Chill, the show literally opened with both Eclipse and the Suburban SWAT Team brawling all over the place. Then later in the night in their scheduled match, the Suburabn SWAT Team defeated Eclipse. Not being used to losing, Eclipse immediately attacked both Johnny Suburban and Joey Everlast. Now both teams will battle it out once again. Manager Mikey Old School has really got his team focused and ready for the match. On the other hand, Eclipse hasn’t fared so well since they fired and attacked Jack O’Hearts. Which team will get the big win?? What will Eclipse do if they lose for the second show in a row?? Tag team action at its finest will take place on Saturday night March 8th!!!

Special Challenge Match

John “Muscles” Marinara w/ Vinny the Guido vs. Eric Vale Tudo

This is a match that VPW did not want to take place, but in an effort to avoid problems similar to the last show, VPW officials have sanctioned a match between Vinny the Guido’s bodyguard, John “Muscles” Marinara and Eric Vale Tudo. At Winter Chill, a near riot broke out when Eric Vale Tudo, a mixed martial arts specialist jumped the rails and went after Vinny the Guido. Vale Tudo was at ringside as a paying fan, but once he saw the opportunity to attack Vinny, he took it. For months, Eric Vale Tudo and Vinny the Guido have been involved in a battle of online warfare and their personal problems have spilled over into VPW. Not wanting to once again face the danger of any individuals jumping the guard rail and being thrown out the front door, VPW will let these men settle their issues in a wrestling ring. Vale Tudo wanted to have a MMA fight with Vinny, but the New York State Athletic Commission would not sanction that match. Furthermore, Vinny the Guido refused to participate in a match because in his words, “Why should I have to get in the ring? I’m a businessman. I pay people like Muscles to fight for me.” Vale Tudo was disappointed in not getting directly to Vinny, but was seemingly content with competing against Muscles. To find out what goes down in this strange saga, be there in person and don’t miss any of the action!!

Updated: UFC competitor Pete “Drago” Sell will be on hand to watch the back of his friend Eric Vale Tudo. With Vale Tudo’s MMA connections, who knows who else may show up on March 8th? It’s anybody’s guess!! Eric Vale Tudo sent VPW the following video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpe4ZC29QtQ

Singles Action

Nick Noshus vs. “Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher

Nick Noshus recently had the following to say to VPW officials, “Hey geniuses, do you not understand how things work? I am undefeated. It’s a simple concept. It means that nobody in VPW has ever defeated me in a match. It also means that I am long overdue for a title shot. First, I am excluded from the VPW Championship Tournament. Then, despite winning match after match since day one, I am denied a shot again and again. There’s something wrong here. Now I’m in a match with some guy that I don’t even know and certainly don’t care about. There’s something really wrong here.” While Noshus makes a valid point and has defeated every person that he’s stepped in the ring with, everyone in VPW is looking for the same thing, the VPW Championship that is currently around the waist of Jason Static. Noshus may be frustrated, but he better not let that frustration cause him to overlook his opponent, Mike Gallagher. Gallagher had a very impressive debut back in January and wowed the VPW fans. Noshus better not take Gallagher lightly or that could be the end of his undefeated streak. Mike Gallagher is looking to make a splash in VPW and defeating Noshus would surely do just that. Will Nick Noshus continue his winning ways or will the Smooth Operator be the man to finally shut Noshus up??

Tag Team Action

Scotty Rio & Mr. Professional w/ Vinny the Guido & John “Muscles” Marinara vs. “Working Class Wrestler” Chopsaw & DC Diamond

All of VTG Enterprises have been showing a lot recently and this will be a chance for Vinny the Guido’s unit to show what they are made of. Scotty Rio and Mr. Professional have proven they are a capable tag team in the past, and now with Muscles watching their backs, the odds are even more stacked in their favor. Mr. Professional was taking care of business elsewhere at Winter Chill and did not compete, but his partner, Scotty Rio had an impressive showing. Rio was angry that Mr. Professional was not watching his back during that match, but Vinny the Guido’s money patched that tension up quickly. Their opponents are no strangers to VTG Enterprises, DC Diamond and Chopsaw. Diamond and Chopsaw have been training together nonstop, getting ready for this big match. They are aware that Vinny and his bodyguard will make things extra hard, but they are ready for all of them. Word has been making the rounds that both Scotty Rio and Mr. Professional are both getting tired of Vinny the Guido’s false promises of greatness, but Vinny has assured both men that victory is guaranteed on March 8th. Will VTG Enterprises see that guarantee fulfilled or will DC Diamond and Chopsaw plow through their opponents??

Special Request Match

Nightmare vs. Major Intencity

In 2007, after many several years away from wrestling, Major Intencity made a strong comeback here in VPW and developed quite the following. Over the last several weeks, with nothing known for certain, VPW Officials have been hearing that this may be Major Intencity’s final wrestling match. With that said, Major Intencity requested that he choose his opponent in an effort to have a clean competitive wrestling match where he didn’t have to worry about anybody cracking him in the head with a weapon or holding his tights. In the spirit of competition, Major Intencity was granted his request and chose Nightmare as his opponent. Major Intencity knew that with Nightmare, he’d get the kind of match that he’d want to remember in case this really is his farewell. Nightmare made it known that he would be bringing his a-game on March 8th and won’t be pulling any stops. Will Major Intencity go out on top?? Will Nightmare prove to be the better man?? Find out at Victory Pro Wrestling!!

Return Tag Team Challenge

EJ Risk & Justin Toxic vs. Livewired

Not much is known about the team of EJ Risk and Justin Toxic, but they had a very impressive showing in January and were immediately welcomed back despite losing to the red hot team of Livewired. Livewired have been wowing VPW fans for months now with their impressive teamwork and abilities. Livewired were initially scheduled for a different match, but Risk and Toxic made the challenge for a rematch. Never backing down, JMS and VSK accepted and the match was set. Shortly after, Risk and Toxic announced that they were bringing in some back-up to ensure they would not be defeated again. Livewired were not prepared for this, but have made it known that any supposed back-up won’t prevent them from defeating their opponents for the second show in a row. Witness a great showing of tag team action on March 8th!!!!

Other VPW News:

Jerry Fitzwater has made it perfectly clear to VPW officials that he does not feel safe being anywhere near a VPW ring. Fitzwater said that at VPW’s last 2 events, he was unnecessarily placed in danger and that the top notch VPW security team could have done more to protect him. Fans will remember that back in December, Best Bodies, Inc., specifically Joe So Delicious, assaulted Fitzwater. Then back in January, Fitzwater was caught in the near riot that broke out when Eric Vale Tudo jumped the rails to go after Vinny the Guido. In an effort to make Jerry Fitzwater feel as safe as possible, VPW will allow Fitzwater to hire a bodyguard that can escort him to the ring. There are many possibilities as to who this bodyguard can be, but VPW officials are assured that Fitzwater will find the best man for the job.

Rumors are swirling that the man behind the OZHB, Don Tony, may be planning some extra special revenge for the mauling he and Jay Lover received back in January. No details are available at this time, but knowing Don Tony, that could mean anything. All that seems certain is that the members of Best Bodies, Inc. are marked men. Don Tony has made it known that he also has an offer for Jason Static that he can’t refuse. What could Don Tony be up to??

The most notorious manager in VPW history, Jack O’Hearts, will be returning to VPW for one night only on Saturday, March 8th. Nobody knows why Jack O’Hearts is making a special appearance, but one would think that he’s here for a measure of revenge on his former talent, Eclipse. Back in December, Eclipse publicly fired their manager and brutally attacked him. If not for the Suburban SWAT Team saving him, Jack O’Hearts may not be walking right now. As with anything involving Jack O’Hearts, truly anything is possible, so do not dare miss his return!! You can take that to the bank and bank on it!!

The former Molly Holly will be live and in person on March 8th. As of now Molly Holly will be in the house to meet the fans and check out all the action in VPW, but not get physically involved. Of course with the way things go in VPW that could very easily change!!

All VPW DVDs will be on sale at the next show, including the out of control January event, Winter Chill, which saw Jason Static defend the VPW Championship against the Zombie and a near riot break out.

VPW will return to Centereach on Saturday, May 17, 2008 for a huge event that will crown the first ever VPW Tag Team Champions..

-Card Subject To Change-

Driving Directions For The Event:

From Belt Parkway (Brooklyn / Queens)

Merge onto CR-97 N / NICOLLS RD toward STONY BROOK
Take the RT-25 WEST ramp toward SMITHTOWN
From Long Island Expressway (Queens / Long Island)

Merge onto CR-97 N / NICOLLS RD toward STONY BROOK
Take the RT-25 WEST ramp toward SMITHTOWN
VPW Wrestling School

For those looking to enter the wrestling business as a wrestler, manager or referee, look no further than the VPW Wrestling School. The school is conveniently located at the Deer Park Community Center in Long Island. Sessions are held every Sunday from 4pm until 10pm. The Deer Park Community Center is located at 41 Homer Avenue in Deer Park, New York.

Call 631-357-1810 or email [email protected] for complete details.