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TCWWe wrap up our visit to the Frank Cochran Center in Meridian, Mississippi and some rivalries could wrap up as well. But nothing is sure in TCW and we have a great show on tap.


We open with the TCW Junior Heavyweight Champion, Kincaid, defending the title against the 2013 PWI Rookie Of The Year nominee, Americos. After surviving the Best of Seven Series against John Saxon, it doesn’t get any easier as he takes on the man with the stars and stripes!

In a battle that’s been going on for months, Vordell Walker get his hands on Sigmon. There has been no love lost between these two battlers and as Brian Thompson said, “This is not a playground! This is not Kindergarten!”

Our Main Event comes on the heels of the surprise that Lance Hoyt had for The Empire last week. He brought back King Shane Williams and the two of them will take on The Empire in a tag team match.

Matt Rhodes and Brian Thompson host with interviewer Jason Jones.

Features “Psycho Intentions” by Reign of Fury, “Blind Faith” by Method of Doubt and “Maverick” by Sudden Verge – all available for download on iTunes.

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