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By Joshua TiceDJ RAN was the guest on the In Your Head Show hosted by Jack and One Inch Biceps at http://www.inyourheadonline.com
Most people remember DJ RAN from his days in WCW spinning records on Nitro, but he tells Jack & OIB that he started in ECW while hosting a radio show in Philly. He Met a lot of the wrestlers in local Philly night clubs became friends with them and would have them on his show.

A caller asks RAN if Dean Malenko Had a sense of humor or if he was serious all the time like his character. RAN said Malenko was damn funny and he really liked him.

RAN says he was originally brought in to executive produce the Mayhem CD & how everyone now uses a DJ at sporting events but he and WCW were the originators making it a much better experience at live shows filling other wise down time between matches and during commercial breaks.

When asked who his favorite Nitro girl is DJ RAN says he has to go with Kimberly Page, then he goes on to talk about how wrestlers are just as big a marks for other pro athletes as wresting fans are for them.

DJ RAN goes on to tell the guys that he couldn’t hang with all the boys because they were just to wild, noting incidents of cops being pissed on, car chases and running across bars naked. Jack and OIB ask RAN about some of the funniest things to happen at live shows, RAN gives them stories about a member of ICP getting power bombed on top of a bus that had to much wax on it and sliding off of it upside down almost breaking their neck, and another time where Rey Mysterio was almost eaten by a tiger that was scared by all the pyro, RAN says this stuff is funny now only because nobody was killed.

Caller Golgo asks how Paul E. got away with using popular music word for word with out getting sued, RAN told him Paul E. just did it and then played dumb if ever called to the carpet for it, but he usually got away with it. Jack asks what RAN’s favorite over all theme songs of all time are, RAN tells him Batista’s even though he doesn’t like his Character, also Randy Orton‘s and of course Hogan’s real American hero.

Jack brings up the fact that people bad mouth Goldberg but rip off his moves, Ran says yes it’s funny how everyone has a version of the spear now, he goes on to say it’s not really the character but how you are booked and unfortunately whether or not you have someone pushing for you in the back. He says his first thought of Goldberg was that he looked like Nikita Koloff and really popped for him.

RAN says the internet is a big reason why wrestlers start to get hated on, a couple of people write some negative stuff and the sheep affect takes over.

OIB asks RAN how he felt about Tank Abbot taking over his table at a show one night, RAN says he loved it because he’s a big fan of UFC as well and Tank is a nice guy, and anything was better then the rap is crap gimmick. RAN goes on to say he had and still has much respect for Kurt Henning, Kurt was always good to him and they worked well together. He then goes on to say that he hated they Master P gimmick and thinks his music sucks, Then gives the guys a little known story about how P tried to get him fired at the New Orleans show for not playing his music enough but WCW higher ups told him to get bent.

A caller asks about some of Konnan‘s rants on the mic, RAN tells him they were all some kind of anal reference.

Jack asks RAN what he thinks of the new ECW, RAN tells the guys he thinks it’s trash, and they will never be able to capture the vibe again in part to the fact that WWE won’t cater to that type of fan base. Also that a ECW with out Joe Gertner is like a bike with out wheels.

Jack asks Ran what he thinks about Chuck Polumbo being the only Natural born thriller still getting a push, RAN is surprised and can’t understand why it’s not Shawn O’Hare because is moves made him look like a giant ninja.

Jack then asks if the story about Disco trying to book a nitro show being taken over by aliens is true, RAN says he never heard that one but agrees Disco tried to get some crazy story lines through.

Ran then goes on to give the Death Of WCW Book a thumbs down, but admits he has only read part of it and thought what he read was not a fair account of what happened.

RAN then reaches out to the fans of IYH to try and find him the clip of Nash using Mysterio as a lawn dart into the side of a truck. RAN then ends the interview with the guys with a rib story about Kurt Henning Switching out The brownies from catering back stage with x-lax brownies, turning the nitro into a crap fest.

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