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Welterweight Wrestling Adds Trey Miguel, Rayo, Ryan Kidd, Gavin Glass & Sage Philips To Roster – One Night Tournament iPPV To Crown Welterweight Champion Sunday, May 7 in Cleveland, OH
Over the past two weeks, we talked about the beginning of a first in the United States – a pro wrestling welterweight division! Open to all talents 185 lbs and under, the welterweights are to 2017 what the cruiserweights were to the 1990s – undersized and overlooked, but with a passion to prove they belong and are as good as, if not better, than anybody else!
Sammy Guevara, Gory, Ace Perry, Kevin Bennett & Sonny Vice were the five welterweights confirmed for this event, which will be available worldwide via iPPV, on Sunday, May 7 at 5pm emanating from the famed Turners Hall in Cleveland, OH. The following five names were added to the roster this week –
Trey Miguel
Age: 22
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 171 lbs.
Years Pro: 7
From: Dayton, Ohio
Nicknamed “Trigger”, Trey is arguably the top young prospect currently rising through the ranks in Rockstar Pro Wrestling, where has been trained and mentored by Dave Crist. Trey had a relatively slow start to his career, but a recent resurgence has proven huge dividends, as Trey has been stealing shows in the ring, and putting on considerable size in the gym, on a regular basis. Trey’s efforts have taken him into rings for ROH and CZW, and netted him multiple championships. Dedicated, fearless, and focused, Trey’s ring rivals of late covers all types of styles and backgrounds — from Sami Callihan to Matt Cross to Sandman to the legendary “Franchise” Shane Douglas. Fans have anticipated “Trigger” Trey’s debut in this part of the country for quite some time, and he could make it a debut that will live forever if he is able to capture the Welterweight Championship!
Age: 22
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 165 lbs
Years Pro: 2
From: Lima, Peru
Perhaps the entrant with the most international flavor, Rayo grew up in his native Peru where he excelled in soccer before discovering professional wrestling. Inspired after watching the undersized Daniel Bryan achieve his goals and dreams, Rayo set out on the arduous journey ahead, training in Maryland and quickly branching out to promotions such as PWX in North Carolina and CZW’s Dojo Wars events, where he had a memorable rivalry with Joey Janela. In recent times, Rayo has begun to leave his soccer identity behind him, and embrace his roots which trace back to the ancient Incan Empire, which ruled what is now Peru from the early 13th century up until 1572. Dubbed as “The Last Incan Warrior”, Rayo looks to restore the reputation of the Incan people as a proud and dominant tribe by studying their ways and applying it to his wars in the ring. His Incan ancestors would no doubt be proud to see him in contention to become the best welterweight in the country today!
Ryan Kidd
Age: 21
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 160 lbs
Years Pro: 5
From: San Diego, CA
“I speak English… my name is Ryan”. That’s what Ryan Kidd had to say to “Broken” Matt Hardy & “Brother Nero” Jeff Hardy when they confronted him at a recent live event in Tijuana, Mexico that was broadcast worldwide on Impact Wrestling, and for many fans reading, that may literally be the only two things they know about the young upstart. However, as unexpected as it may be, Ryan has probably traveled more miles wrestling around the world than anyone else in the entire field of welterweights! Starting his career in Florida, Kidd traveled all the way to the west coast to further his wrestling education. Once settling out Californee-way, Ryan became immersed in the Mexican wrestling style, fashioning himself as an “American luchador” but that only scratches the surface of Ryan’s travels. In early to mid 2016, Ryan spent several months abroad, seeking out some of the most physically demanding and challenging training centers and dojos in Japan and Europe to hone his craft. In spite of his young age, he’s already competed for Dragon Gate, WRESTLE 1, CMLL, WXW, and many other organizations respected the world over. Ryan Kidd is an x-factor because of how many different styles and cultures he has immersed himself in, there’s no telling what he’ll do once the bell rings. Could Ryan Kidd be the man to take the Welterweight Championship across the planet with him and transform it into a genuine World Title?
Gavin Glass
Age: 19
Height: 6′
Weight: 160 lbs
Years Pro: 3
From: Medina, NY
While perhaps the youngest athlete of the whole welterweight field, the self-described “Cut Above The Rest” is far from new in the area of athletics… in fact he’s been a natural his entire life. Excelling as a three-sport athlete in high school (wrestling, track, soccer), Gavin was the center of attention, the focus of the girls, and the envy of all his male classmates. Gavin picked up these sports so naturally, he even began training for pro wrestling when his schedule allowed, starting back as early as age 15. Even there, trainers marveled at how someone so young could advance in class so quickly while juggling so many other responsibilities. Then, something happened to change Gavin’s life…. he graduated high school. Suddenly, when he spoke of his game-winning performances out in the “real world”, they were met with far less adulation. The girls that once longed for him had moved on, pursuing careers or families. His classmates that once looked at him with jealousy now became fading memories of people he no longer saw or could show off in front of. In short, Gavin got smacked in the face by life… and the reality check didn’t sit well with him. With the loss of his perch to sit atop and look down upon the rest of his world, came a bitterness and resentful nature in its place. An aggression motivated by a world he feels now doesn’t appreciate him for his true value. Gavin’s mindset went from a young man who came to pro wrestling for a challenge, a dream to chase, and another outlet to showcase his athletic prowess, now became the mindset of a man who HAD to win at all costs, to re-position himself as the top dog, the star athlete, the one everyone looked at with reverence… if for only in his own mind. Gavin can regain all that he felt he had lost if he can enter the history books as the first Welterweight Champion.
Sage Philips
Age: 22
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 160 lbs
Years Pro: 1
From: Bloomington, Indiana
Perhaps the man that is the most inexperienced and unknown out of all the welterweights, that also means Sage has the most to prove. Still relatively new to ring action, Sage has been around the industry for much longer, and his growing desire to try his hand in the ring led him to the famed School of Roc academy, run by well-respected midwest veteran Billy Roc. The tools Billy instilled in Sage led him far, being one of very few talents who can say they competed in seven different states in just their rookie year. However, with success sometimes comes great pitfalls, as a serious knee injury late last year has kept Philips out of ring action for several months. An athlete that some insiders have lauded for his tenacity, Sage will have to display that in full, as his very first match back may very well be in contention for the Welterweight Championship. Is Sage’s youthful exuberance biting off more than he can chew or will he be the one everyone leaves talking about?

Trey Miguel, Rayo, Ryan Kidd, Gavin Glass & Sage Philips are now officially welterweights! They will take part in “Welterweight Wrestling” on Sunday, May 7 live in Cleveland, OH and broadcast across the world via iPPV. Tickets can be purchased now at www.WelterweightWrestling.com. iPPV ordering information coming soon!

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