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What If

“What If?” is a weekly column where I discuss the “what ifs” of women’s wrestling that could’ve/would’ve/should’ve happened, from championship reigns to returns/debuts to storyline options.

Diva Dirt recently did an interview with former WWE developmental diva Anya. After listening to the interview, I knew what I wanted this week’s “what if” to be. With that said…

This week’s What If is:

Anya was never released from WWE?

I’ll never forget reading an article on WWE.com earlier this year about some of NXT’s superstars and divas having promising futures in the WWE. Anya happened to be one of those people mentioned. Based on what I read about her athletic background and pictures I looked at of her, I knew Anya was going to be something special in WWE. There was a certain uniqueness about her that made me feel like WWE diva fans were going to take notice of her. She was given the moniker of being the “Russian Bruiser,” which made me think that she was going to have a powerhouse style of wrestling. The NXT Universe and myself anxiously awaited the arrival of Anya, and we continued to wait for her to arrive even after she was out with an injury. Unfortunately, before we got a chance to see what Anya had to offer, she was released along with many other NXT hopefuls. Anya never got the chance to make the impact WWE told us she was going to make.

If Anya had never been released from WWE, I believe that she would have stood out from the other NXT Divas with her looks, size, personality, and fighting style. It would have been nice to have seen her begin competing on NXT and dominate the entire NXT divas division. Could you imagine the matches she could have had against other talented NXT divas such as Emma, Sasha, and Paige? Could you also imagine if she were to have been pushed to have won the NXT Divas Championship? I definitely could have seen her winning the championship. It would have established her as being the top diva in NXT, and it would have looked good on her.

All in all, if Anya had never been released from WWE, she would have had a promising career in the company. Listening to Diva Dirt’s interview with her, you could tell that she fell in love with the business and wanted to be a wrestler. She was willing to learn and improve and grow as a competitor. From what she has said, she is open to continuing either wrestling or doing MMA. I truly hope she does either one because I would love to see what the Russian Bruiser has to offer. By the way, judging by her moniker of being the Russian Bruiser, it sounds to me like she can kick some serious ass!

Do you have any thoughts/comments/suggestions about what you think would’ve happened if Anya had never been released from WWE? Let me know in the comments section below or tweet me @_EricHolt_ .

That’s it for this edition of “What If?”.

— Eric Holt

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