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Sunset Flip Presents What Is A Surprise?
by Jim Boy Star

Last Sunday we all saw Edge win the Royal Rumble as a “surprise” entrant. You will notice that I put surprise in quotation marks because I question what is considered a surprise.

Anyone that listens to the Sunset Flip Wrestling Show knows that back around September I had mentioned that Edge will come into the Royal Rumble as the “Ultimate Opportunist” at Royal Rumble and win come in at number 30 to win. Although I was wrong with him being number 30, I wasn’t wrong with the rest of the prediction. In my opinion, most wrestling fans should have gotten it. So let me ask you this: Is something a surprise if someone KNOWS what exactly is going to happen? 

Here’s a better question, and this is a more “every day type of situation”. If someone is getting a surprise birthday party but then knew they were getting one a year earlier, is it still considered a surprise? Personally, I think the answer is no.


When I think back at surprises there are a couple of major moments that stick in my mind. One of them is from WCW, around the time when the N.W.O. was around. Scott Hall and Kevin Nash said they were going to bring in the 3rd man to join them and it wound up being Hulk Hogan. I think if you ask most wrestling fans they will put that in their top five moments of being surprised in pro wrestling history.


Another time I was shocked was at my favorite Survivor Series of all time. The all night tournament called Survivor Series: Deadly Games, which is still one of my favorite songs ever used for a PPV (and not the Theory of a Deadman crap they used at one point).


At the time, the Rock was being pushed as the next big “good guy” star. By the end of the night, The Rock did a complete swerve and by the end of the night, not only was he a “bad guy” but he also joined Mr. McMahon, the same person he was feuding with for weeks.


The two examples above are great in demonstrating surprises.


Now, let me be clear. I’m actually not mad Edge won the Royal Rumble. In fact, I wanted anyone EXCEPT Triple H and Shawn Michaels to win. In an off topic remark, I HATED HBK’s reaction to losing the Rumble. Michaels comes off to me a giant baby….. for no good reason. The way it was played out, it seemed that Michaels lost his career or had a career ending injury he was just told about. He lost NOTHING! Get over it! Someone give Shawn Michaels a bottle!


Back to surprises, Edge was not one, contrary to how hard WWE would like to push that it was. Any general wrestling fan could have figured it out. I even have to laugh at the fact that people were not allowed in the back, to stop from the “surprise” from being revealed.


As you can tell in this column, this is not about me gloating about being right since the fall of 2009. This about WWE trying to sell us something they claim is a “surprise” and it is really not. Someone get that creative team a dictionary. They need it.


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 Jim Boy Star

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