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Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Look up in the dictionary under “What in the $#@& were you thinking?”

You’ll find a picture of Kurt Angle….

Arm in arm with Dixie Carter.

Only 36 hours before TNA’s monthly PPV, TNA World Champion Kurt Angle was charged with possessing human growth hormone, along with harassing girlfriend Trenesh Biggers (aka Rakha Khan) and violating a protection from abuse order filed by her.

Local police stopped Angle, at around 8:00 Saturday morning in the parking lot of a suburban Pittsburgh Giant Eagle Supermarket after Biggers called 911 from an outside table at a Starbucks to say that Angle was stalking her, claiming that Angle had circled the coffee shop’s parking lot three times, staring at her while she was sitting at an outside table . Buggers claimed Angle had abused her physically the night before. Angle denied the stalking charge, claiming he had not seen her and that he was “looking for a hotel where he could stay at”. Angle acknowledged to police that he and Biggers had an altercation Friday night and that she had obtained an emergency protection from abuse order on him.

Further, local police found a black bag in the front seat of the car Angle was driving with a capped syringe and two vials of labeled “recumbant Human Growth Hormone Somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection. Angle told police he had a legal prescription for the drug.

Angle was also driving with a suspended license. Angle had been acquitted of DUI charges in September 2008.

Angle will face a preliminary hearing scheduled at 10:00 a.m Tuesday before District Judge Carla Swearingen in Robinson, PA and was free on bond.

Then… there was Sunday.

No one expected Angle to actually make the PPV. Most assumed the main would be Sting-Morgan for a vacated belt…or some other re-booked main event. Even if Angle wanted to work the PPV, many assumed he’d be kept home in Pittsburgh, or have his attorney recommend that he stay home.

Further, many more assumed he’d be suspended by Dixie Carter for such a public arrest, and stripped of the title especially given the nature of the allegations, and the real fact he was caught with HGH (a fact he admitted to when plice found them on his person Saturday morning). This is his second arrest while in a high-profile position with TNA, with Angle arrested for DUI a year ago.

Yet Sunday afternoon he was reported by Dave Meltzer as being in Orlando….and to be in the PPV manin event.

So the next assumption was he’d be dropping the belt to Sting…or even to Matt Morgan.

Yet, in the end he retained the belt and won after nailing Matt Morgan with a chair shot.

What in the name of God was Dixie Carter thinking?

You now have the face of your company, Kurt Angle, with an arrest for stalking his girlfriend…possessing HGH, and driving with a suspended driver’s license…along with allegations by Trenesh Biggers of physical abuse . Nice image for the public…your champion as an alleged abuser, stalker, and drug user. Even if the charges were proven untrue…even if anything but the suspended license offense (which is a clear fact) is untrue…even if Angle has a prescription for the HGH…TNA HAS to have had taken the belt off of him for the shoter-term unless he proves his innocence.

And this inaction by a women owner who was self-righteous about Jeff Jarrett’s relationship awith Kurt Angle’s ex-wife. Last I looked, there’s nothing illegal about a relationship with a divorced woman by a widower.

Yet drug use is. Stalking is.

So my “What in the $#@& were you thinking?” isn’t just for the Olympic gold medalist. it’s for his boss, too.

Until next time….

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