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Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George?: The Blood and Ballyhoo of Professional Wrestling

There is a world where truth, beauty, and innocence battle nightly with the insidious, subterranean forces of evil — evil in the guise of The Beast, The Crusher, and the Missouri Mauler, truth embodied in The French Angel, The Golden Superman, and Chief Big Heart.  It is the world of pro wrestling.

Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George? is the story of the most outlandish personalities in sport—comic book figures with fanatical followings.  Loving and hating them along the way are the maniacal fans who follow them and turn the arenas into screaming, roving Theaters of the Absurd — Piccolo Pete, Hatpin Mary, and the septuagenarian sisters from Baltimore, to name a few.

Then come backstage with the boys and see what the brutal world of wrestling’s all about—cauliflower ears, fan-inflicted knife and gun wounds, matches fought in mud and ice cream, bloody grudge brawls, whacky practical jokes.  You might even learn a few holds (like the Atomic Drop or the Stomach Claw) or pick up some nifty, villainous stunts.

Illustrated with spectacular photos of the wrestlers, Whatever Happened to Gorgeous George? is the definitive inside story of pro wrestling, complete with a chronology of the sport and biographies of the greatest wrestlers.  It is also a collection of some of the wildest stories ever told, and a funny, irreverent look at the most colorful, theatrical sport on the American scene.