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Substance abuse is common place in the entertainment industry. Hollywood is full of stories about talented people being destroyed by alcohol, cocaine, and whatever else they are offered on lonely nights away from home. Professional wrestling is no different. In fact, the wrestling business may have produced more drug addicts than music, TV, and film combined.

Because wrestling is such a physical business and performers are encouraged to work while hurt, pain killers are pretty popular in the locker room. Wrestlers take high doses to deal with the pain, which increases as time passes and unresolved injuries worsen. Pro wrestling also requires performers to travel long miles in between shows, often visiting several countries in a week. This results in talent turning to various “uppers” in order to stay attentive on the road and in the ring. In their down time, many wrestlers consume large amounts of alcohol, which is a tradition as old as the pre-match test of strength. Then there is the constant looming temptation of sex, as ever-willing fans provide the perfect distraction during time away from one’s family.

Yes, there is no shortage of things for the traveling professional wrestler to become addicted to, and if history has thought us anything, it is not uncommon for a performer to risk their career, and sometimes life, to satisfy their cravings. WWE has a number of rules in place today in order to deal with former superstars who are experiencing problems with drugs, and as a result many of the worst drug addicts in the history of the company have gone on to live relatively normal lives. Others have not been so lucky and despite WWE’s intervention, still struggle to abstain from drugs and alcohol. In this article, we’re going to be examining the post-WWE lives of superstars from both categories.

Here are 15 retired WWE drug addicts and what they are doing now.